Pension in 2017 for working pensioners

The pension system is the most pressing, topical and controversial topic over the past few years. Throughout its history, Russia has already experienced several pension reforms, which are becoming tougher and tougher every year.

Until now, we can observe an acute shortage of funding for this system, which affects the amount of payments to retired people. Therefore, the government wants to introduce another cardinal decision - to cancelpensions for working pensioners in 2017.

Characteristics of the pension system of the Russian Federation

The current pension system does not live its best times. Comparing deductions from wages, the Pension Fund of Russia is obliged to pay decent material support to people who have lost their ability to work.

Starting from January 2002, the pension system was affected by the reform, within which it was supposed to “move away” from the principles of distribution to methods of accumulation.Now all pensions can be divided into two categories: state and labor.

Labor pensioninvolves the accumulation of funds throughout the work. Every Russian has a special insurance savings account.

State pensioncreated to ensure that citizens who for some reason could not participate in the cumulative process, receive benefits after disability. This is such a category of citizens as persons with disabilities and military personnel.

Law on the abolition of pensions for working pensioners

Social security has enough difficulties; it is possible to attribute to them the lack of funding for payments and timely indexing of pensions that are required to ensure the lives of citizens of the Russian Federation. The reason for this was the widespread use of "gray" wages, as well as the low level of employment of the population.

payment of pensions to working pensioners 2017At the moment, the state is trying to find ways to optimize the pension system and find a single solution that will help save on social benefits. More than once tried to increase the retirement age, as well as to cancel the additional support of working persons.

The Ministry of Labor of Russia has more than once discussed the idea of ​​suspending pension payments to retired persons but continuing to work.

Starting in 2015, with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Finance, the officials undertook to create a corresponding bill.

It is planned to monitor the size of payments of labor incomes of citizens who have reached retirement age at the expense of amendments to the legislation regarding the reporting of employers to the Pension Fund.

It may happen that the data will be transferred to the Pension Fund not every quarter, as it happens now, but monthly. Naturally, this approach will negatively affect the work of organizations and individual entrepreneurs, because the burden with such reporting will increase significantly.

But these forced measures will allow monitoring of income in order to understand when to suspend the payment of pensions. However, if it is established that the number of pensioners whose income exceeds the allowed limit is not so great, the new rules for submitting reports to the Pension Fund will affect all economic entities, while the costs of implementing this project will increase.

Pension payments to working pensioners

Pensions in RussiaCurrently there are no restrictions on the payment of pensions. Each participant in the process receives them, even those who are still working. Such citizens are also entitled to rely on the annual pension allowance, which is obtained through employer contributions, while all their pension accruals are saved.

Of course, if informal employment is practiced, no indexation is required for such an employee. In the near future it is planned to recalculate (automatic) payments for working pensioners, taking into account years of seniority. This increase is purely individual and depends on the performance of a single person.

Future pensions

pension reform 2017The difficult economic situation in the country, the required optimization of budget funds, as well as the growth in the number of disabled citizens obliges the government to look for unpopular methods to solve problems with social benefits.

Most likely, in 2017, they will stop paying pensions to those who work, being already retired.Such innovations are expected to affect those whose annual income exceeds more than 1 million rubles.It should be noted that this is a fairly small category of citizens, so the main category of citizens can breathe easy - the bill will not affect them.

[Quote] According to preliminary data, the pension for working pensioners will be canceled from 220 thousand people, with a total availability of about 40 million people of retirement age. This is slightly less than 1%. [/ Quote]

In addition, the country's leadership has repeatedly returned to the issue of raising the retirement age. At the moment, men go on a well-deserved rest at 60, and women at 55. So far this idea has not found a zealous support, but lawmakers do not miss the opportunity to constantly return to it.

Will the planned measures be productive, and how long they will last, we will be able to find out after a while. The only thing I would like to talk about is the moral responsibility of those employers who do not pay insurance premiums in full.

Because of this, most workers lose the opportunity to receive decent retirement benefits in the future.

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