Planting and care in the open field of multi-leaf lupine.

The name of this plant comes from the Latin Lupus, which means "Wolf". And the truth is, it simply amazes with its ability to adapt to virtually any environmental conditions. surviving even the least fit. This is a very unpretentious perennial flower. Planting and care in the open field for lupine are very simple. With the cultivation of perennial lupine can handle even a novice grower.

Many-leaved lupine is a perennial herb up to 120 cm high. The stems are straight, very strong. The leaves are palmate, from 9 to 15 bottom with pubescent leaves, arranged on long petioles. The flowers are rich - blue or pink, collected in multicolor racemes 30 - 35 cm long. It blooms in early June and blooms quite long, for 20 - 30 days.

Lupine - unpretentious plant. It grows well and blooms in the sun and in partial shade. It is undemanding to soils, but it reaches maximum decorative effect on slightly acidic or neutral sandy loam soils or moderately wet loams.It can grow in the sand; on its roots nodules develop with bacteria capable of fixing nitrogen from the air. The plant is fed with mineral fertilizers - superaphosphate, potassium chloride.

And if you quickly remove the flowering inflorescences and feed the flowers, then in August you can get a second bloom and assume that these are garden flowers that bloom all summer.

multiple leaf lupine

Lupine perennial seed cultivation

Lupine is propagated most often by seeds. They are sown immediately to a permanent place. Three seeds are planted in one well, and then, as they grow and develop, they gradually remove the weakest specimens, eventually leaving one plant.

Shoots after sowing lupine seeds appear in about 2 weeks. You can also sow the seeds in boxes in March, but when the flower seedlings have 5-6 real leaves, they will need to be transplanted into the open ground. With the planting of lupine in open ground should not be tightened, otherwise the plants will not take root. Lupine has a deep core system, and only very small seedlings are able to survive a transplant.

During reproduction of individual especially valuable specimens, one should use the vegetative method and propagate the perennial lupine of their cuttings. On cuttings takes basal rosettes (spring) or side shoots in summer.The cuttings root very easily, grow in almost any soil and can bloom even in the year of planting.

Caring for lupine is a regular watering and fertilizing with mineral fertilizers.

how to grow lupins from seeds

When to plant lupins when grown from seed

At home, the seedlings in boxes, sow the seeds in April.

You can also plant seeds in open ground before winter. This is done in November. But you need to first prepare a place for planting seeds. To do this, dig and loosen the ground, draw in the prepared bed of the groove and wait for them to freeze. In November, the seeds are laid out in the frozen grooves, so that they begin to grow in the winter, and began to peck up only in spring, when the earth thaws. Sprinkle with sand or peat from above.

 lupins in landscape design

Lupine as a siderat

Due to the fact that it is able to fix nitrogen in the roots, many gardeners use it as a siderat and enrich the soil with the help of lupine with nitrogen.

When to sow and when to bury the lupine as a siderat.

Lupine is planted on a plot that needs to be enriched with manure and grown on this site for about 50 days. About then, he is gaining green mass. Then it is buried in the ground.Its plant residues enrich the soil. Another sign when bury siderite lupine in the soil is the phase of shiny beans. It is then that the maximum effect will be achieved.

Lupins in landscape design

It is good both in single and in group plantings in combination with other plants, as a soloist of the second row. His powerful inflorescences that look like candles always attract attention.

Previously, colorful lupins could only dream of. But thanks to the breeder J. Russell's efforts, in 1937, hybrids appeared with white, lemon yellow, bright red and carmine coloring.

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Planting and care in the open field of multi-leaf lupine 3

Planting and care in the open field of multi-leaf lupine 71

Planting and care in the open field of multi-leaf lupine 3

Planting and care in the open field of multi-leaf lupine 93

Planting and care in the open field of multi-leaf lupine 17

Planting and care in the open field of multi-leaf lupine 76