Predictions for 2018 for Russia

The prophecies of psychics have repeatedly warned people about the coming changes. Predictions for 2018 are of particular interest to Russia, since many clairvoyants are predicting events for our country that will affect the course of world history.

Predictions for 2018 for Russia


The prophecy of Vanga: peace or war?

Predictions for 2018 for Russia

According to the forecasts of the great Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga, the geopolitical course of our country will change radically in the coming year. Russia will establish active cooperation with the countries of the Eastern region: China and India. Thanks to the improvement of trade relations with these countries, the Russian economic sector will begin to develop rapidly, which will become a solid foundation for financial stability. Vanga believes that exactly 2018 for Russia will be the beginning of an era of prosperity and well-being. However, the transformation will affect not only the internal structure of the state, but also foreign policy. In connection with the strengthening of Russia's position on the world stage, its relations with Western countries will deteriorate.Vanga does not exclude the possibility of the start of the Third World War, the epicenter of which will be a small Arab country. Prerequisites predicted events can be observed today. Russia, China, the USA and Europe will be drawn into the conflict. As a result, a third of its population will disappear from the face of the planet. Despite such a sad prediction of Vanga, she notes that Russia will be able to adequately pass all the tests that have fallen to its lot and reach a new level of spiritual development.

Of particular interest among the inhabitants of our country is Vanga’s forecast about the man who will head the Russian state in the future. The clairvoyant did not name the new leader, but noted that he would change the minds of many Russians, confessing an ancient philosophical doctrine. Perhaps this person will manifest himself in the next presidential election, which will be held in 2018.

Predictions of Nostradamus

Predictions for 2018 for Russia

Michel Nostradamus’s forecast for Russia is no less interesting. According to the great French astronomer and soothsayer, in 2018 Russia will become the most powerful economic association in the history of mankind, and therefore its relations with neighboring China will deteriorate, which will also claim to be the world leader. In addition, the aggressive US policy towards Moscow will lead to a global conflict.Literally, Nostradamus predicted: "The West will rise to the East and the earth will turn red." Apparently, we are talking about the beginning of the Third World War, in which millions of people will die.

However, like Wang, Nostradamus predicted a rather optimistic future for the people of Russia. The rulers of the country with the support of the people will be able to cope with internal and external problems, and lead the country to prosperity and prosperity. In addition, he mentioned that by 2023 in Russia there will be a complete reassessment of values ​​and the transition to a new, more improved, form of government.

Forecast of Maria Duval and Paul Globa

Predictions for 2018 for Russia

Not only clairvoyants of the distant past, but also our contemporaries, spoke about the future of Russia.

The famous seer from France, Maria Duval, predicted in 2018 a large-scale financial and economic crisis. The only country he does not touch is Russia. A competent political strategy of the government will allow the Kremlin to strengthen its leading position in the world. According to the clairvoyant, positive changes affect not only the economic, but also the cultural and moral spheres of life of Russian society.

The famous Russian astrologer and psychic Pavel Globa also did not remain indifferent to the fate of his native country. For 2018, he predicted for Russia several historically important events that will affect her future fate:

  1. confrontation with the United States and NATO;
  2. large-scale forest fires in Siberia;
  3. economic growth due to the sale of energy carriers;
  4. an increase in trade with China;
  5. Leadership in science.

In addition to these forecasts, Globa did not rule out the likelihood of creating a new geopolitical union, which will include the countries of the former USSR, as well as some of the powers of the Slavic world. Thus, the government of the Russian state will demonstrate to the world community how to develop successfully without internal conflicts and wars.

How did the future of Russia see Paracelsus, Rasputin and Edgar Cayce?

Predictions for 2018 for Russia from the strongest prophets and psychics

One of the most mysterious and controversial figures in the history of the Russian Empire is considered to be Gregory Rasputin. In his prophecies, he repeatedly mentioned that the main danger for the state is represented by the countries of the East and the West, who promise Russia the “golden mountains”, however, in reality they will strive to enslave it.

The famous scientist and soothsayer of the Middle Ages Paracelsus argued that Russia will achieve its greatness 500 years after his death. According to simple calculations, it can be concluded that our country will be at the top of prosperity by 2041.

“A bright future” predicted for Russia and Edgar Cayce - a clairvoyant from the USA. According to him, at the beginning of the 21st century, the Kremlin will enter into an alliance with China and other Asian countries, which will ensure the country's security and economic stability, which will last for many decades. In addition, the American prophet identified the three most significant events of 2018, which are directly related to our country.

  • the threat of the Third World War, which Russia will be able to prevent;
  • the coming to power of a powerful ruler;
  • a great scientific and technical breakthrough.

As you can see, not all predictions about Russia are optimistic. But, as many psychics say, every prophecy is only an alarming signal for mankind, which must be listened to in order to avoid future troubles.

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