Pitted jam for pits for the winter: 10 simple recipes for thick plum jam

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Today we will learn to cook jam from pitted plums. Surprised? I completely forgot about him, spun. But the season of this berry is in full swing, but someone already ends. Tell me, do you like this delicacy? Oh yeah! And I also prefer to stockpile it in order to enjoy a cool taste and aroma in a winter cold evening.

Usually in our family such treats are made in large quantities, so several simple recipes are used at once. I also like to add other fruits or berries, and even walnuts, so that it looks royally.

I know that there are more recipes for chocolate plum jam - and this is incredibly tasty. This year, such a masterpiece has already been made, and it also came out thick. It turned out what I needed, so much I liked it, that there was not a spoon in the fridge anymore.

Varieties of plums are great, the most common is the black (blue) or white appearance.However, they also make blanks from yellow berries, using wilderness or garden cherry plum. In any case, it turns out cool. And immediately comes to mind the children's mystery. Remember how it was said: "Blue uniform, yellow lining, and sweet in the middle."

I hope that with this selection you will undoubtedly succeed and you will definitely have fun meetings with friends or relatives. Agree it is great when there is something to treat. And besides all this, you can even arrange an evening of tastings, put different treats in several vases, for example cherry jam, raspberry or pear, and then sit and guess. I think that such an idea will not bother anyone, and will be apprehended with a bang.

Well, well, let's get to work, choose the cooking method you like and jog to the kitchen.

Pitted plum jam - a simple classic recipe for winter

Let's start in order with the most famous option that everyone loves. And in most cases, it is prepared for him. Although you can cook a five-minute, because it is faster and more useful. You will need any home plum, of any kind, blue or yellow for example.And then what kind of fantasy flight you will have, you can add, for example, lemon and even ginger.

But, nevertheless, it is recommended to begin, if you have little experience with simpler cooking recipes, which will be understandable to everyone and even to beginners. This method of cooking is interesting in that the bones from the berries are removed, but not discarded, the kernels are split and used. Yes, such a waste-free production.

But, if you have very little time, you can add walnut, peanuts, or do without any additives.

Royal dessert with such ingredients, is not it? So, think for yourself, as you wish, do so. In any case, the treat will come out chic, and you will figure it out in two accounts with this instruction.

We will need:

  • elastic and not ripe plum - 1 kg
  • sugar - 3 tbsp.
  • lemon juice - 1 tbsp


1. Take the “fun balls” and rinse them in running water. Then blot them with a paper napkin.

2. Using a sharp knife, cut each plum in half and carefully remove the stone.

3. To highlight the juice, mix the pieces with sugar. Leave to stand in a cup for half an hour or about 1 hour.

4.In the meantime, call your husband and give him a task. So that he using a hammer to split your bones and took out the nucleoli from them.

5. As soon as the time is up, put a bowl of plums on the stove, as the mass starts to boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 15 minutes. And then make the nucleoli and lemon juice so that the consistency of the jam becomes denser. That's the whole secret. Boil another 5-10 minutes. And then remove it in jars and tighten the lids tightly and tightly.

Surely glassware and lids sterilize your favorite way.

Keep such a treat for a long time, if you cook it correctly and put it in a cool, not sunny place. Good luck!

How to cook thick jam from pitted plums

I think that in addition to the desired consistency, you still always want such a result, so that the jam is more vitaminized. I propose this time to add ginger, which will help in the winter to cope with infectious and viral diseases. You eat a couple of spoons and all the ailment, like a hand will remove.

Ginger will be used grated, you can add a little more or less. Watching how much you love him.In addition to the spice you can put another clove or cinnamon, also a great combination will come out.

The cooking technology is different from the previous one. As you can see, there is water in the composition, which means that sugar syrup will turn out, and the plum will boil in its own juice. Funny

We will need:

  • plum - 1.3 kg
  • ginger - 1 tbsp
  • water - 2 tbsp
  • sugar - 3 tbsp.
  • cinnamon or clove - optional


1. Start, as in the first embodiment, with the processing of berries, wash them. And then either with your hands, if it is convenient to do this or with a knife, cut the berries in half. Take out the bone.

2. Cut the fruit, but not much shallow.

3. Ginger is better to grate on a fine grater, so it will give its flavor better.

4. Put sugar in the pan, pour in water, grated ginger and ready-made chopped berries themselves. Turn on the stove and bring the mixture to the active drilling. Do not make the fire too strong, but rather set the average mode of the slab. Boil for half an hour, or a little longer, depending on the consistency you pursue.

In any case, after cooling, any berry jam becomes thicker.

Hot pour into clean glass bottles and wrap with iron lids.As you can see the mixture came out puree, and very attractive. Similar to jam or confiture. All because the plum was cut into pieces. Bon Appetit!

Five minutes from plums - recipe

I think that by right such a sweet dessert can be given to try and little naughty girls. Let them taste and score.

This option is characterized by the fact that it is very fast, in just a couple of minutes, you will achieve it and you will already see the result. You just have to wait for the jam to cool.

We will need:

  • plums - about 600 g
  • sugar - 2 tbsp.
  • water - 1 tbsp.


1. For the convenience of washing the fruits, take a colander. Rinse the fruit in it.

2. As you might guess, cut the berries in half. And go bones.

3. Now pour the prepared products with plain raw water and bring the mass to a boil. To drain began to give their own juice. Put the sugar and mix in this sweet caramel.

4. Now the most basic, cook for 5 minutes over medium heat, and then turn it off and pour it over the cans.

5. As you can see, you don’t even have to make several visits here, as we did when we cooked a strawberry or currant delicacy for example.

Plum jam slices and walnuts

Oh, God, what a miracle! Yes, simply divine, that you say, and you will not find the words. You imagine only the taste of this treat. And if you try at least once, then you will not be able to come off at all, in years everything will disappear from the bank. Fingers and lick and have to ask more about the supplement. But, well of course, when everything is in moderation.

Of course, it is necessary to tinker with it, it is boiled for three days, but it's worth it. Take my word for it. And in order to make it easier for you to sort it all out, I suggest watching one movie from YouTube and together with Nadezhda learn this culinary art.

Thick jam pitted from yellow plums (cherry plums) - the most delicious recipe

I never thought that plum is plum, I thought that name refers to something else, but as it turned out I was wrong. In general, besides this berry, I also had grapes at hand, I decided to combine the two components together. But, if you do not have it, then do not worry, just do not add it here.

Take the proportions of berries 1 to 1. And the same amount of sugar, in the same ratio, that is, 1 kg of sugar per 1 kg of fruit fruits.

But, of course, it’s better if you get it, because just imagine how beautiful it is when two flavors of summer and two colors combine in one dish at once, yellow and green.

We will need:

  • grapes (preferably seedless) - 500 g
  • yellow plum - 500 g
  • sugar - 1 kg


1. Take grapes and cherry plum, rinse and remove the stones from both ingredients, if any. It is recommended to cut the cherry plum into slices. Sprinkle with sugar, uh, I would not have survived and would have screwed a couple of spoons. I did just that), and you?

2. Stir and let the berries stand in their own juice, the grains of sugar will gradually begin to dissolve. Well, then I think you already know what to do with them. Put a cup on the stove and let the mixture boil over low heat. As soon as you remove all the foam, turn off immediately. Allow to cool to room temperature. Then repeat the procedure one more time and disassemble the sweet dish hot in jars.

Did you know? It is not recommended to digest fruit, it usually lasts 5-10 minutes.

3. These are amusing blanks are waiting for you at the exit. You can even take with you as a gift when you go to visit. Keep this charm on a warmed balcony in the cold season or in the cellar. Bon Appetit!

Delicious jam of apples and plums for the winter (recipe in a slow cooker)

Do you want the treat to come out even more delicate and have a sour note? Then at the very peak of autumn, when you already have your own rares or garden apples, you can easily prepare for example charlotte). And of course, cook jam from these two fruits. Yes, not simple, but in a miracle device called a slow cooker.

In it, the whole process is certainly faster, and the cup itself allows it to be made in large quantities. After all, it has high bumpers. The main thing is to determine the desired mode and you will not keep yourself waiting, once and everything is ready. Let's do it now and do it. And in a moment you will sit and eat the apple and plum treat.

We will need:

  • apples - 400 g
  • cherry plum or plum - 200 g
  • sugar - 500 g


1. So, wash all the fruits and chop the plums and apples in small cubes. Of course, all unnecessary, tails, seeds or bones withdraw.

2. Now take the granulated sugar and mix it with the ingredients. Leave the bowl warm for 9 hours so that almost all the sugar melts.

And if you want piquancy, you can add another 1 tbsp of lemon juice or use lime juice.

3. After the fruit has given off its juice and soaked, mixed their charms completely in one bowl, move the mixture into the slow cooker. Close the lid and select the correct mode, this is Quenching.Set the temperature for 20 minutes.

After a specified time, turn off the appliance and let the mass cool down completely, and then do the same work again. Simmer for 20 minutes.

4. It remains according to the plan in the hot form to take and pour the ready-made fruit dish into glass jars. Here is a jam turned out, see for yourself, put on clean nylon covers and lower into the cellar. Pleasant discoveries!

Chocolate-covered plum with cocoa and butter

In general, this you have not eaten exactly, and maybe tried, but did not understand that such a creation can be prepared right at home. Such a chocolate snack has a creamy consistency and reminds many of Nutella in general. I do not even know why, the taste is completely different.

And in order to have a richer taste, I propose to add chopped nuts or almonds. Oh, and gourmet out, well, hold on!

We will need:

  • Plum - 0.5 kg (weight indicated without stones)
  • Sugar - 0.250 g
  • Peanuts - 100 g
  • Butter - 50 g
  • Natural cocoa powder in a pack - 35 g


1. Start the job by washing the fruit thoroughly, removing it from the inside of the stone.

2After that, take a meat grinder or blender and make a puree or mushy mix, so to speak.

3. Now place such a plum jam in a multicooker cup or place it on the stove. If you are using a slow cooker, then select the Quenching mode and cook for 20 minutes, and if the cooker is cooking, then also cook about 20 minutes after active boiling.

In the meantime, sterilize the dishes into which you will fold the blanks.

4. Take a cup and pour sugar and cocoa powder into it. Stir. Grind the nuts are not very fine, but not large.

5. As soon as the multi-device starts ringing, open the lid, pour out the chocolate mixture and do not stop stirring until the consistency is even. Then again in the Quench mode, cook for 5 minutes (or do this procedure on the stove).

After the right time, throw in the ground nuts and stir.

6. Next, add a piece of butter at room temperature. That it will give some fat in this dish and that special consistency, for which all are chasing. Stir and wait for it to melt completely. Place in clean jars and cover with lids.

7. Keep this beauty strictly in the fridge, for a long time you will not have it there, eat faster than you think!

How to cook plum jam with orange

Subtracted one variantik with the addition of citrus, I wanted to make the berries remain intact, well, this is not possible to achieve, as I understood. I did not find anything like it.

A feature of this recipe is that it will drain the drain, that is, it will be no skin.

An orange is taken here, from which pulp and zest will be needed. Imagine how it will be fragrant and cool.

We will need:

  • plum - 1000 g
  • orange - 1 pc.
  • sugar - 1000 g


1. Wash the plums well and then remove the skin from it along with the bones.

2. Pour boiling water over the orange, and then rub the zest on a fine grater.

3. Chop the orange flesh into small pieces, and remove those white streaks that are always removed.

4. Combine all obtained ingredients in one container, add granulated sugar and leave for 1-2 hours before extracting the juice.

5. Next, put the pan on the stove, select the maximum fire and simmer until active stirring, then select the average mode of the stove and continue cooking for 15 minutes. Turn off and leave to stand and then until the mass cools completely.

Cook in 2 steps, that is, after the jam has cooled, again put on the stove and cook for 15 minutes, after boiling over medium heat.

6. And immediately in the not yet cooled form distribute in jars, twist the lids.Do not forget to remove the foam if necessary. Successes in new beginnings!

A simple jam recipe for the lazy mistress

Well, at home, the cooking process is not so complicated, but it often causes doubt and resentment, but suddenly something and it will not work. In such a case there is an option that will help out. It was created specifically for those who do not like culinary business, but still wants to please their loved ones and relatives.

I suggest to cook the berries in sugar syrup. It will come out very cool, you will get as if caramel, in which real “beauty” bathes. Isn't it the original feed?

I'm shocked! And most importantly, this masterpiece is prepared in the oven, and not on the stove or pan.

We will need:

  • plum or cherry plum - 0.5 kg
  • granulated sugar - 6-7 tbsp
  • vegetable oil - 2 tbsp


1. So, take the berries, fold back too soft and unsuitable for nutritional fruits. Wash and chop into halves, removing the bones.

Pour odorless vegetable oil into a ceramic mold. And then sprinkle it with a thin layer of sugar. Then put the halves of plums, sandpaper down. And powder with sugar again.

2Now put the mold in the oven and bake for 40 minutes, the temperature should be 180 degrees.

3. Next, take a clean jar and lay out carefully received dessert. Place the container on the cooled leaf and re-cast into the oven for 10 minutes. Put the lid on top of the jar, but not tightly.

3. After pull out and close tightly the workpiece. Wrap a blanket under it, let it cool completely and after 24 hours, take it to the cellar.

Jam of plums without stones, cooked at home

Well, in conclusion, I want to please you with another video from the YouTube channel. Perhaps you want to please your friendly little family with confiture from plums. Well, with this instruction, you will definitely succeed.

On this I have everything, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you understand that it is very easy to prepare jam from plums, and most importantly, any newcomer can cope with this task. Boil it without stones, because it is, all the same, safer, and you don’t need to worry that acid is released, which can only harm health. Well, if you still do not want it, then expect my next new article on this topic.

Good luck to everyone and see you soon! Be in time, because soon ... the bitter cold will come.

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