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Good day! The history of World Smile Day, celebrated on the first Fridays of October and stretching since 1963, is associated with a little-known American painter named Harvey Bell. Then it was for them that the emoticon was now popular for an insurance local company and developed as a business card for them. They began to celebrate this holiday only after 36 years, from 1999 starting the year.

Harvey believed that this day should be devoted exclusively to a good mood, and offered a phrase with the motto saying that it is worth making a small good deed even for the possibility of a smile later. Activists of the festival are accompanied by flash mobs, organized almost everywhere, and aimed precisely at making others smile. We celebrate the World Smile Day - the first Friday of October.

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Here comes the long-awaited holiday, which unites all people with positive. Today we celebrate the Day of Smile, a truly wonderful event.Every person can find in life a worthy support and belief that everything will necessarily develop in the right direction. I want to wish you good friends and support, confidence in a wonderful future. Let life always gives you numerous opportunities in order to show your potential and make maximum efforts to actively move in the chosen direction. I wish you a positive and take-off, dedication. May fate give the best foundation so that every day can rejoice to the fullest. My dear little man, beloved friend, you can be the most happy and harmonious. I wish you this. Congratulations and, of course, believe in your real success!

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