Provision on awarding: form and content

The labor incentive system is developed in eachself-respecting institution, organization, company. Developed and reflected in the provision on bonuses to employees. This article will help determine the content of such a provision.

The bonus provision is localnormative act, i.е. is compiled by the company's management or employees of the personnel department with mandatory approval of the position of the director. If it is a question of legal persons (LLC or OJSC), the provision is approved at the general meeting of the founders. If the budget organizations - it must be agreed with the owner of the property of the institution. There is no law that determines its content. But in such legal systems as the Guarantor and the Consultant, one can find a standard form of position.

The main points in the situation will be:

- introduction or general provisions,

- indicators or conditions of awarding,

- the procedure for awarding employees,


In the case of budgetary organizations (and indeedlegal persons), you can add an item about the sources of bonus. In addition to these paragraphs, it is mandatory in the header of the provision to indicate who it is approved (with a signature). And at the end of the provision should be the following information: the full name of the director, his signature, and, possibly, the company departments with whom this provision was agreed (name and signature of department heads).

The provision on bonuses can be made according to the pattern, but difficulties will still arise

- with the definition of the types of bonuses that are suitable for your employees (for which to pay?),

- with the development of a bonus system suitable for your company, taking into account the specifics of the activity (how to arrange payments, in what order to provide?),

- and also with observance of the principle of objectivity.

The employee bonuses are designed to stimulate,inspire on the quality performance of working functions. Therefore, the premiums for labor intensity, productivity should be based on the attainability of the results (figures not taken from the ceiling, but for quite real results of labor). This is the main kind of stimulation. One-time bonuses are paid on orders. Monthly, quarterly - together with the salary. Payments are also possible in honor of the holiday.

Regulations on the award must necessarilycontain information on the frequency of payments of certain payments. Also it should be prescribed for what reasons the employee may be deprived of the premium. The size of the award can be set as a percentage of salary for different positions.

Often in front of the head and chief accountantthere is a problem: from which item of expenses to take money, what premium to pay. In order not to worry about this every time, you should write down the sources of the bonus. For example, due to retained earnings.

If the organization is not particularly developed systembonuses, it is worth creating a unified regulation on wages and bonuses for employees. Then to the above items, the provisions will be added: the wage system (adopted in the organization), the calculation of wages, indicating the rate of work. And also it is necessary to prescribe the procedure for payment for overtime work, on weekends and holidays, for labor when conditions change, and for additional payment for the combination of posts. These nuances can be taken out in a separate paragraph.

Bonus staffing is the most powerfulmotivation to work. It is known that encouragement works much better than punishment, namely, monetary reward is more useful than fines for violation of discipline. After the fine, the behavior does not change, the employees get used to them quickly, but the deprivation of the award is a much more effective measure of incentive to work. Bonus award is the best way, worthy for personnel management, preservation of valuable employees on the ground and stimulating negligent to proper performance of their duties. And the provision on bonuses allows the leader to organize and systematize all activities in this direction.

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