Rank in Crossfire and Team Game

Crossfire is one of the most popularshooters, where each player will master the team type of the game. Of course, not everyone strives for this, because everyone thinks in his own way. Accordingly, not everyone can play in the team. If you are just planning to start a career in Crossfire, then we can confidently tell you that in a single type you will not go far. If you manage to interact with your team, then in this case you will be able to start without any problems, thus overcoming the difficulties you will be much easier. In fact, a new title in Crossfire can only be obtained with the help of its team, although there are also players who work hard to achieve results in single mode. To fight one is actually very boring. Today we decided to talk about the Russian ranks in Crossfire. Also tell you how to get them.


rank in crossfireLet's start by talking about the basic rulesthe conduct of the team game, since not all players generally understand what it is and how to act in certain situations. If you decide to join the association or have your own, then during the fight, in no case should you hide behind the backs of your comrades, this is the most important rule, since you have to act in a certain tactic together and without pity.


If you have a desire to get a new title inCrossfire, then do not make such stupid mistakes, as a team of opponents can shoot not only your partner, but also the player who will be behind him. If you do not know the important rule how to navigate the location, then we will answer this question. It is best to go all-in-all, since it is possible that a team of opponents has already occupied combat positions or is being moved by a whole detachment. If a group is found, you can start the fire from different sides, which is a significant advantage for your team.


crossfireThe rank in Crossfire will be difficult for you to get inIf you constantly stick to one player, since your opponent can get into both of you if he turns on the special mode of moving bullets. If you are on the road, then it is necessary to check all the places in which the opponent may be hidden, and also be alert, and in case of danger, warn your team. Many players claim that the rank in Crossfire is not so difficult to get, but in fact it is not. If you are able to lead a team game, then you have all the chances for promotion.


Since there are often questions aboutthis or that rank in the given game, we will try to understand this question. So, if a character has less than 913 experience points, he is recognized as a salad. Next comes the rank-and-file (until 1825), corporal (until 1825). At the next stage you can get the rank of junior sergeant. It is obtained by players with experience level from 3193 to 5017. Next on the turn is the sergeant (until 17785). There is already an opportunity to purchase PSG-1 and USP 45. Next comes the senior sergeant (up to 78661). You can buy Type89 and AK-47. Then follows the foreman (up to 174421) and the junior lieutenant. To obtain the last rank it is necessary from 174421 to 326725 units of experience. Next lieutenant. It is necessary from 326725 to 771781 units of experience. Next comes the senior lieutenant (up to 1333573), the captain (up to 2057701), the major (up to 3465372) and the lieutenant colonel. To obtain the last title you need from 3465372 to 5319183 experience points. Then follows the colonel (to 8026911) and the Major-General (until 11186421). The next rank is lieutenant general. To get it you need 11186421. Next comes the colonel general. The title is assigned after 20952801 units of experience. On the penultimate level stands the army general (up to 26564451). And finally in conclusion you become a marshal. As you can see, players in Crossfire are awarded Russian titles, which are active in the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

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