Repair of old wooden floors

The more time passes after the laying of a wooden floor, as well as its operation, the more all kinds of scratches with dents and crevices appear on its surface. As for the floorboards, they begin to creak over time. In that case, if the tree was not treated with antifungal special compounds in a timely manner, the floors begin to rot and even fall down. The occurrence of such defects makes us think about the repair work of floor coverings.

Of course, you can try to put in place the restored old boards, but in this version you need to act very carefully during installation. If you intend to use old boards in your work, you should mark them all when disassembling.

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All areas with rot need to be carefully cut out. But the replacement of individual boards is allowed only for coinciding in structure, as well as the size and type of connections.

When returning floors after cleaning with processing to their original place, boards should be attached to logs with the help of special screws, which fix the floors better than ordinary nails and do not unscrew with time.

Shallow and narrow gaps in wooden floors can be covered with putty for wooden surfaces. They can be bought at building materials stores or made at home by mixing sawdust with an adhesive composition of a suitable color in a 1: 2 ratio. Such a mixture is prepared in water. In the gap such putty stacked with spatulas only after warming up.

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