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Salt mines in Solotvino

Solotvino is a small village in Tyachiv district, Transcarpathian area which is famous for its salt lakes. Personally, I like the fact that having arrived in the Carpathian Mountains for a week or two, it is possible in one fell swoop and on excursions to walk around and recover in salt lakes. Many equate their healing properties to the Dead Sea. In addition to the lakes, in this village Gray-hydrogen mud has healing properties.Along with famous Solotvinsky lakes, famous sights of Solotvino salt mines in which salt has been mined since time immemorial are also considered. This whole underworld is amazing, sparkling and fabulous, and visit it can be anyone with a guided tour. This was especially interesting to me personally, and the desire to swim was no longer necessary. AT our days salt is mined only in two mines in much more modest scales, however, over the centuries, during which salt mining was conducted here, Solotvinsk salt mines have become a whole underground system. Salt mines formed by stepped holes, “damn holes” and huge underground caves dug with the help of technology already at a later time. Stepped the pits were the most primitive way of salt mining, they reached depths of up to 20 meters And the “damn pits” were the next step in the evolution of salt mining methods. They reached the depth of 120-150 meters, in which workers went down rope ladders, and then with the help of buffalo leather bags or nets the twines raised the salt to the surface. There are no such mines. many, although several of them can be seen on the industrial territory settlement. Most of the salt mines today are underground caves, which are dug to a depth of 400 meters from the surface of the earth. Breathless the guests of the Solotvinsk salt mines during the descent opens an amazing underground peace. The salt that makes up the walls and ceilings of the underground galleries sparkles and shimmers, presenting a fantastic picture. The real the sight of the mines is the underground salt lake formed in one of the mines at a depth of 400 meters from the surface of the earth. Walking through the giant tunnels dug by machines that resemble spaceships that can see here, you can feel like a hero of a fantastic movie, whose action takes place on another planet.Visit to the salt mines leaves the brightest impressions. And for those who prefer to combine pleasant with useful, there is one more option: in several mines are placed premises allergological hospital. In these rooms at a depth of 290-300 meters practiced speleotherapy - a method of treatment, which is based on beneficial effects of the unique microclimate of the caves. The air here is saturated biologically active sodium chloride aerosol, which has a therapeutic effect on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, and microorganisms in mines is 10 times less than in ordinary air. Speleotherapy is indicated for people with asthma, as well as with many other chronic nonspecific respiratory diseases. Those who wish to undergo a course of treatment, which is usually 15-25 sessions, are brought in the cave at night, or for 5-10 hours depending on the severity of the disease, then "taken" back to the surface of the earth.For anyone who prefers health tourism in Ukraine, speleotherapy in Solotvinsk mines - great opportunity to improve health, it is shown and as prevention of various diseases. No matter how you decide to visit amazing solotvinskie salt mines - with a tour or as a patient, bright and pleasant impressions of what he saw will remain forever. This is a fantastic world. disturbing imagination, which also gives all its guests who came on holiday in Solotvyno, health.

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