Russian militants 2019

Many people love not just movies, but movies with lots of special effects. As a rule, a large number of stuntmen take part in them: gunfights, car chases, fights, etc. Not long ago our domestic cinema could not boast of such films. Now the Russian militants of 2019 are not inferior to foreign analogues.

Often such films do not have a complex plot. In them, the main characters fight evil, which is expressed in corruption, murder and abduction. Usually, at the end of the film, negative characters win, they are arrested, or killed. Sometimes the number of victims reaches more than one hundred or even a thousand people. Therefore, adolescents under the age of 16 are not recommended to watch such projects.


Russian militants 2019

The director of the film was N. Argunov. The script was written by: N. Argunov, A. Gravitsky. The main roles are performed by:

  • L. Aksenova;
  • R. Mukhametov;
  • A. Serebryakov.


The film tells about a young architect who, as a result of an accident, falls into a coma. Despite the fact that medicine has reached unprecedented heights, doctors still do not know what is happening with a person in this state.It turns out that in a coma people turn into a parallel reality, where the laws of physics do not work and there is no logic. In these difficult conditions, the main character is looking for a way out of our reality and even finds love on his way.

The premiere of the film will take place 01/24/19.

Balkan Frontier

Russian militants 2019

The director of the film is A. Volgin. The script was written to him by I. Naumov. The main roles played by:

  • G. Mitic;
  • D. Fried;
  • M. Bikovich;
  • M. Radunovich;
  • A. Pampushny;
  • G. Kutsenko.


The film is dedicated to the conflict in Kosovo, which was on the Balkan Peninsula in 1999. Then the armed forces of NATO intervened in the Yugoslav war, which stopped the Albanian terrorists. Russia did not remain aloof from the Balkan conflict. Our paratroopers took part in the rescue of Serbs who were captured in this armed conflict.

Filming was made in the Caucasus, in Serbia. Producer paintings became G. Kutsenko. She will be released on wide screens on 12.03.19.

"Station 88"

Russian militants 2019

Director of the film S. Andreasyan. The script was written by M. Jacobs. This fantastic action movie will appear in cinemas at the end of 2019.


The film tells about the time when a real ecological disaster occurred on our planet. As a result of the wars on Earth there is no clean water and favorable conditions for life.In order not to get infected with radiation, people move in huge machines. And so it would probably have lasted forever if it were not for the main character, who began to look for a way out of this situation. The salvation of humanity can come thanks to Station 88, which must be found. Applying on it a special technology, you can save civilization.

"Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor"

Russian militants 2019

The film was directed by V. Besedin. She starred by “Bubble Studios” on Russian comics. This is the first experience in our cinema. The main character played by I. Thunder.


The action in the film takes place in St. Petersburg. It was there that a man appeared who decided to fight corruption with his own methods. In order to prevent chaos in the city, a police officer, Igor Thunder, is sent to fight against the arbitrariness in the city. What ended this confrontation, very soon the viewers of this exciting action movie will know. The premiere is scheduled for October 2019.

"Galaxy Goalkeeper"

Russian militants 2019

The film was created by director D. Fayziev. The script was written:

  • D. Fayziev;
  • A. Rubanov;
  • D. Row.

Starred in the lead roles:

  • D. Nazarov;
  • E. Mironov;
  • V. Agalakova;
  • E. Romantsov:
  • E. Yakovleva;
  • M. Efremov.

The plot of the film takes us to the distant future, when earthlings are on the verge of destruction during the galactic war. The aliens have already destroyed the moon and are going to blow up the Earth. Finally, the fate of earthlings can be decided during the cosmobol. The game is expected on a huge flying saucer, which has already hung on our planet. If the players of the Earth lose in these intergalactic Olympic Games, then earthlings will forever cease to exist. In general, we are all waiting for an exciting spectacle with a lot of special effects. The creators did not spare the money for this - the film’s budget was $ 15 million.

"Something for nothing"

Russian militants 2019

The film was created by director A. Talyzin. The script was created by the work of R. Sheckley. Young actors took part in the film:

  • N. Chuzhmarov;
  • A. Oris;
  • I. Grigoriev;
  • I. Lifanov;
  • V. Kukhareshin;
  • I. Botvin;
  • A. Udalov.

The film tells the story of the strange disappearance of people who happened in the same American city. The investigation of these incidents took the police Flamberk. When the investigation was almost completed, the main witness of the crimes perishes in a strange way. The police did not believe too much in the conclusions of the investigator, and after the fatal accident in general, all the evidence fell on the detective.

In addition, it turns out that the policeman is monitored by a mystical stranger who confuses the traces of crime. In order to protect the honor of his uniform, Flamberk must complete the investigation and find out who is actually abducting people.


Russian militants 2019

The film was directed by A. Boguslavsky. The script prepared:

  • A. Slushchev;
  • A. Boguslavsky;
  • I. Ipatov.

The main roles are performed by:

  • M. Bikovich;
  • A. Luss.


It turns out that in our world there may come a rift of time. What is behind him, no one knows. However, there are people who are already planning on making money. It is about such a millionaire in the film. He is ready, thanks to the rift, to create a perpetual motion machine. To realize his plans, he organizes a team of brave men who are ready to go to the rift that has arisen. Naturally, they all do it for free. Researchers do not even imagine what they can expect at the border of time.

"Star Mind"

Russian militants 2019

The director of the project was: V. Linevsky. The script was written:

  • D. Zhigalov;
  • V. Linevsky.

The picture was shot by a young film studio "Kinodanz". The following actors acted in the film:

  • E. Koreshkov;
  • K. Kabak;
  • N. Duvbanov;
  • A. Khalillauyev;
  • S. Gilev;
  • S. Kempo;
  • TO.Ivanova;
  • A. Kuznetsov;
  • N. Volkov;
  • K. Spitz;
  • A. Konstantinova and others.

The premiere of the film is scheduled for 11/04/19.


The events in the film take place in the distant future. An ecological catastrophe has already occurred on our planet, and humans are searching for a suitable planet for colonization. There is one planet in mind, but its atmosphere is not quite suitable for the normal life of people. In order to rectify the situation, people invent the Gemini device. Now you need to send it to the selected planet to experience. For this purpose, a special space crew is being organized. While this important mission is being fulfilled on the spacecraft, an accident occurs and communication with the Earth disappears. A lot of trouble falls on the astronauts. They can no longer return home, and on the new planet they are not expected at all.

The list of Russian militants and thrillers does not end there. We recommend our readers a number of other films that should not be missed:

Name Producer
"Attraction 2" F. Bondarchuk
"Ninth" N. Khomeriki
"Identification" AT.

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