Sandals summer season 2013

In summer, every woman dreams of looking even moreattractive and desirable. But what kind of attractiveness can there be without stylish and beautiful shoes? After all, the most important moment in creating any image is fashion sandals. Summer days are rich and sometimes require a lot of movement from us. But that a woman in any situation was confident in herself, she should know what looks amazing. And for this she simply needs to buy elegant and beautiful shoes.

summer sandalsTo her, women make many demands,but first of all it must be very beautiful. Despite the fact that each person has his own idea of ​​beauty, summer sandals should be a real work of art. Summer shoes should be stable and comfortable, so as not to get injured. We need to have more than one pair, because at this time of the year we are especially active, and sometimes we have to change our outfits several times a day.

With the onset of summer hot days fashion shoedesigners forget about heavy and massive shoes and begin to develop gentle and light models that can make a real star from every woman. Footwear new items in summer 2013 will help you choose the right model for creating the perfect image.

Summer sandals on heels will never go out of fashion. This season, designerssummer sandals on a platformproposed to replace ultrathin hairpins for morewide and stable heels up to 12 cm high. This is very convenient. In such models, the use of straps and lace is allowed. Any summer sandals should emphasize the beauty of women's legs, so there is nothing to do without additional accessories: ribbons, chains, straps, feathers and other. This season will be widely used beads, artificial flowers, rhinestones. Sandals with metallic effect look very impressive.

In the summer of 2013 the popularity of summershoes with leopard and snake print. For someone, this choice may seem too vulgar, for others it is a testimony of impeccable taste. Summer sandals made of snakeskin look just irresistible. They are very original and, if necessary, can become a very vivid and convincing accent in your new image.

summer sandals with heelsUndoubtedly, sandals with heels can turnevery woman in a harmonious beauty, but in the intolerable summer heat to go to them is always very difficult, especially if during the day you have to move a lot. Sandals on a solid sole without a heel in summer are very relevant. They can be worn with a dress, shorts, trousers. You will feel in them easily and comfortably. And if you consider that today in fashion dresses in the floor and maxi skirts that are recommended to wear with shoes without a heel, then the best summer shoes you will not find.

Perhaps for someone summer sandals onplatform seem too gross and heavy, but no one will argue that they are very convenient. We are sure that such models will be useful to you in the summer. In this season, give preference to a woven or wooden wedge.

As for the color scheme of summer shoes, it is very extensive. At the peak of popularity are still beige sandals. In addition, in the fashion model, which combines a large number of colors.

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