Parquet adhesive

Glue for parquet. Treat the most qualitative, attractive and reliable floor coverings -parquet flooringparquet boards. A quality coating is able to serve more than fifty without losing its original attractive appearance.


Competent selection of glue

Nowbuy gluefor gluing parquet is not difficult, in the shops of building materials provided 3 main groups of adhesive compositions forlaying parquet.

  1. The adhesive dispersion composition, although it contains a significant amount of water, but has many advantages: ecological purity, does not have a specific smell of synthetics, dries quickly within 24 hours. It is used only for the installation of parquet made of moisture-resistant wood - larch, oak, etc. In addition, the dispersion adhesive is used for laying parquet of small dimensions, provided that a moisture-resistant plywood substrate is installed.


    Synthetic glue

  2. Synthetic glue - has great strength, excellent elasticity and high reliability, is used for sticking parquet,parquet boards from almost any wood. The disadvantages of synthetic glue with the presence of a solvent are its toxic properties. It is necessary to work with such adhesives in a special protective mask, since its fumes often cause allergies in people. Full drying of synthetic glue and weathering odor occurs no earlier than after 5 days.
  3. Polyurethane adhesive, compiled on the basis of polyurethane substances, is produced as a one-component, andtwo-component adhesive. The one-component composition is immediately ready for use, has great strength, elasticity, has no shrink properties, is safe to use. A full drying time of at least 4 days.
klej-dlya-parketa-8765434567Two-component polyurethane adhesive

Two componentpolyurethane adhesivefor parquet is best suited for the sticker products with any type of wood. Before using this glue, a special hardener is added to the composition, which increases strength and adhesion to the materials being glued. Clay is preferably prepared in small portions, as it dries quickly, within 35-45 minutes you need to develop a prepared composition.

Choosing glue for laying parquet do not try to save money, the life of the flooring and its durability depend on its quality.

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