Predictions for 2018 for Ukraine

Despite all the achievements of science and progress in general, there are people who believe in the influence of stars on the fate of humanity and individual states. In times of trial and not only, they are trying to lift the veil of mystery, and therefore appeal to those who are most aware of stellar influence - clairvoyants. We offer a forecast for the future of Ukraine from the strongest psychics of the world.


Now the people of Ukraine are in the most difficult conditions of the transformation of society, therefore, as it is once necessary to know what will happen next. We hope that we will help at least a little to clarify this issue. It is clear that each divinator sees his own picture of the future, so it’s in vain to think that all predictions will be alike. But, probably, the value of different points of view lies in this, that each person can choose exactly what he lacks or is closer to.

What Wang predicted for Ukraine

If we talk about the predictions of this little thing, then it is worth noting that she never mentioned Ukraine separately.Speaking about the future, she, first of all, meant humanity or its separate part, in this case - Eastern Europe. It should be noted that all her predictions were allegorical and symbolic. The woman was illiterate and could hardly operate with modern concepts. Nevertheless, from its forecasts it is possible to catch the general tendency of development of this or that region. Speaking about the future, she has repeatedly mentioned that the Slavic peoples will pass through unprecedented trials. It may happen that a brother goes to his brother and shed a lot of blood. Analyzing these words, we can assume that she had in mind exactly what is happening in Ukraine now.

Predictions for 2018 for Ukraine

Indeed, one part of Ukrainian society decided to dictate its conditions to another part of the country. It is clear that this did not lead to anything good - a military confrontation occurred, as a result of which about ten thousand people died. At the same time, Wanga noted that it was during this period that the Sagittarius appeared, who could eliminate the existing contradiction and end the war. What and who specifically had in mind a psychic is now hard to say.But this is not so important, the main thing for all of us is that the military conflict will finally end and the long-awaited peace will come. Many researchers of the heritage of Vanga are confident that the soothsayer spoke about the elections of 2018 in Russia, and as a result, a man will win who will change Russia and its attitude towards the former territories, namely Ukraine.

Although there are people who interpret these words Vanga in their own way. They believe that, on the contrary, a new person will appear in Ukraine, supported by the people, who will drastically change the situation and better times will come for Donbass.

How does this situation see Pavel Globa and Tamara Globa

As the astrologer noted, he saw the crisis in Ukraine eight years ago. The difficult situation in this country could lead to an armed conflict on the border with Russia. This forecast has now been confirmed. A revolution actually occurred on the territory of Ukraine, as a result of which political forces came to power, opposing good-neighborly relations with Russia. At some point, such actions of the new government became unacceptable for the Donbass and the Crimea. They advocated secession from Ukraine.The population of these regions held a referendum on sovereignty. However, if the Crimea managed to become part of Russia, then in the east of the country a real war began.

Predicting further events, Pavel Globa is sure that in the near future Ukraine will fall into several autonomous entities. The east of this country will join the Russian Federation, while other parts will enter Ukraine with the rights of autonomy. After a few years, when attempts to join the EU are not crowned with success, the rest of this country will completely change the vector of its development and will once again be friends with Russia. The Union of Slavic states is formed, which will begin to flourish in the post-Soviet space and will become an example for other states. It should be noted that Pavel Globa did not always predict correctly. For example, he recently said that Yulia Tymoshenko would become the future president of Ukraine. However, this did not happen.

Former spouse Tamara Globa fully agrees with her husband. The only thing she noted was that Ukraine would fall apart into five sovereign states and that a military confrontation would happen between it and Russia.In addition, the soothsayer noted that the EU will collapse, and NATO will weaken so much that it will not pose a threat to Russia.

It should be noted that Tamara Globa was right predicting:

  • the beginning of the Chechen war;
  • World Cup 2018;
  • fires near Moscow in 2010.

So decide for yourself whether to believe her at the moment or not.

What predicts for Ukraine Alexander Litvin

This psychic is also nothing good for the Donbass and Ukraine can not say. He notes that for several years the confrontation will continue between these regions. The new authorities of Ukraine will be engaged in the redistribution of property, and the people of this country will become one of the poorest in the world. For the time being, the leadership of the country benefits from this situation in the country. Alexander Litvin is sure that the salvation of Ukraine is in the union of all Slavic states. However, in this country, the moment has not yet come to protest the population against the existing government. As soon as such a time comes, the citizens of Ukraine will choose a worthy leader who will lead this country along the path of positive development.

Predictions for 2018 for Ukraine from the strongest psychics

The forecast for the Donbass and Ukraine from moldarky Magdalena

The famous witch believes that Ukraine will remain a single state.The conflict in the east of the country will subside after the people force the ruling circles to engage in dialogue, both with the representatives of Donbass and with Russia. Most likely this will happen after the victory in the country of a new political force.

Mogdalena is sure that Crimea will also return to the bosom of Ukraine, but this will not happen in 2018, but in fifteen years. By this period there will be a change of political elites, both in Ukraine and in Russia. It may happen that Crimeans themselves will be asked to return to the “stepmother.”

The clairvoyant also believes that the events of 2014 could not be avoided, as it is designated by the stars. She believes that thanks to past events, the self-awareness of the masses has grown. Now nothing can stop the people. People are filled with patriotism and are ready to change everything and everyone for the prosperity of their homeland. All this in the coming years will give the result. Ukraine will be on a par with the leading countries of the world.

Speaking about the new leader of this country, the psychic stressed that they would be a person who has indisputable authority among the people. He will lead the country in a new way, similar to the Baltic.

Prophecies from ancient elders

As experts say, God himself speaks to us through the lips of elders, so it is interesting to get to know what these respected people think about Ukraine:

Ion Ignatenko The elder accurately predicted the events on the Independence, as well as the war in the Donbas. It is likely that the opposition in the east of Ukraine could escalate into the Third World War. At the same time, he predicts the creation of a single Orthodox state headed by Moscow.
Athos Elder Macarius This monk believes that Ukraine will be able to win in two cases:
  • if all the men of the country will defend the state;
  • when the Ukrainian government will repent and start doing reforms in the country.

According to many ancient Athos elders, Ukraine will soon soar, for the spirit of Kievan Rus is awakened. Having experienced tremendous upheavals, the Ukrainian people will create a state that in its success will be akin to China. The updated country will take the former name of Kievan Rus, with its capital in the city of Kiev. Crimea will return to Ukraine, but already, as the land of the Tatars. This will happen until 2025.

As can be seen from the article, the predictions from the strongest psychics differ from each other. Everyone can choose what he sees fit.

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