Predictions of Vera Lyon for 2018

In our unstable time, many people turn their eyes on representatives of the esoteric science. The predictions of the Faith of Lyons in 2018 will help to better understand what awaits us in the near future, since the forecasts of the Kazakh Vanga have repeatedly come true.


What is known about psychic

Vera Leon was born in Kazakhstan in the city of Karaganda. From early childhood, it showed the ability to see prophetic dreams. In them came to her dead people, from whom she learned a lot about the earthly life. This ability of the girl was so strong that she could cover her eyes and the information immediately began to flow to her. After some time, this gift weakened, and the clairvoyant began to work with tarot cards to predict the future. After the woman was thirty years old, the children's ability to see the other world increased with a new force.

Predictions Vera Lyon 2018

Now with the help of Thai tunes, a psychic plunges into a trance and sees dynamic images of future events. As stated by Vera Lyon, her predictions are 95% truthful. True, this can be a little doubt.The clairvoyant has repeatedly said that her predictions about the collapse of the Soviet Union and the armed conflict in the Middle East were justified. However, we should not forget that it has not become a reality:

Election of the President in Ukraine will not take place
Army DNI and LC Ukrainian Armed Forces will win
The main politicians of Ukraine will leave the political arena in 2016
Parish of the Antichrist happen in 2016

What events will take place next year

The predictions of a psychic in this regard are not very bright. Due to the warming climate, we are all waiting for further melting of snow in Antarctica. This will lead to higher levels of the oceans. Due to climate change, natural disasters such as large-scale hurricanes, heavy rains, floods, etc. will become more frequent.

Weather conditions will rapidly change. Where it has always been hot, it will become unusually cool. In areas where people feel comfortable, life will become unbearable. This will force people to leave their habitat. This is especially true of Europe. The temperate climate of Germany will change completely, and the snowstorms will rage here. In addition, the clairvoyant predicts earthquakes in this country.Volcanic activity is activated in Italy. The Vatican will disappear from the face of the earth, and there will be fewer and fewer followers of the Catholic faith. Over the years, Catholicism, as a religion, will disappear. All this will lead to chaos on the European continent. Looting and terrorist acts will be frequent. People will be busy surviving. Britain, the Philippines and Japan, according to Vera Lyon, will disappear under the waters of the ocean. Contradictions among European countries will increase. Poland will try to claim leadership in Europe. However, she did not succeed. Riots will begin in Greece and some other countries of Old Europe.

Faith Lyon is not encouraging humanity in terms of disease and viruses. The melting of the ice of Antarctica will lead to the appearance of previously unknown microorganisms that will cause unknown diseases. They will spread with incredible force around the globe and cause a pandemic.

After people face such difficulties, they will try to find a way out of this situation. In this they will help the aliens from space. That is, in 2018, earthlings will look for contacts with alien civilizations and in the future their attempts will be crowned with success.

Economic development

Vera Lyon and in this regard predicts not the best option.According to the clairvoyant, the global crisis will not only stop, but will become even more ambitious. It will amaze even countries that are distinguished by stability and high wealth. Industry in these countries will begin to slow down. Plants one after another will begin to close, and the problem of unemployment will become very acute. All this will cause rampant crime and chaos. Existing moral values ​​will be questionable. Material values ​​will come to the fore. In the minds of people will launch a mechanism of self-destruction.

Forecast for Russia

Psychic predictions about our country are not so negative. Vera Leon literally described the picture that came to her in relation to Russia. She saw a deep ditch with sloping edges, and at the top - a sign from the hands, resembling a Latin letter - V, which means victory.

  • The country will begin to gradually recover from the crisis. Oil prices stabilize.
  • The ruble exchange rate against the dollar strengthened.
  • The financial situation of the Russians will improve, and they will again be able to afford what has been inaccessible for three years.
  • Social programs will be further developed.
  • Russian science will start developing at a very fast pace.Proof of this will be the achievements of our country in space.
  • Culturally and spiritually, we also expect new achievements.
  • With time, Russia will become an attractive country for those who are striving for success and prosperity.
  • Many countries, including Israel, will wish to be friends and develop mutually beneficial relations with it.

Predictions Vera Lyon 2018 for Russia. Verbatim

As for the presidential elections, Vera Lyon is confident that V. Putin will remain the leader of the country. Besides, he is marrying again. His chosen will be a bright woman.

What awaits Russia and the United States

Relations between the two leading powers of the world will be strained. The United States will continue to put pressure on the Russian Federation, introducing all new sanctions. The rapprochement of Russia with China will force the political elite of America to reconsider their positions on the world structure. Over time, the new president D. Trump will change relations with our country and a gradual rapprochement will begin. As for China, America will have difficult negotiations with this country, which will sometimes be very sharp.

The EU will begin processes that will not like the American leadership. It will try to put pressure on European leaders, leading to a cooling between the North Atlantic partners. NATO will also lose its influence and stop threatening the Russian Federation.

In addition, in the United States, the Yellowstone Volcano may wake up, which will completely replace the prosperous situation in the country.

Peace or war?

This topic concerns those who are interested in relations between Ukraine and Russia. In this regard, the psychic does not bode well. In 2018, the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine will not end. He will continue sluggish nature. European leaders and the United States will continue to provoke a conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Vera Lyon believes that real peace in the region can come only when the leadership changes, both in Russia and in Ukraine. Let's hope that the presidential election in Russia in 2018 will lift the veil of mystery in this matter.

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