Russians in the NHL. Stars of Russian hockey

Russian hockey players have long shown theirskill far beyond the homeland, and the game of the most talented athletes admire foreign fans. Each of them once wanted to play in the NHL, where more and more Russian stars are lighting up today.

The first game in the NHL

Back in Soviet times, when to get abroadit was not so simple, hockey players nevertheless aspired to the North America where there was absolutely other level of game and wages. The game in the NHL is a dream for all hockey players, and whoever denies it, undoubtedly, is a sinister. Many players went to another country illegally, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union and did not want to leave Russia at all. Some of them did not take root in a new place, others remained in foreign teams, but they did not fully disclose their talents. Yet many of them have discovered the world of skill of Russian athletes and have become real legends of hockey.

For the first time, the Russians in the NHL appeared in 1983,when Viktor Nechayev was released on the ice in the NHL team "Los Angeles" for three matches. The official permission to participate in the NHL first went to Sergei Pryakhin, who went on the ice in the Vancouver Canucks. Before leaving the country, the hockey player played for the "Wings of the Soviets."

list of Russians in the NHL

Soviet stars of overseas hockey

One of the most famous Soviet athletes,who left to conquer North America, became Vyacheslav Fetisov, Igor Larionov, Sergei Makarov and Vladimir Krutov. They left their homeland, quarreling because of their departure with their coach Tikhonov.

Alexander Mogilny, like Sergei Fedorov, afterThe Olympics in 1989 remained in Sweden, then both moved to the NHL. These players in the USSR were prosecuted, in which they were accused as officers in treason to their homeland, but after the time this accusation lost relevance. Here with such obstacles were the first Russians in the NHL, where they confirmed their professionalism to the whole world.

Since the beginning of the 90's hockey players from Russia have become massivelyto leave for North America. They were only 80 people in the US teams, but in the 2000s this number decreased due to a decline in the quality of the game and too high a price to buy players.

The most famous modern Russian players in the NHL

The list of Russians in the NHL for today, no doubt,headed by Alexander Ovechkin. His game under the eighth number in the "Washington" does not leave any fan of ice hockey indifferent. He continually improves his performance and acquires fans all over the world. He is the brightest striker who has already won two Hart Trophy awards, and the peak of his career is yet to come. In the 2015/2016 season, the striker scored 43 goals in 73 games.

the best Russians in the NHL

Russian statistics in the NHL shows a stunningthe results of another striker - Evgeni Malkin. Appearing in the NHL in 2007, he earned the title of the best new member of the league. Scored 27 goals in 53 games of the last game season.

Pavel Datsyuk plays today in the "Detroit" as a brilliant striker. His game is admired by fans, and statistics improve with each season.

Russians in the NHL

Nikita Kucherov in the role of striker spent 72match, during which he made 29 goals. Also in the role of a successful striker plays Artemy Panarin, who, according to statistics, spent 74 matches in the NHL and scored 25 goals. On account of young striker Evgeny Kuznetsov 75 matches and 20 goals in the league.

The best Russian scorers in the NHL

The name of Sergei Fedorov is known to everyone todayfans of hockey. This person received many awards, three times took the Stanley Cup, and his results as a scorer speak for themselves. The hockey player is included in the Hall of Fame of Hockey.

Alexander Mogilny after his escape from the Unionnot immediately received the desired recognition. He worked for many years in the "New Jersey" team and was able to win the Stanley Cup. Grave has not once participated in the match of all the stars and is deservedly recognized as one of the best scorers.

Russian hockey players in the NHL

In the attack, the best Russians in the NHL were longare represented by well-known and well-deserved player of the NHL Pavel Bure, whose name became synonymous with the phrase "Russian hockey player". For his brilliant game and quick response, the fans of Vancouver and the Florida Panthers honored Pavel with the title "Russian missile" and the title of the best scorer of their teams. Bure played 7 times in a match of the stars, and although he did not win the Stanley Cup, he forever fixed the glory of the great athlete.

Alexei Kovalev, except for his merits in the rolestriker, held the largest number of matches among the Russians. The first captain among the Russian players was Alexander Yashin, who also gained immense popularity in North America.

The most famous Russian defenders

Sergei Gonchar is the best defender amongRussian hockey players abroad. For 1301 match he made 811 points and got the Stanley Cup. The most productive was his game in the Pittsburgh Penguins, where he now works as a coach.

Sergei Zubov, as well as Gonchar, achieved 1 thousand points, playing in the league, and received the title of the most effective defender.

The Canadiens player Andrei Markov is an attacking defender and, thanks to the love of his fans and a huge work on himself, became one of the best in hockey, and also took part in the match of all the stars.

The "Russian Five"

In 1995 the Detroit coach Scotti Bowman, who was very fond of the students of the Russian hockey school, created the legendary link of five Russian players, including Sergei Fedorov, Vyacheslav Fetisov, Vladimir Konstantinov, Vyacheslav Kozlov and Igor Larionov. In this composition, the team received the name "Russian Five" and deserved the love of many fans. Russian hockey players in the NHL twice took the Stanley Cup, which is the most important award in the NHL, and also raised the team in a well-coordinated game.

Vyacheslav Fetisov

All known Vyacheslav Fetisov became one of thethe best defenders of Soviet hockey and earned many awards, but his way to confession was also quite thorny. The Russians in the NHL passed real tests, where really strong players showed themselves. In the NHL, Fetisov was at the age of thirty and was seriously injured, which did not prevent him from succeeding and getting the main league cup.

Another participant in the Russian five was a defenderVladimir Konstantinov. His career in the hockey league was growing rapidly. Together with his compatriots he managed to get the main award in hockey. After a terrible car accident Konstantinov forever left the game in the NHL.

Strong goalkeepers from Russia

A representative of a successful goalkeeper in the league isNikolai Khabibulin, who in 2004 received the Stanley Cup for the first time among Russian goalkeepers. For a long period Khabibulin was considered the best goalkeeper in the hockey league.

Russian statistics in the NHL

Nikolai Nabokov is very fond of fans and canbe proud of him. He did not manage to get the main goblet, but thanks to the results of his game he secured the reputation of one of the most successful sportsmen on guard of the gate.

On the account of Russian goalkeeper Semen Varlamov already more than a hundred victories in the league. He successfully guarded the gates to "Washington" and "Colorado".

The owner of the Stanley Cup is Ilya Bryzgalov, who received it, being the goalkeeper of Anakayama. He also successfully played for the club "Edminthon", "Phoenix", "Minnesota" and in other clubs.

The best modern goalkeeper, who impresses with his game, is Sergey Bobrovsky. He has already become a living legend, and he still has many matches in the NHL to enter the history of world hockey.

the best Russians in the NHL

Who is the best

It's hard to say who is the most famous and well-deservedRussian hockey player of all time. But one thing is certain for sure that the Russians in the NHL achieved grandiose individual and team results, thereby showing how professional the game is in Russia, which needs to be developed and encouraged. Without the legendary Russian stars, the history of world hockey would lose many achievements and awards. One player can not be singled out, because every talented defender or scorer from Russia has made a huge contribution to the development of an amazing and most courageous sport.

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