Planting cucumbers for seedlings in 2018.

Tasty, crunchy, green cucumbers - a must-have vegetable on garden beds. Cucumbers are fairly simple in cultivation - almost always and everyone grows fruits, subject to the thermal regime. Cucumbers are very thermophilic, grow at night in a warm and humid atmosphere. Therefore, if you want to grow large yields of cucumbers, be sure to cover the beds with polyethylene or a covering material at night and cool. we will tell you secrets about growing cucumber seedlings so that you get a good crop of cucumbers as early as possible.

Planting and growing at home cucumber seedlings

Cucumbers do not like being injured by their roots. Therefore, transplants are not desirable (when transplanting from one container to another, the roots are always damaged). It even happens that cucumber seedlings grown at home take root worse and begin to bear fruit later than planting cucumbers in open ground on a warm garden bed under a seed film.

However, there are several ways to grow cucumber seedlings at home,and then transplant them into the garden. They must be planted immediately in organic containers that can be buried together with a sprout in a garden bed. We'll tell you where to plant and how to grow cucumber seedlings.

Cucumber seedling cultivation - 4 different ways

  • Peat pot- Of the minuses, it is worth noting the quick drying of the soil in the pot, which means you need to additionally put the pot in a plastic container, where water will be collected after watering the seedlings and there will be less moisture evaporation from the walls. When planting in the walls of peat pots, it is necessary to crush slightly, so that it quickly decomposes in the ground and does not prevent the growth of roots.

growing cucumber seedlings

  • Peat and coconut tablets for seedlings.In them, cucumbers grow quickly and together. As soon as the places for further growth will cease to be enough, they need to be transplanted to a warmed bed, in a greenhouse or garden greenhouse.
  • Eggshell.This method makes it possible to germinate a seed, but since the soil does not fit in the shell, it is possible to plant seeds in them about a week before planting it in the ground. But sometimes even a week of early planting of cucumbers gives good early results for an early harvest.
  • Planting seeds in a pot from the newspaper.This method is akin to the method of growing cucumber seedlings in peat pots, but more economical. In a bed planted with a sheet of paper. When planting seeds, keep in mind that newspaper sheets are falling apart quickly. This cultivation of cucumber seedlings in cups like many gardeners. To grow cucumbers in cups, you need to take plastic cups, wrap a bag of paper from the newspaper, set it inside and fill in the ground, then plant cucumber seeds in seedlings.

planting cucumbers in cups from the newspaper

Planting cucumbers for seedlings in 2018

The time of planting cucumbers for seedlings is very important. Growing seedlings at home, and see how it starts to bloom, there is no point. Most likely, such plants will take root poorly and will not give any yield. Growing cucumber seedlings in cups happens pretty quickly. Cucumber seeds sprout quickly. First you need to plant self-pollinated greenhouse cucumbers, then cucumbers for greenhouses, and only then seeds for planting in open ground. If you think when you can plant cucumbers for seedlings in the early greenhouse, listen to our advice.

March 11, 18, 19, 22–30
April 10, 18–21, April 23–28
4, 5, 9, 13, 14, 16–25, May 31

The general rules when planting cucumbers for seedlings in 2018 are as follows:

20 - 25 days after the seedlings emerge, the cucumber seedlings can be transplanted:

  • April 15-20 - in glass, film greenhouses and polycarbonate greenhouses;
  • May 10-15 - in the open ground on a warm raised breast, under the film,
  • June 2–10 - on a bed in open ground without shelter.

When to sow cucumbers for seedlings for the greenhouse in 2018 according to the Lunar Calendar

  • February 11, 18, 19, 22–30;
  • In March, good days for planting cucumbers in greenhouses11, 18, 19, 22–30.

When to sow cucumbers for seedlings for open ground and for planting in greenhouses

  • In April, the best planting days (how many sow cucumbers) are 10, 18–21, 23–28;
  • In May, the days when planting cucumbers for seedlings is favorable - 4, 5, 9, 13, 14, 16–25, 31.
  • In June, planting cucumbers in open ground will be favorable on the 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 numbers.

Adverse days for planting cucumbers in open ground:

  • April 9, 10, 11;
  • May 2, 3, 7, 8, 16, 17.

when to plant cucumbers for seedlings

The main rules how to grow cucumber seedlings at home

  • The soil for planting seedlings should be special - pay attention to the packaging of the soil mixture. It should have an inscription - ground for cucumbers. The fact is that for tomatoes and cucumbers, soil mixtures of different composition are needed.
  • Water the planting should be warm water and until shoots to keep warm at a temperature of +25 degrees. It is best to cover seed pots with polyethylene to create a greenhouse effect. After the appearance of green shoots film must be removed.
  • After the seedlings sprout, lower the temperature to +20, otherwise the sprouts stretch out and then wilt and wilt.
  • Always provide good seedling coverage, especially on cloudy days. Then it will not stretch.
  • When growing cucumber seedlings at home, you need to pour the soil a couple of times.
  • Isolate plants from drafts. Cucumbers love the heat!
  • Transplanting seedlings is possible when the roots have occupied almost the entire pot, there is no room for growth, 2 - 3 true dark green leaves have appeared.
  • About a week before the transplantation of cucumber seedlings in open ground, it should be hardened - lower the temperature by +18, bring to the balcony, but not put under direct sunlight.

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