Perfume "Gucci Magnolia": a description of the fragrance, reviews

The assortment of perfume is so rich that sometimesit is difficult to make a choice and find something that can really surprise even the most demanding buyer. After all, the modern world dictates its own rules, according to which it is not enough to have one's own style, - it is necessary to possess a tangle of aromas that favorably accentuate the whole image. At such times, famous fashion houses come to the rescue, offering perfume collections that emphasize the individuality of their possessor.

The Gucci brand concept

Any designer who decided to launch his owncollection of fragrances, chooses one direction in which he will work. This method of planning will help not only to promote the spirit of the brand and the concept of the brand, but also to become a symbol of the company.

perfume gucci magnolia

For example, to buy the perfume "Gucci Magnolia" isIt means touching luxury, which has a certain severity. Perfume composition captivates and fascinates, the fragrance of flowers reminds its owner of restraint, and oriental notes bring characteristic sweetness, which is the trademark of the brand.

How it all began

The flora of Flora by Gucci was released in 2009. The creative director of the brand, Frida Giannini, worked on the creation of the package and directly the perfume itself. Inspiration was the floral ornament, formerly invented for the exquisite scarf of the Queen of Monaco. The cult ornament was so loved by all fell in love that it was decided to transfer it not only to designer things, but also to the perfume activity of the Fashion House. It is thanks to the silk handkerchief belonging to the Queen of Monaco, the whole world enjoys the exquisite flavor of Flora by Gucci.

gucci magnolia fragrance description

A few words about the Flora Garden Collection

With a new collection of the famous brand, connoisseursPerfumas met in the beginning of spring 2012. Flora Garden Collection became a symbol of the summer season, where each fragrance was dedicated to a certain fruit and flower.

The notes of white gardenia are played in the spirits of Gorgeus Gardenia. The perfume composition with a light train of brown sugar combines notes of red jasmine and juicy ripe pear.

All the tenderness of violets and sonorous chords of tuberose withpeach absorbed perfume composition Gracius Tuberose. Sensuality of aroma is determined by calm notes of cedar and cirrus. Perfume is created for girls who are accustomed to doing conscious actions.

gucci flora magnolia reviews

The next fragrance under the fashionable name GlamorousMagnolia (perfume Gucci "Flora Magnolia" in addition to the main flower component in the composition there are black chocolate, a light train of fresh foliage and citrus notes.The name speaks for itself: the fragrance is intended for flirtatious ladies so seductive sex.

Through line in the heart of the song GenerousViolet stands the violet. The fragrance proves that this tender flower is not so modest as it seems at first glance. Only a real lady can become the owner of a "violet extravaganza" from Gucci.

Finally, the collection ended with the fragranceGlorious Mandarin. The composition absorbed the freshness of the pin of the collada and mandarin, and as a supplement there are creamy woody notes and voluptuous musk. Judging by the set of components, the only possessor of perfume composition can be only a beauty, which everyone regards as the soul of the company.

Briefly about Glamorous Magnolia from the manufacturer

The fragrance of "Gucci Magnolia" is a kind of dedication tothe coming of one of the beautiful seasons of the year - spring. It is during this period that not only feelings awaken, but also renewal and transformation occur. The perfume composition from the Fashion House invites its owner to walk through the spring garden, inhale the fragrance of flowers and succumb to their charm. Only one application of "Gucci Flora Magnolia" (the reviews confirm this) and the girl wakes up infinite sensuality, charm and elegant elegance. The basis of the fragrant masterpiece is concluded by the presence of the magnolia, intoxicating with its tenderness. And to emphasize the elegance of the flower in the perfume composition help dark chocolate, notes of freesia, peony, sandalwood and voluptuous oriental musk, without which recently there is not a single flower perfume.


When creating the package, it was decided to abandon thepretentiousness and unusualness, since the true ornament is the content. The designers limited the bottle to a hexagonal shape, a small label with the inscription Flora by Gucci. The main and only highlight of the design was a black flirty bow with golden tassels at the ends. Compensates the simplicity of the bottle with the legendary floral ornament that adorns the inside of the perfume box.

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Gucci Magnolia: description of the fragrance

Gucci Flora by Gucci Glamorous Magnolia - byright can be called one of the priceless creations of the art of perfume, concluded in a surprisingly simple but elegant bottle. Released in 2012, the "Gucci Magnolia" perfume is a reflection of a certain facet of unpredictable female character.

Gucci Flora by Gucci Glamorous Magnolia isfirst of all the charm, and the charm of the perfume composition is in the presence of a snow-white flower with a delicate, delicate and refined aroma. In the upper notes against the background of green notes, freshness of citrus and freesia is felt. In the heart are a peony with magnolia, which interlace with the first flower, create a feeling of velvet, enveloping the skin of its owner. Finally, the basic notes of sandalwood and musk on the background of dark chocolate acquire a very surprising sound, which subsequently makes the entire perfume composition feminine and sensual.

gucci magnolia reviews

The precious fragrant essence has slightlypistachio shade and is enclosed in an elongated hexagonal transparent vial capped with a cap. Despite the simplicity of decoration, the elegance of the package adds a black lace, tied in a bow with golden tassels at the end.

On a note

The process of creating fragrances required making themindividual, but at the same time preserve the concept of the entire garden collection. The main idea was that every perfume composition should be a reflection of a certain aspect of the same woman.

The flora of Flora by Gucci was aimed at a vibrant and youthful audience, compared to the previous spirits of the brand Gucci by Gucci (Gucci by Gucci).

"Magnolia": consumer's opinions about the fragrance

What is the woman's opinion about the aroma of "Gucci Magnolia"? The comments of the fair sex left on thematic forums are exceptionally positive. The buyers named it a perfect day option for office, study and a pleasant walk in the hot summer season.

Gucci Magnolia flora

However, this same collection topped the listsevening perfumes, designed for special occasions. Maybe it's the ingredients? After all, when it comes to women's fragrances, win-win options always become floral notes.

Some customers mistakenly call itFlora by Gucci, but this does not prevent the search engines from finding the desired result. This effect is primarily due to the popularity of both brand and perfume.

A pleasant property of spirits, in the opinion ofbecame their steadfastness. To enjoy the pleasant aroma of floral stitch it is enough to apply perfume in the morning. In addition to the collection, the fashion house produced a series of deodorants with the same names.

Where to buy and the cost

You can buy the aroma "Gucci Magnolia" in specialized perfume shops (cosmetics department), through the Internet and directly on the official website of the "Fashion House".

The cost of perfume depends on the volume of the bottle:

  • miniature toilet water with a face value of 5 ml - from 920 rubles;
  • a bottle of 30 ml volume - from 2 690 rubles;
  • tester 100 ml - from 3 800 rubles.


Variety of "garden collection" from the fashion house"Gucci", only complicates the choice of the right flavor: it is very difficult to find the best from the first time. In addition, given the minimum volume of the bottle (30 ml) and its cost, the purchase process is associated with considerable financial costs, so not every girl can acquire a liked scent.

gucci magnolia

The smell is peculiar to change and open during the day and buying immediately a large bottle there is a risk of serious disappointment in the fragrance. Therefore, it is more practical to purchase probes.

To facilitate the choice of fragrances, Fashion House created a mini-set of 5 fragrances present in the "garden collection". The volume of each product is 5 ml.

At last

The collection of "garden" for today includes 8 differentaromas, combining only one: soft floral motifs of the first composition Flora by Gucci. Each perfume takes its owner to beautiful gardens, where it is waited with exquisite flowers and fruits of Gucci: magnolia, violet, gardenia, mandarin and tuberose. Walk through the spring gardens, tear your fragrant snow-white flower, weave it into your hair - and enjoy its fragrance throughout the day.

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