Rise in price of the passport in 2018

Passport is a necessary and most important document when crossing the border of his country. The procedure for obtaining a document is simple and involves the provision of a package of documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs together with a receipt for payment of state duty.

The government establishes the state tax on an international passport of the new or new type, starting from the cost of producing the document. With rise in price of forms, cards, chips, the size of the state duty increases. And the next increase in the contribution is expected within the next year.

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How expensive is the international passport

At the end of April, the government only submitted to the lower house of the State Duma a draft on increasing the amount of payment for the manufacture of passports. This is a new sample and a document for a child whose age has not reached 14 years. In the first case, it is planned to raise the cost from 3,500 rubles to 5,000 rubles, and the children's version can be issued for more than 1,000 rubles (instead of 1,500, 2,500 will have to be paid).The mandatory fee for obtaining an old-style international passport has so far been decided not to increase.

When will raise state duty

Discussion of the project will take more than one month, so it will be wrong to argue that an international passport will definitely rise in price in 2018. However, deputies are unlikely to go against the will of the government, therefore, after passing through all the stages of consideration, the project will most likely be adopted.

Moreover, this measure has a business case. Every year there is an increase in the cost of the chip used in the documents of the new sample, by about 10%. And the expenses of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the production of passports for foreign travel are paid off by state fees of only 42%. Rising in price for services to obtain a passport in 2018 will allow to replenish the treasury by another 42 billion rubles, which will allow to cover the expenses of the internal affairs bodies.

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Advantages of the international passport of the new sample

Of course, every Russian has the right to decide for himself which passport to issue to him - a new sample or an old one. Abroad released with any, if he is not overdue. However, in the case of an updated document, you still have to overpay for what:

  1. The validity period is 10 years, which is twice the size of a different passport.
  2. A plastic card is very difficult to damage, unlike a paper counterpart.
  3. Increased security is ensured by storing the owner’s fingerprint on the card.
  4. Biometric data simplifies the procedure of customs control. It is enough for a service employee to read all information from the chip and verify it with the information in the database.

Important! The rise in price of the old-style passport in 2018 is not exactly foreseen.

How to pay for a passport

You can pay the state fee in either of two ways:

  1. Personally visit the bank.
  2. Through the online service.

For any payment option you will need a receipt. The paper version can be in the regional office of the migration service or printed from the official site.

Important! The receipt will need to verify the amount to be paid, the name of the document (for what kind of passport the state duty will be charged) and the details of the regional migration service (in each region they are different).

Also, the following data should be entered into the receipt by hand or via a computer:

  • registration address;
  • TIN;
  • date and signature;
  • amount of duty.

Removal of prints on the international passport

The electronic payment option can be made through the Sberbank-Online service or through the portal of state services. If the second method is chosen, the state duty will be 30% cheaper.

To get the discount you will need:

  • apply for a passport on the portal;
  • get an account through your personal account;
  • make cashless payment (bank card, WebMoney, mobile phone bill).

Sberbank-Online service can only be used by a client of this bank in his personal account. You can do it like this:

  • pass the identification procedure;
  • in the section “Transfers and payments” select “Ministry of Internal Affairs”;
  • go down in the “State Migration Board” (choose your region);
  • click on “State fees for passports” and then select the desired passport (sample form, for children or adults);
  • fill in your data, which will be requested by the system.

Important! If the receipt of payment was lost or was not printed, this is not a reason for refusing to issue a passport. In this case, the employees themselves are obliged to check whether the payment has passed.

Regardless of what form of international passport is chosen, its registration is not a whim. Without this document, any legal exit to foreign countries is simply impossible. The increase in the cost of the international passport of the new model is inevitable, but from the point of view of security, the speed of customs and the validity period, it is still better to dwell on this option.

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