Planting eggplant seedlings and greenhouses in 2018

With the approach of the warm season, the summer residents plan to plant on the backyard in order to have plenty of vitamins in the summer. Tomatoes, cucumbers, greens - this is the standard set. However, eggplants, or, as they are also called, dark-fruiting, are increasingly planted in vegetable gardens. Today we will tell you all about planting eggplants in 2018, which will help to gather a rich harvest.

When to plant eggplants for seedlings

Grow blue from seedlings that you can either buy in the spring, or plant yourself. The first option is considered the simplest, the second will require patience, despite the fact that the seeds germinate well even on the windowsill in the apartment.

Gardeners living in Central Russia say that seedlings should be transported to the open ground at the beginning of summer, that is, when it is warm enough. In the southern regions, this is done a little earlier. The plant takes about two months to the moment when it will be transferred to a permanent place of residence. Seeds germinate about two weeks.

Eggplant seedlings in a pot

When planting nightshade depends on the climate of the region of residence. Somewhere it will be the beginning of March, somewhere - the end of February. Once you have decided on what time to engage in sowing, look at the lunar calendar. Those who are professionally engaged in the cultivation of vegetables, advised in the performance of all work related to planting and care, be guided by them. The calendar reports favorable and unfavorable days for sowing, watering and diving.

The growth and fructification of all garden and garden crops depends on the phase of the night star, as well as its stay in a particular sign.

So, the blue ones are recommended to land in the period of the growing Moon, then they will be strong and will give a good harvest. You should also take into account the sign of the zodiac in which the satellite of the Earth is located - choose fetal marks, such are: Aries, Leo, Archer. It is advisable to abandon sowing on the waning moon, it is contraindicated to engage them in the Full Moon and the New Moon.

Lunar calendar planting eggplant 2018

Month Favorable days Sowing is possible Landing is prohibited
February 19, 20, 27, 28 17, 18, 21-26
March 18, 19, 27, 28 20-26, 29, 30
April 23, 24 17-22, 25-30

In May and June, it is time to transfer the blue ones to open ground.Here again, it is necessary to take into account favorable / unfavorable days.

Month Favorable days Transfer is possible No transfer allowed
May 20, 21 16-19, 22-28 15, 29
June 16, 17, 25, 26 14, 15, 18-24, 27 13, 28

The secrets of a rich harvest

It is not enough to choose the correct date. It is also necessary to prepare high-quality seeds, soil, take care of additional lighting, create an appropriate level of humidity and optimum temperature.


First, prepare good seed. Purchase it from trusted manufacturers. Keep track of shelf life. A great way to check the quality of the seeds - immerse them in water. Those that fall to the bottom, will give excellent germination.

Some prefer to immediately plant the "kernels" in the soil, we advise them to prepare in one of the following ways:

  1. Warming up Heat the oven to 60 degrees and send seeds to it for 3 hours.
  2. Hardening. This method requires more time and effort. Daily for 5 days to keep the seeds for 6 hours in warm water, after 6 hours in the refrigerator, then again in the water, etc.
  3. Soak. Just before sowing, hold the seeds for a couple of hours in warm water.

Now, the prepared seed can be sent to the ground, deepening each by 1 cm.

Sowing eggplant

It is best to grow seedlings in peat pots, then when you "move" into open soil the risk of damage to the root system will be reduced to zero.

The soil

Eggplants grow well in light and loamy soil with a lot of humus / compost. You can add a bit of sawdust or river sand to the mixture.


The nightshade is a fruity - moisture-loving culture, but the stagnation of moisture is destructive for young bushes, however, as well as the drying up of the earth. That is why provide him with good drainage and periodically loosen the soil.

The lunar calendar offers and recommendations for plant irrigation. So, it is best to irrigate on days when the Earth satellite is in signs whose element is water (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio).


At the end of winter and early spring it is necessary to illuminate the seedlings, otherwise it will be frail because of a lack of light. Purchase a special LED lamp and provide the plants with a 12-hour light day.


The optimum temperature for germination is the temperature regime of + 20 ... + 25 degrees.After the first sprouts appeared, reduce the temperature to 20 degrees during the day and 12 at night, in such conditions the root system will get stronger. After 5 days, raise the room temperature again to +25 in the daytime and to +18 at night.

Attention: eggplants do not tolerate sudden changes in temperature and drafts!

Observing all the proposed recommendations, you will be able to grow excellent seedlings, which, when transferred to the flower bed, will give a lot of tasty and such healthy fruits. Just keep in mind that you should not plant it too thick - optimally distribute 5 bushes per square meter of land.

Planting eggplants in the ground

Growing in a greenhouse

In most parts of Russia, blue ones, because of their thermophilicity, are grown in greenhouses. The best time for planting eggplants in the greenhouse in 2018 is the end of May and the beginning of June, but if you live in a region where winter does not rage until April, then you can do it even earlier.

The process begins with the preparation of the soil. These professionals are advised to do more in the fall. The procedure is to remove weeds and various plant residues and disinfect. The latter can be implemented in several ways:

  1. Thermal.Land should be treated with hot steam or boiling water. If you plan to grow the nightshade in pots, the soil can be “roasted” in the oven at a temperature not higher than 95 degrees, otherwise not only harmful components will die, but also useful ones.
  2. Chemical. This method is concluded in the treatment of the surface of lime chloride at the rate of 100 grams per 1 square meter. Some use formalin instead of lime. To prepare a disinfectant solution, take a glass of 40% formalin in a bucket of water. The resulting portion is designed for 1 square meter. After processing the ground cover film for 24 hours.

Eggplant seedlings

At the time that is optimal for planting seedlings, it is necessary to dig up the soil well, apply organic fertilizer (2/3 buckets of rotted manure per 1 square meter) and organize beds with holes. Do not plant the plant too deeply - it is enough to deepen it by only 1-2 centimeters compared to how it grew in a pot. Do not forget to first pour a few glasses of water into the hole. After sprinkling with earth and wait for the first flowers and fruits to appear on the plant, not forgetting to irrigate and loosen the ground periodically, to remove weeds and pests.

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Planting eggplant seedlings and greenhouses in 2018 64

Planting eggplant seedlings and greenhouses in 2018 93

Planting eggplant seedlings and greenhouses in 2018 56

Planting eggplant seedlings and greenhouses in 2018 40

Planting eggplant seedlings and greenhouses in 2018 11

Planting eggplant seedlings and greenhouses in 2018 77

Planting eggplant seedlings and greenhouses in 2018 1