Propagation of roses cuttings in potatoes.

Roses - they cause delight in all who saw them. They are undoubtedly considered chic colors. But this beauty is not so easy to grow. Anyone who tried to do this will certainly remember the constant care and a lot of fertilizers. However, there is a way - cutting the roses in potatoes, which will allow to grow a beautiful rose without leaving the house. In this case, the breeding will not be. After all, potatoes reliably protect the cuttings from drying out.

Try placing a rose stalk in your potato and grow beautiful flowers!

Propagation of roses by cuttings in potatoes: what is required?

The first is the stem of a rose. It must be such that it has on it two or three leaves with buds. Moreover, the length of this cutting can vary from 10 to 25 cm. The lower part of the cutting is supposed to be cut obliquely. And all the leaves must be removed.

It is worth noting that for such breeding of roses it is necessary to take the central part of the stem. Very young shoots are not suitable for grafting, as well as the upper part of the stem (where the bud is located).

The second is a medium-sized potato, because we will grow roses in potatoes. An indispensable condition is that it should be a lot of moisture.

The third is a flower pot in which you can easily bury potatoes. Fourth - floral soil. And the fifth - a plastic bottle, cut in the middle, or a glass jar, the right size.

How to grow a rose in potatoes?

  1. Make a hole in the potato. It will be about 5 cm deep into the tuber. If the size of the potatoes allows, then the depth is allowed to increase.
  2. Insert the rose stalk with the bottom into the prepared hole. The day before planting it is recommended to put it in a solution of a biostimulator. This is necessary to ensure that the cutting sprouts well.
  3. Plant potatoes with a rose cutting in a flower pot. Cover with flower soil. It should be enough to completely cover the potatoes.
  4. In order to grow a rose from a cutting in a potato, it remains only to cover it with a plastic bottle or glass jar.
  5. Water the solution with potassium permanganate solution. It should be a gentle pink tint.
  6. Leave such a mini-greenhouse for a couple of weeks.
  7. After this time, the rose of the cutting will begin to grow. And after a while, it will bloom.

Tip:biostimulator easy to prepare yourself. This will require only aloe juice. In extreme cases, it is allowed to hold the stem in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. They are also advised to always handle slices of cuttings during planting.

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