Salad Obzorka - 8 different classic recipes

Hello dear readers! It's time to cook something more satisfying, are you tired of the usual dishes? Want to somehow diversify the table? Then the answer is found, make Obzhorka, this salad has already been conquered by its simplicity by a large number of Russians, and even many have pushed Olivier, Caesar, and also Mimosa into the background.

This type of salad is quite rich, but also very high in calories. Perhaps because of this reason, he got such a funny name. In our family, his affectionately everyone is called Zhorik))). Those who pursue a beautiful figure and diets, I'm afraid then that this culinary miracle is not for you.

But to everyone else, I recommend making this quick snack and somehow decorate this simple and light salad in a special way. You can make the most original way, for this you need to turn on the fantasy and trust the flight of your thoughts, well, and if nothing really comes to mind, then take the idea of ​​jewelry from this note.

Cooking salad Obzhorku home

I want to start this wonderful selection with such an interesting variant of Obzhorki in my opinion. The fact is that in an ordinary traditional salad is added such an ingredient as chicken. She goes everywhere in boiled form, but if you fry in a pan, and then bring in this dish, you will get even more satisfying and tasty.

This idea is very good, I liked it, and therefore I recommend starting with this method of preparation to all those who have never been on a glutton))). Moreover, pickled cucumbers are not used here, which many, like my husband, do not like, so it is possible and worth making this dish without pickled cucumbers. Products used at a minimum, and it is very good, because it turns out very cheap and budget.

We will need:

  • chicken fillet - 800 g
  • onion - 2-3 pcs.
  • carrot - 800 g
  • garlic -5 cloves
  • salt - 1 tsp
  • pepper - to taste
  • mayonnaise - 5 tbsp

Cooking method:

1. Onions and carrots take the same amount, that is, in equal proportions. Cut the onion into half rings, pepper and fry in a frying pan with vegetable oil in just 2-3 minutes. Then add the carrots to be grated.Fry until cooked so that the onions are soft and all vegetables have a golden hue.

2. The chicken will need to be fried in oil with pepper and salt. Imagine how it will be fragrant, such a spicy, spicy gourmet with a magnificent crust, just fry under a lid on a low heat so that the crispy chicken does not appear.

3. Next, cool the chicken and slice it with a sharp knife.

4. Now mix all fried vegetables and chicken pieces in one bowl and season with mayonnaise. In mayonnaise squeeze garlic, which pass through the press. Salt and pepper to taste. Stir. Put in the fridge, and after an hour you can serve on the table with any second course.

Delicate and very charming salad turned out, which can be done every day for your loved ones and relatives. Bon Appetit!

Obzhorka - a classic recipe

Of course, no celebration can do without traditional and so beloved classic recipes, because this is understandable. The classics will live forever and delight everyone, and we, at our discretion, can modify and take completely different ingredients.

There will also be no indifferent, it turns out very picturesque and attractive on the appearance, and when everyone tastes it, it will fly away from the table in general. Try to do it!

We will need:

  • champignons - 200 g
  • smoked chicken fillet - 200 g
  • carrot - 100 g
  • prunes without stones - 60 g
  • cucumbers - 150 g
  • salt, pepper, mayonnaise to taste

Cooking method:

1. Fresh mushrooms, you can also pickle, but with fresh ones it turns out more elegant. So, chop the mushrooms into small cubes, and then fry in a frying pan with vegetable oil until done. Salt and pepper to taste.

Smoked chicken cut in the same way as the mushrooms, ie, into cubes. Cucumbers should also be of such a form that the entire composition of the ingredients is very combined between not only the taste, but in form.

2. Grate the carrots on a coarse grater and fry them in vegetable oil. Prune chop into small pieces.

Proceed in filling and decorating the salad. Take ice cream bowls or cups and fill them with ingredients in the order shown in these photos.

3. First, mushrooms, pieces of chicken meat, then laid roasted carrots, after prunes, cucumbers. All layers must necessarily be smeared with mayonnaise and a little salt and pepper. Repeat the layer several times until the products run out, it is not recommended to smear the last layer with it, so that it looks more impressive and attracts the eye.

Video on how to make a salad Obzhorka with pork meat

We did not expect it, but there is an option without chicken, but with pork meat, you can also take beef, it will turn out fine too, the only thing is that there are some nuances that you have to follow, generally watch and learn:

Delicious salad Obzhorka with chicken and Korean carrots

All those who love salads for sharper, for you, too, there is a grandiose solution, to combine the obzhorka with carrots in Korean. The taste is just wonderful and gorgeous, and in its composition, corn does not believe it gives such a cool imprint. Try to do, you will not regret. And as everyone is surprised, everyone will be delighted with such a great idea.

We will need:

  • chicken fillet - 350 g
  • Korean carrot - 200 g
  • hard cheese - 170 g
  • canned corn - 1 can
  • boiled eggs - 4 pcs.
  • mayonnaise to taste

Cooking method:

1. Boil chicken meat in salted water, then dissociate it into fibers and place in a glass bowl. Then add the corn, pre-drain the liquid that was in the jar.

Oh yes, a layer of chicken fillet will need to be smeared with mayonnaise, and only then pour the corn. Then again a layer of mayonnaise.

2. After that, grate hard cheese and sprinkle corn on it.

3. Put a layer of Korean carrots, mayonnaise again.And then, in the form of decoration, rub boiled eggs on a coarse grater to make it look very bright and expressive. Put such a layered salad soaked in the fridge, but do not look right away, because it is very very tasty, it is necessary that all layers are well soaked. Bon Appetit! Cook with pleasure!

Step-by-step Recipe Obzhorki with beef and carrots

You want to make an incomparable and bright salad that would sparkle on the festive table, and was rather nourishing and simple. Here is this option, it is found. Do not believe it, but it uses the most mundane products, and the result is a dish that has conquered the world more than once. Many are already beginning to do it instead of the most beloved salads, well, again, how many people have so many opinions.

I like to make different types, because I always want to somehow diversify my diet, and not cling to the same thing. How do you cook? Share your opinion, below this article.

We will need:

  • beef - 300 g
  • carrots - 2 pcs.
  • onion - 1 large
  • 3-4 cucumbers salted (or pickled) cucumbers
  • garlic - 3 cloves
  • vegetable oil - 3 tbsp. l
  • parsley - bunch
  • mayonnaise - to taste
  • salt, pepper - to taste

Cooking method:

1. Boil beef in a pan, and then cut it into strips in the form of such thin stripes. Red onions, by the way, why it is red, firstly it looks more beautiful, and secondly it is not bitter, chop it into half-rings, if the heads are small, then you can also make rings.

2. Salted cucumbers are also cut into thin and beautiful straws. Then onions and carrots fry in vegetable oil until soft and golden hue.

Take a transparent bowl and mix all the ingredients together. Salt and pepper.

3. Garlic must pass through the garlic press and mix it in a separate cup along with 5 tbsp of mayonnaise. Season the salad with such garlic sauce. Stir. Garnish with parsley or dill. Fantastically beautiful and just a little “Bomb” on your dining table. Super! Great!

And by the way, do not forget that the dish should stand for a while in the refrigerator, and only then it will be possible to grind it safely))).

Salad with smoked sausage and beans

Another culinary masterpiece, in which smoked meat is added in the form of sausage and any canned beans of any kind, but not in tomato sauce.There are many options for making bean salads, but in my opinion this is the most delicious.

We will need:

  • canned beans - 1 jar
  • tomatoes - 2 pcs.
  • parsley - 40 g
  • smoked sausage - 60 g
  • cheese - 60 g
  • Mayonnaise -2-3 tbsp

Cooking method:

1. All that is required for this salad is to finely chop all the ingredients, sausage into pieces.

2. Tomatoes in small cubes, very neat and beautiful. Pour all the liquid from the beans, you can even flip through a colander.

3. Rub cheese on a fine grater, I do not know why, but it gives some kind of tenderness if it rubs it on a fine rather than a large grater.

4. Parsley greens, wash well and chop with a kitchen knife on the board. Put all products in a bowl and mix well with a tablespoon. Season with mayonnaise. Serve with a good mood and smile! Your guests will repay you the same))).

Puffed Fat with Chicken and Mushrooms

But finally, as they say, I put in dessert for you, not simple, but glamorous, in terms of serving. Just see how this ordinary dish can be turned with ease into a posh cake. Just kidding of course, but it looks awesome and tasteful.

Beginner hostesses and simply chefs will also like this idea. After all, you can easily embody it using these detailed descriptions.

We will need:

  • walnuts - 40 g
  • boiled beets - 1 pc.
  • boiled carrots - 1 pc.
  • onion - 1 pc.
  • boiled ham or chicken meat - 450 g
  • boiled egg - 4 pcs.
  • cheese - 90 g
  • marinated mushrooms - 350 g
  • mayonnaise - to taste
  • greenery

Cooking method:

1. In this salad, as you may have noticed from the proposed list, onions are used, so that it does not give bitterness in taste, pour it with boiling water. Pre-chop it into small pieces.

Beets will need to boil until cooked and grate on a coarse grater and put on a flat dish. This will be the first layer. Sprinkle it with chopped walnuts. Apply mesh from mayonnaise.

2. Lay the eggs (2 pcs.) In the second layer, pass them through a special vegetable grater or cut them into cubes with a knife. A layer of mayonnaise, and then grated carrots on a coarse grater, then again mayonnaise netting and finally onions.

3. Now put the boiled meat, cut into small plastics, flavored with mayonnaise.Then put mushrooms or other mushrooms, for example, mushrooms, if they are coarsely chopped, grind them additionally. Mayonnaise.

4. After that, grate another chicken egg on a coarse grater.

4. And then on a fine grater, rub the whole salad with cheese and on the sides and the entire surface. Decorate this dish in the form of a surprise gift, in this way, make thin ribbons of carrots.

5. And from six pieces of beet twist a rosette clockwise. Moreover, the pieces should be very thin, otherwise the flower will not turn out and have a round shape. To do this, put them in a row, a little each piece should go over each other, and then wrap in a rose.

6. It turns out certainly very charming and cool. And sprigs of parsley will only give more refinement and bright festive mood.

The classic recipe for fattening with liver

Well, another option I imagine, which is made from the liver. And with crackers, simple and pretty. Prepare this even every day, because the liver is very rich in folic acid.

We will need:

  • beef liver - 600-700 g
  • carrots - 2 pcs.
  • onion - 1 pc.
  • mayonnaise - to taste
  • garlic - 2 cloves
  • crackers or kirieshki - 2 packs
  • cooking oil for frying
  • salt and pepper to taste

Cooking method:

1. Rinse the liver and remove the film, cut it into thin strips. Next, a little flour flour literally 1 tablespoon.

Onions cut into large cubes, and carrot rub on a coarse grater.

2. Stir the liver and fry in a frying pan in vegetable oil, boil not too long, so that it does not become stiff. Salt and pepper to taste.

3. Then, to remove all excess fat, strain the liver pieces through a colander. Meanwhile, while it is cooling, fry onions and carrots in a frying pan until a beautiful golden crust and the vegetables are soft.

4. Take a cup and put there all the prepared ingredients, as long as they cool down. Pour croutons or kirieshki with any taste, mix well and thoroughly. Rub on the finest grater garlic. Next, a couple of spoons of mayonnaise. Stir.

5. Serve at the table even in the warm, even in the cold.

These were wondrous ideas today, I hope you enjoyed it. And you will certainly cook and delight your loved ones with various snacks.Cook with joy and care for your loved ones.

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