Pillow Mattress

Posted by26.04.2017

If your child likes to watch cartoons, sitting on the floor, this master class is exactly for you. We will do with our own hands a mattress of pillows. It takes very little time and will require a minimum of effort. When the crafts will be ready, you yourself will not mind making yourself such a sunbed - it is very convenient to roll on it! And no less important - it can be twisted and out of sight, when it is needed.


To make a soft mattress, you will need:

  • 4 pillowcases (if you make for a small child - take less, for yourself - more, think for yourself)
  • synthetic winterizer or old pillows then)


How to make a mattress?

We sew pillowcases so that their holes are on one side (side). Now we take our filler and insert into the pillow cases. For fidelity, you can sew inside buttons, but this is not necessary.


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