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May 22, 2018

A plant that has an original appearance due to the coloring of its leaves. It has about eight hundred species. Another name for the plant is hare cabbage. The leaves of the plant have a very interesting structure: on a long petiole there are 3 or 4 parts of a leaf lying in the same plane. Also there are species in which the leaves are divided into 6, 8 or 9 parts. A distinctive feature of Kislitsy is that these leaves can fold in the rain or in bright sunlight. The plant prefers slightly acidic peatlands with high humidity and penumbra. Under favorable conditions, the plant, which is essentially a ground cover, is rapidly growing and occupies the entire possible area, therefore it is recommended to choose a larger pot for it.

Oxygen - home care photo

Types of Kislitsy

The most famous triangular or, as it is also called,purple acid. It has a lilac shade of leaves, and flowers have a pale pink color.This plant is short and is grown both in gardens and at home on a windowsill. The main distinguishing feature is that at nightfall or before bad weather it closes. At such a moment it seems that hundreds of butterflies are sitting on the plant. And in the afternoon the flower spreads the leaves. Similarly, in the garden and on the windowsill, four leaf oxides can be grown. Sheets are divided into four parts. They are green and dark red in the middle. The flowers are bright scarlet. Its appearance resembles a clover, only a quatrefoil, the one that brings happiness.

Another view isred ox. The leaves resemble her clover, and the flowers are large, separately located. Bowery's Ox, it is a rather capricious flower that is very afraid of the cold. The flowers have a pale lilac color.

The next view ismulberryIt is known for its not ordinary flowers with white stripes.

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Tart care

This houseplant requires careful maintenance. At home, it should be placed in lighted areas, but so that the sun's rays do not fall directly on it. In the summer for her the most optimal, is the temperature of about 25 degrees, and in winter not less than eighteen.



Kislitsa loves moisture, but it must be ensured that the water does not stagnate in the pot, because of this the roots can rot. In the fall, it is watered much less frequently, and in winter, one can say it is not watered at all, it only slightly moistens the soil. In the summer, if it is very hot, then the sour face is sprayed with boiled water. In winter, it is strictly contraindicated.

Oxygen - home care photo

Rest period for acidic


Oxygen in winter falls into a period of rest. After it blooms, leaves can fly around with it, then you need to reduce watering and place it in a cool room. Lithuania may not fly around, but the plant stops growing, this also means that it needs to rest. The rest period ends when new branches and sprouts appear. Then the plant needs to be transplanted.

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