Running: benefits and contraindications

May 14, 2018

Before the onset of the warm season, many people begin to think that it is time to get rid of extra pounds. Some are not too worried about their appearance, but are worried about their health. Someone just wants to get a good dose of endorphins after the dull cold periods, and the level of these hormones increases as a result of sports activities. Anyway, in good weather, you can often see people doing morning or evening jogging.

Бег: польза и противопоказания

How not to run?

You can not play sports in uncomfortable shoes, otherwise there may be a risk of stretching or other damage. It is best to train in sports sneakers or sneakers from It should be remembered that it is necessary to observe at least an elementary technique of running and breathing. And, of course, you should not run alongside highways. In addition to the potential threat posed by inattentive drivers, there is a danger of saturating the body not with oxygen, but with harmful exhaust substances.

Benefits and harm to the body

Before being inspired to join the runners, you should think about the possible consequences of such a decision. Useful changes from regular runs can be as follows:

1. immunity strengthening;

2. prevention of atherosclerosis and diabetes;

3. increased calorie consumption;

4. improve metabolism;

5. development of a large group of muscles;

6. saturation of the body with oxygen (if you run away from the zone with exhaust gases).

With this information, you might think that running is almost a panacea for all ills. However, as with any medication, there are medical contraindications for running. Caution should be taken to run for those who have the following health problems:

1. joint diseases

2. pain in the spine

3. disruption of the heart

When should I run?

Sometimes the question arises, what time of day is better to allocate for jogging? The answer depends not only on the work schedule and the amount of free time. It is important to listen to your well-being. If morning activity is especially hard, and the body can not overcome severe fatigue even after a few test workouts, you should think about changing your schedule.Perhaps the exercise in the evening will have a more beneficial effect on health.

Бег: польза и противопоказания

If you monitor safety, choose the right places for movement and follow medical recommendations (if available), regular jogging will improve your health, mood and appearance.

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