Paper pompons

Posted by10.06.2017

If you need to beautifully complete the gift wrapping, quickly decorate a festive table or make a lot of decorations for a children's holiday, then this idea for decor will definitely appeal to you. For making beautiful paper pompons you need a minimum of time and materials.

paper pompons

The basis of the accessory is paper sheets (you can also use mica for gift wrapping or ordinary paper napkins). We will fasten our paper pompons with ordinary wire or even with a stapler, and we will decorate it with the help of a satin ribbon.

How to make pompons?

First, we put several identical sheets of paper on top of each other and fold them with an accordion. Then mark the middle and intercept it with a wire (or bracket for a stapler). In the center of the attachment we place a small satin ribbon. Then take the scissors and sharpen or round the edges of the crafts.
Now we need a paper cutter to cut our former harmonica into layers. Straighten all the layers and form a beautiful ball. With the help of the ribbon, we tie our paper pompon to the gift box or package.

You can arrange decorations on a festive table or put them on an empty plate before the arrival of guests, so that the dishes look elegant. Such bows can be decorated with the whole apartment, if a children's celebration is planned.

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