Pictures of the new Audi A5 2017 model year hit the net

The authoritative edition of Worldcarfan managed to capture the latest brainchild of the German manufacturer during test rides near the city of Nürburgring. Talk about a new model.Audi A5 2017 model year.

The new generation of this car is designed on a similar platform as the last modification of the Audi A4,

Interior decoration of a new car

In the photospies, you can see that the novelty borrows the design of the central tunnel and the front panel from the latest generation Audi A4. The photos clearly show that the prototype has a similar instrument panel.

The serial Audi A5 will optionally have a fully digital dashboard, which was first introduced on the TT and A4 family. In general, we can say that the 2017 A5 will acquire a more high-class interior with many aspects of improvement in the field of comfort and ergonomics.

Exterior design

Photo of new audi a5 2017

The appearance of the car looks graceful and memorable.An unusual grille in tandem with narrow swept LED headlamps give the car an aggressive and purposeful look.

The body of the novelty looks very large, which adds to the already impressive car of seriousness and originality. The wings will get more curvaceous with characteristic lines, curving up above the wheel arches to the intersection with the taillights. The sides of the body are made in a wider sporting form. In addition, external rear-view mirrors will change their location, migrated to the door.

spy photos of the new Audi A5 2017

The car has a smooth roofline and an impressive rear end with an aerodynamic, very neat spoiler built into the roof of the luggage compartment. Elegant lines, streamlined shapes, modern design - the exterior of the Audi A5 2017 will long be remembered by all motorists.

Technical features of the new coupe from Audi

The power line of the new two-door car will be fully borrowed from the Audi A4. And these are petrol and diesel power units, the peak power of which will begin with 150 hp, and the maximum one can reach as much as 249 hp.Whereas the “charged” car model, the S5 version, will acquire a three-liter power unit, whose power reaches 354 hp.

when will the new Audi a5

There is currently no other information regarding the Audi 2017 model year. While it can be said that the car has already made unforgettable impressions with its graceful appearance, and the new information on a high-tech modern interior only adds interest to the model. Most likely this new product will be very popular. A survey conducted on one of the Internet resources has already confirmed this - many want to get this car.

audi a5 update and restyling

I would like to remind you that the new modification of the Audi A4 was introduced this summer. The car is designed on an improved platform MLB, which was also used for A4 and A5 past modifications. In addition to this, due to the lightweight materials used in the construction of the car body, it became lighter by as much as 120 kg. The cost of the fresh "four" was announced a month ago.

Price New

There is no exact information from the officials yet, but according to the suppositions of auto fans, the eponymous sedan will be valued at 1,870,000 rubles, and the wagon version will receive a price tag of 1,950,000 rubles.The "hottest" modifications with the most powerful motor in 249 hp were estimated at 2,485,000 rubles and 2,565,000 rubles, respectively.

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Pictures of the new Audi A5 2017 model year hit the net 60

Pictures of the new Audi A5 2017 model year hit the net 67

Pictures of the new Audi A5 2017 model year hit the net 13

Pictures of the new Audi A5 2017 model year hit the net 4

Pictures of the new Audi A5 2017 model year hit the net 54