Recommendations for repairing floors

Glue for linoleum and carpet. For flooring applied glue for linoleum. It has high reliability. Glue for linoleum is an ecological safe product. It does not require skills and is economical to use. Glue for linoleum, you must first clean the base of particles of dirt, debris, dust. According to the recommendations for repair, apply glue for linoleum evenly with a brush or spatula. Within ten to fifteen minutes you need to level the floor. Glue for linoleum dries out in about three days.

In the beginning glue for linoleum is absolutely not sticky weight. You can apply it with a small spatula, wash your hands and tools, remove excess adhesive from the coating. Next, lay the hard cover. Press down the coating is not required. Then start the polymerization of glue. Then the glue dries out and gradually decreases stickiness and increases strength. The speed of the whole process depends on the temperature.

As the polymerization is complete, the glue will retain plasticity.

Only high plasticity allows glue for linoleum to retain all its properties.

Carpet - floor carpet, which gives a cozy home, pleasant atmosphere and emphasizes the unique design of the apartment or office. The carpet has a huge advantage, it has noise-heat insulation.

And when the landlord is going to lay it, you need to pay attention to the substrate under the carpet. It will extend the life of the carpet. It will also give extra comfort and hide uneven floors.

Laying carpet must be professionals, because they have special equipment. There are many methods of laying, but the most reliable and proven it when the carpet is glued to the substrate or base.

Linoleum. A person who has not been repairing an apartment for a long time will be confused by the abundance of different types of all floor coverings that are offered in hardware stores.

To date, linoleum is gaining new popularity. Many prefer laminate flooring and other fashionable materials. They want to follow the fashion. Practicality is important to many. Modern types of linoleum have a protective top layer,resistant to abrasion. The thickness is very different, so you need to choose the right linoleum. Softness is also very important. Linoleum has an advantage over laminate and ceramic tiles for the kitchen. Only linoleum carries water, it is easy to wash. After all, anything can happen in the kitchen, and only linoleum can withstand little trouble: if dishes break or water leaks onto the floor.

The floor is covered last, when the wallpaper is already pasted, and the ceiling is hung.

When choosing colors for linoleum, it becomes clear what a rich color range it has compared to other floor coverings.

Laminate. Laminate flooring is professionally called laminated flooring. In everyday life, people use the names of laminated flooring. The laminate board looks like a layer cake, which consists of four layers. The stabilizing bottom layer is designed to protect the board from various deformations. It also serves to increase the rigidity of the board. For additional noise insulation in some collections of laminate to the stabilizing layer they glue the soundproofing substrate.

The basis of the laminate board is a carrier layer that is made of HDF. This is a high density plate, it is tough and durable and performs important functions.In the carrier layer, the lock fastening the laminate between them is cut out. Also performs the main functions of noise insulation and heat. Moisture resistance of a laminate directly depends on the carrier layer, its quality. Thanks to the decorative layer, the laminate is provided with decor: a paper layer with a pattern of stone, wood, tile and any other pattern. Acrylic or melamine resin overlay. Protect the board from abrasion. Modern laminate protects against moisture penetration, but not a single floor can withstand prolonged exposure.

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