Planting garlic in 2019: calendar

In early spring and autumn, gardeners turn to the lunar calendar to select dates for planting garlic. It has long been known that the favorable phases of the moon, chosen for sowing, help to gather a rich crop of crops, increase plant growth. In 2019 there are unfavorable periods in which it is better not to work in the garden: do not replant the seedlings, do not feed, do not sow the seeds.

Garlic on the table

Features of sowing according to the cycles of the moon

Since ancient times, our ancestors have managed to collect a bountiful harvest, guided only by the lunar phases. It has been scientifically proven that planting plants is better to start on the growing moon, but as for root crops, on the contrary, diminishing days will do. An important role is played by the position of the moon relative to the signs of the zodiac.

It is undesirable to plant garlic on the full moon and new moon. Of course, before starting new seasonal works, it is also problematic to keep such information in mind. Enough at home to have a plan for sowing garlic in 2019.

There are winter and spring garlic. The latter head consists of a large number of teeth of different sizes. The winter variety in the head has considerably smaller lobules, and they are larger in size. Gardeners know that winter garlic is planted in early autumn, and spring garlic - in spring.


Planting seeds of winter garlic

Gardeners are trying to plant seedlings in the days of the growing moon, so that the plants went into rapid growth. As for bulbous and root plants, especially garlic, they are favorably influenced by a decreasing phase, during which the groundwater rises as much as possible from the ground and feeds the soil with useful minerals.

For planting winter garlic the best periods:

  1. September: 15-27 number.
  2. October: 15-27 number.
  3. November: 13-25 number.

It is these days planting garlic in 2019 will be the most productive. Winter vegetable propagated teeth, odnozubkami, aerial bulbs. The latter method is used mainly in September. Ripe onions close up to a depth of 2-3 cm. The soil is pre-enriched with humus or mineral fertilizers.

Important! So that the rooted onions do not disappear and do not rot, they are planted 2-3 weeks before the expected frosts, but not during a period of strong thaw. The air temperature should drop to +14 ° C.Best of all, a useful root crop is rooted and grows in soils where pumpkins, zucchini, legumes, cabbage were previously grown. Winter planting gives a large number of air bulbs that must be cut.

Planting garlic in 2019

Favorable time for planting spring garlic

Before planting spring garlic soil is prepared. It is fertilized with wood ash, humus, peat or compost. This kind of vegetable culture multiplies only teeth. The most favorable temperature for starting work is 5-6⁰С. In central Russia, it usually falls at the end of March, the beginning of April. It is important to correlate the weather conditions and the lunar calendar data. Favorable days when you can plant garlic in 2019 are:

  1. March - 1 - 5 and 22 - 31 numbers.
  2. April -1 - 4 and 20 - 30 number.
  3. May - 1 - 4 and 20 - 31 numbers.

For planting choose dry large lobules without damage. In order for them to slip faster, they are preliminarily kept for a month on the shelf of the refrigerator. Then prepare the beds with a depth of 25-30 cm.

Attention! The place of cultivation of spring garlic must be changed annually. To prevent water stagnation, it is better to make high beds.

Digging of winter and spring garlic

After planting garlic in the ground, it is necessary to find out when to dig a useful vegetable so that it will be stored for a long time and not lose its healing properties. On average, 100-110 calendar days are required for full ripening of vegetables. Before the planned harvesting month, it is necessary to stop watering the plants and cut off the long arrows. 25 days before digging, the ground around the roots is cleared and loosened. Experienced gardeners know that a plant ready for harvesting has lower yellowed or dried leaves. It is best to dig it with a fork, so as not to damage the head.

Digging garlic

According to the lunar calendar, in 2019, winter varieties are more favorable to be harvested in the following periods:

  1. July: 18-31 number.
  2. August: 16-29 number.

Digging up garlic planted in the spring (spring) lunar calendar of the gardener gives such recommendations:

  1. August: 16-29 number.
  2. September: 15-27 number.

Of course, in regions with an unfavorable climate, it is first of all necessary to look at the visual signs of ripening a vegetable. The phases of the moon in this case are just a hint for a competent gardener, and not a clear recommendation for action. Perederzhivat culture in the soil is also not recommended.It will begin to crack and rot.

For harvesting choose a calm sunny day, without rain and frost. Dug up tubers are left for several hours on the ground. Then poured into linen bags or cardboard boxes with slits. A small crop hang bunches around the house. After a few weeks, the roots and the remaining leaves are pruned. Damaged heads are removed.

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