Payment card "Mir": owner reviews, features and services

At the end of 2015, our country startedthe first national payment system "Mir". The operator serving it is JSC "National payment card system". It was developed in order to create an independent system of money transfers inside and outside the country in the near future. To date, all major banks issue a "Mir" card and serve customers on a par with other world renowned monetary systems. Today we will consider not only how this system works and what its differences are at the moment from others, but also learn about the "World" map.

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How the National Card Works

Advantage of the national payment system inthat it does not depend on economic and political factors, and nothing can affect its functioning. Among the shortcomings, it can be noted that this system is just beginning to work, and it takes time to develop its potential. How does the "Mir" map work and what are its goals?

  1. It is developed by Russian technology and meets international safety standards. It has a chip that protects it from copying and other fraudulent activities.
  2. It is possible to make transfers using the national operator.
  3. Independence of the country's payment space from foreign organizations.
  4. You can get a card free of charge in 73 Russian banks. But the service is chargeable, according to the tariffs of the bank in which it is issued.
  5. The "Mir" card is accepted for payment in all organizations with a cash turnover of over 40 million rubles. For example, "Auchan", Metro, "Carousel", "Lenta", fast food restaurants, etc.
  6. This card functions only in the territory of the Russian Federation. To go abroad, you need to issue a "Mir-Maestro" card or another co-baiting card of the joint two systems.
  7. Security payments in online resources and online points.payment card world reviews

The opinion of the card holders "Mir"

It is safe to say that the reviews ofthe payment card "Mir" is all positive. Many users of the national translation system first encountered it, when the employer expressed an intention to transfer wages to this card. Since more than 70 Russian banks cooperate with it, no potential holders of fears arose.

Like everything new, I always want to experience in business andcheck efficiency. The "Mir" card did not have any problems with money transfers, replenishment of a mobile phone account, payment in an online store and grocery supermarkets. Reviews about the bank card "Mir" as a domestic product, cause a sense of patriotism and pride for the country, as it is not inferior in its functionality to Visa, MasterCard, Maestro.

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For people who are active in theInternet (shopping, work) is also important, how safe will translations be. When making money transfers, there were no delays or hangs of the system. Thus, the feedback from the users of the Mir card is positive.

The bonus system of the map "Mir"

For maximum development of the functional uattractiveness of the map the country's population developed a bonus program "World". It consists in the fact that when making payments from the partners of the payment system, the cardholder is credited with points or miles, which he can then apply at his own discretion. According to reviews, users of the map "Mir" noted that the bonus system attracts, but how to use it is not yet clear.

In which case will the "Mir" card not be able to work

As is known, the national payment systemonly plans to enter the world market. To now go abroad, you need to issue a co-baiting card "Mir", since in a simple format, as it is now, it will not work. When it is issued in any bank, an employee will be obliged to warn you about it. Therefore, there are no reviews of the "Mir" card from holders who made payments abroad.

It was noted from the shortcomings that the distribution of the payment system is not as widespread as that of its global competitors. Therefore, in small organizations you can refuse to maintain it.

Bank VTB24 is a participant of the national translation system

This is one of the first Russian banks, which beganissue of the national card. And its release implied at once 4 options: classical, gold, platinum and "Privilege". These cards are available for use both in free form and on a salary project. "VTB24" offers the population the emission of the "Mir" card for use both inside the state and outside it in the form of co-baiting.

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The management of the bank shared its plans forissue of a card. Beginning from the end of October to the end of December 2016, about 350,000 cards were planned for the organizations of budgetary industries, and by 2018 the volume of the annual output is expected to be around 1,400,000. Card service is possible in all ATMs of the bank and its partners, where there is a sticker "Mir".

Reviews about the card of the "Mir" payment system

The work of the map "Mir", regardless offinancial institution ("VTB24", Sberbank, "Alfa-Bank", etc.) does not influence the choice of the bank itself. Accordingly, reviews about the "Mir" map of one bank are practically the same as responses to cards issued by another financial institution. The difference will only be in the nuances of serving the population. All settlement operations are carried out on a par with other similar systems. And to meet the response about the map "World" as a card that works worse than MasterCard, for example, it is impossible.

Many are of the opinion that the translationpensioners and employees of budget-funded organizations is necessarily nothing more than a way to distribute as much as possible the national payment system. Someone perceives "coercion" negatively, but someone is neutral. But the feedback of the users of cards "Mir" is not reflected in any way.

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It's nice to note that this is the first nationala system that not only loudly declared itself, but also justifies expectations, as was originally promised by the Russian president. It also seeks to take the position of a global money transfer operator. This was noted by the majority of users in the reviews about the "Mir" payment card.

"Map of the World" from "VTB24"

VTB24 has developed a plastic card based onpayment system Visa. It is designed for citizens who often travel by plane or train. Depending on the type of transport (airplane or train), there is a specific card where after making a ticket purchase you are credited with miles. Also, when booking a hotel ticket, you will receive a bonus as a traveler. The advantage of this card is that it is issued free of charge (annual maintenance is paid), free travel insurance is provided for the entire period of validity of credit obligations on the card.

This is a card that allows not only replenishaccount, but also take a loan from "VTB24". A grace period (up to 50 days) is offered, as with most similar products, which provides additional comfort to the bonus in the form of miles.

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Reviews of holders of "Maps of the World" from "VTB24"

According to reviews of the "Map of the World" ("VTB"),a negative impression about charging miles for purchases. Tariff users complain that the bank neglects the fulfillment of the conditions for the accrual of points, since it refers to the unscrupulous fulfillment of the conditions for using the card. When providing documents on making transfers, in accordance with the current "Map of the World" program, the response was never received by the applicant. Similar moments are found regularly in the responses of the holders of this card.

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