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Good day! It is much more difficult and more dangerous to fly a helicopter than any other means of transportation, which makes this work the lot of the chosen ones. It is accepted to celebrate the Day of the helicopter pilot on December 13, since it was on this day 6 years ago that the tradition to celebrate their belonging to a unique profession was born spontaneously. The fact that among the officially approved holiday dates the Day of the helicopter pilot does not appear and this day is not a holiday, does not detract from its significance and importance for those who feel confident at the helm and hopelessly in love with the sky.

It is obvious that very soon the Day of the helicopter pilot will be declared a full holiday, but for now it is difficult to find a better reason to express admiration for their friends and relatives with their unusual vocation and surround them with warmth and love. The heroes of the day themselves already have many traditions regarding the ways of organizing leisure on a professional holiday. Each crew notes in its own way, but for each of them this event is significant,therefore, it is impossible to deprive the sky heroes of attention in any way, especially since finding sincere and relevant words for congratulations is not so difficult.

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Happy helicopter. I wish you good health and your steel bird, I wish you great opportunities both in the sky and on the ground. Let the airspace open up new horizons of hope and dreams for you, let happiness, love and luck always be present in the vastness of life.

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