Audi A1 2018

The A1 is a subcompact front wheel drive passenger car that Audi first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in the spring of 2010. In the autumn of the same year began selling a small car. It was originally produced in the version of the three-door hatchback. In 2011, the production of the five-door version of the Audi A1 in the hatchback body was started. The model was restyled in 2014 and the release of the three-door version stopped in the same year.

The car, according to customer reviews, has the following main advantages:

  1. Custom design.
  2. High reliability.
  3. Good handling.
  4. Comfortable lounge.
  5. Low fuel consumption.

Premiere Audi A1 2018

Considering that A1 is in stable demand in the market, and also a fairly long time by modern automobile standards since the restyling, Audi announced the decision to release a new second generation Audi A1 from 2018.


New design Audi A1 2018

The company has already launched a new version of the car for road tests, which allows it to draw the following conclusions about changes in the exterior image of the 2018 Audi A1: based on photos presented by some automotive publications with test data:

  1. Increased wheelbase.
  2. New geometric design of the head light equipment.
  3. Modified, which became more rounded relief body.
  4. Powerful wheel arches.
  5. Increased tilt rear racks.
  6. The rounded shape of the grille.
  7. The updated design of the rear light with decorative black inserts.
  8. Use of interesting figured vyshtampovok on the tailgate.
Rear bumper Audi A1 2018Exterior of the Audi A1 2018Live photos Rear bumper Audi A1 2018

All the changes that were made allowed us to make the external image of the car more dynamic and expressive, but at the same time preserve the corporate identity of Audi cars.



In the design of the interior of the new car should note the following points:

  • used for finishing high-quality materials; having various shades of firm gray color;
  • The instrument panel is made of high-quality plastic using a large number of decorative inserts made of polished aluminum;
  • there is a special increased visor just above the instrument panel to protect readings and information from bright light;
  • The arrow indicators of the speedometer and tachometer data have a large rounded shape;
  • multifunctional compact steering wheel is made in three-spoke version;
  • the multimedia and navigation systems screen mounted on the center console for viewing is pushed up;
Audi A1 2018 MultimediaSteering wheel Audi A1 2018
Salon Audi A1 2018Door cards Audi A1 2018

In the standard version, the compact car comes with two seats for the rear passengers. Triple full-size back row is provided only as an option.

Specifications Audi A1 2018

The most important change made in the second version of the Audi A1 should be considered the use of the new compact platform MQB A0. Its use has allowed to increase the size of the car.

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