Safety at work

Responsible for safety, you should consider all the possible dangerous moments during the execution of the production process. This applies not only to the premises of offices, but also to the locations of all work. The designation of such places are specially designed tablets or posters, the basis of which will be the regulatory rules of conduct for the prevention of unforeseen situations. Evacuation plans and schemes are considered the norm of any large enterprise, as the proper organization of the whole process can save lives for many people. The largest fines may be expected by a company that neglects such requirements and regulations.

The choice in the store allows you to purchase high-quality, certified products that will ensure the comfort and safety of employees. A wide range of products will make work more streamlined and will no longer worry about the security of all employees.

If we consider the products of the company, we can identify the most common and popular goods.Information stands will give the opportunity to place information in expanded form, with all the details and features that will significantly raise the level of reliability. A variety of plates and posters will make your choice more productive. Here you can dwell on issues of safety of gas-hazardous, road transport, office, industrial, construction, chemical, electrical works, as well as first aid. Versions of throw-over systems provided by the health and safety shop allow you to implement demonstration models, as well as to place information of the required nature on desktop throw-over systems.

If necessary, you can purchase safety signs, warning, evacuation, prohibition, prescriptive and combined options. Medical and sanitary signs, posters regarding fire or electrical safety can be attributed to this section of special designations. Such images are realized on metal, self-adhesive film or PVC, depending on the location of the obtained marks.

Specialists store labor protection and safety will help you find all the necessary attributes for the safety of your company or company. You will be provided with a detailed consultation and will tell you all about the selected positions. Delivery of products is carried out throughout the Moscow region and Russia, which makes it possible to distribute materials over large areas.

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