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People focus less on their mistakes!

Oh, these questions, starting with the word "Why" ... PWhy is there always not enough money? Why income fell? Why is the relationship not going well? Why does this happen to me? Why? Do you also ask yourself these questions from time to time?

If rarely, then it is quite normal for a reasonable person..And if every day, then you lose a lot of energy in vain. A person, of course, must consciously relate to life, but try to do it without fanaticism. Otherwise it is very easy to bring yourself to depression.

Watching people, sometimes you see that a person is actively achieving something, working energetically, and then suddenly he has a kind of short circuit on the question “Why?”. And he begins to crumble, and the number of “Why” questions increases markedly.

The most annoying is if you spoil the mood on Friday ... Then you try to get rid of this situation all weekend, it does not always work out.Maybe that's why at the end of the week people drink, starting on Friday evening? Trying to discard some of the "Why" questions that have accumulated during the week?

People with less zeal focus on your mistakes! From the height of my age, I already know for sure thatit's better to think about the good so that life does not roll down. If you have not been taught by your parents to notice small pleasures, learn yourself! Nothing wrong.

You will agree that it will be worse to live and notice mainly the shortcomings of life. Knowing a mistake does not guarantee us that we will avoid it in the future. For life, there will always be misses, painful moments, but a lot of happy moments will be accumulated!

There are many small joys in life!

For example, I do not like to wash dishes. You too? Know what you can do? To think that literally in 10 minutes the kitchen will be what I want it to be. This morning it happened even before 10 minutes ...

And someone took and came up with a dishwasher, so as not to spoil the mood for himself and his wife. And he no longer asks the question "Why should I wash this dish?" And does not see the disgruntled face of his wife. Of course, if she forgot all previous dirty moments and mentally does not return to them ...

Negative past can spoil the present very much.Some live all their lives past mistakes and offenses. Life goes on, but the person remains in the past ... He is trying to correct the mistake, to answer the next question “Why?”.

Fortunately, I am an extrovert and I have the most severe depression usually lasting 3 days.Then I just take a shower with good pressure and massage effect and force myself to leave the entrance of my house ...And there, like any woman, I begin to think about my gait, look at the sky, greenery, people and dogs ... Meeting people and dogs, going towards, coming up with the story of their life, I quickly get distracted.

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