Recreation center "Lyudmila", Vityazevo: photos and reviews

Well-groomed territory, attentive staff,a large variety of rooms and prices attract tourists to the recreation center "Ludmila". Vityazevo has on its territory several beaches, many cafes and restaurants, a modern water park, and all this is in close proximity to the "Ludmila". However, guests of this recreation center can be "isolated" from the impact of the outside world, without going beyond the fenced territory of the complex, drowning in flowers and greens.

recreation center Lyudmila Vityazevo

Recreation center "Ludmila": how to get there?

Vityazevo village, where the boarding house is located"Ludmila", is located 10 km from Anapa, so first you need to get to this resort city, and then take a taxi, a bus, a fixed-route taxi or a transfer ordered in advance and reach your destination. Although if you choose the air mode of transport, the distance you will have to travel from the airport to Vityazevo is only 5 km, while to Anapa - 15 km.

There are in Anapa, or rather in the village of Gemete,Train Station. And since the prices for train tickets are the most democratic, most travelers choose this kind of movement. Residents of cities located at a distance of 300 km from Vityazevo (recreation center "Lyudmila") can also reach Anapa by bus. However, if the distance is greater, then this type of transport should be abandoned, since such a road is very tiring, especially in the summer. Arriving in Vityazevo, you should find Silver Street, 4, where Lyudmila is located.


Upon arrival in Vityazevo recreation center "Ludmila"produces a positive impression on all its guests. Its territory, the area of ​​which is 1.2 hectares, is clean, well-groomed, as well as an abundance of trees, bushes and flowers. There are many shops and arbors for recreation. All guests can splash in the outdoor pool, divided into three parts. The first is for bathing very young guests, the second - for older children, and the third - for adults. The hotel's territory is guarded and is under video surveillance, thanks to which the guests of Ludmila can feel completely safe.

Vityazevo recreation center Ludmila

At their request, vacationers can enjoyplaying table tennis, visiting the sports ground, reading something interesting in the library, watching a movie in the summer cinema, dancing at the disco, enjoying refreshing drinks in the bar.

Number of rooms

For accommodation the recreation center "Lyudmila" (Vityazevo)offers rooms in the administrative building, a three-story house and small cottages. The rooms, located in the administrative building, are equipped with a private bathroom, TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, necessary furniture. There are double and triple rooms. From the rooms located on the first floor, there is access to the veranda. Fully equipped rooms are also located in a three-story building and a one-story cottage. In addition, all these rooms are equipped with balconies.

Vacationers not ready to spend on their vacationtoo much money, can stay in economy-class rooms, which the recreation center "Ludmila" offers. Vityazevo has a lot of budget hotels on its territory, but it is unlikely that you will be able to find the best option. Economy rooms are located in one-story cottages. The room has comfortable beds, bedside tables, wardrobe and refrigerator. Washbasins on the veranda, 4 toilets are located at the end of the house and are designed for holidaymakers from 8 rooms, showers on the territory of the boarding house.

Vityazevo recreation center Ludmila reviews

Food and beach

The recreation center provides three meals a day,organized in the form of a "buffet", but if desired, vacationers can abandon it and eat in any other place convenient for them. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are served in the spacious dining room. Every day the menu is full of a variety of delicious dishes.

Own beach, equipped with sun beds andumbrellas - this is a huge advantage that the recreation center "Ludmila" has. Vityazevo is distinguished by the presence of luxurious sandy beaches, but the holidaymakers of this boarding house also have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing holiday by the sea, while the city beach is constantly present with fuss and noise.

Anapa Vityazevo recreation center Ludmila

Features for interesting photos

The main attraction of the village isIts new street that leads from the center to the sea, called Paralia. Especially here people like to spend time, the place of residence of which is the recreation center "Lyudmila" (Vityazevo). Photos taken on the main embankment of the village, bring with them almost everyone having a rest. Going down the Paralia to the beach, it's important not to forget and make some interesting photos there. Although the guests of Ludmila prefer to be photographed on the beach, which belongs to the recreation center, because there are less crowded and more relaxed.

A lot of opportunities for photo providesterritory where the recreation center "Lyudmila" is located. Vityazevo is famous not only for this boarding house, but not all of them can boast of such beautiful places, as if specially made for beautiful photos to commemorate the rest.

recreation center Lyudmila Vityazevo photo

Reviews about Ludmila

What should I say first? Despite the fact that modern tourists have the opportunity to relax in almost every corner of the world, many still feel that the best place for a summer vacation is Anapa - Vityazevo. The recreation center "Ludmila" offers the best conditions for recreation both for families with children and for single young people, thanks to which the majority of tourists return from their summer trip with pleasant impressions. After all, there is everything that is required for a pleasant pastime - luxurious sandy beaches, quality food, lots of opportunities for entertainment and so on. However, there are also people who claim that they will never again rest in Vityazevo. The recreation center "Ludmila" reviews also receives negative reviews. Although, as a rule, complain about boarding house meals. Some vacationers claim that it is too fat, and it is better to eat in other places. Sometimes people who live in economy rooms, give negative feedback on some of the inconveniences caused by lack of shower and shared toilets, but the administration warns about it in advance and ponder these nuances before you book a room. If comfort is very important for you, then it is better to stop the choice on more expensive options, which there are many at the recreation center "Ludmila".

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