Osram LED lamps: reviews, advantages and disadvantages, comparison with other manufacturers

The boom in LED lighting has brought many small and unscrupulous players to the market. Therefore, now it is better to buy only products of famous brands.

By purchasing Osram LED lamps, people get a quality product from a German company with a century-long history in the field of lighting.

Can you trust Osram?

The very first incandescent lamp called Osram began to be produced in Germany in 1906.

One of the owners of the factories for their production has always remained the concern Siemens, which currently owns 17% of the shares.

Shares of manufacturers of LED-lamps on the market
The reliability of Osram’s products has come to the attention of fraudsters who have begun to produce counterfeit products that mimic the original with drastically reduced quality.

Osram AG shares the world palm in lighting production with Philips.Its product range consists of the following devices:

  • energy-saving fluorescent and LED-lamps;
  • electromagnetic ballasts;
  • projection lamps;
  • high power LEDs;
  • fixtures;
  • car lamps;
  • optics for displays;
  • sensors for the automotive industry;
  • lighting control systems;
  • endoscopic devices and so on.

The best indicator of product reliability is the level of consumer demand. Osram LED lamps keep the bar of world leadership not due to the lack of competition or marketing, but due to the maintenance of high standards in the production of lighting devices.

The company not only manufactures competitive products, but is also the creator of trends in its field, investing a significant part of its profits in engineering.

An impressive part of the business of Osram is the production of LED lamps. Their advantage lies not so much in the excellent technical parameters, as in the correspondence of the declared characteristics to the actual ones. Osram LED lamps serve exactly the number of hours indicated on the packaging of a particular model.

LED lamp for car headlights
Replacing car headlights is recommended to be done on both sides at once, so that the same level of illumination is on the sides of the car.

It is possible to increase the reliability of lighting devices in the house, using lamps and LED-lamps of the same manufacturer. Osram company produces a full range of lighting equipment, ensuring maximum compatibility of its products according to electrical characteristics.

When buying LED lamps from this manufacturer, there is no doubt about their reliability. Products undergo strict European quality control on the production line, which allows them to sell only technically sound products to stores. In addition, all lamps are certified in the country of sale, which imposes on the manufacturer the responsibility for eliminating deficiencies or the exchange of defective goods.

Model range of LED products

Osram company produces LED products for both domestic and industrial consumers. Its LED lamps are used to organize the following types of lighting:

  • office and industrial;
  • apartment;
  • designer;
  • street;
  • car;
  • lighting commercial equipment;
  • Lighting entertainment and events: open parties, clubs, discos.

The work of the company at once in all industries where lighting is required, allows us to consolidate experience and continue to improve production technologies.

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Photos of
Osram LED lamps SURFACE-C series
Osram LED lamps SURFACE-C series
Osram nightlight with three LEDs
Osram nightlight with three LEDs
Suspended lamp Osram SILENTO
Suspended lamp Osram SILENTO
Cylindrical lamp Led Stixx
Cylindrical lamp Led Stixx

The latest developments in Osram LED products are:

  1. Osram LED Retrofits automotive LEDs, which use a thermal management system. It allows you to stabilize the temperature and voltage, while maintaining the level of light output.
  2. T8 Substitube tubular LED lamps with G13 base, supplied with a starter. Their resource in 50,000 hours allows you to shine continuously for 6 years.
  3. ORBEOS light panels on organic LEDs. They have the form of solid light-emitting surfaces based on multilayer structures.
  4. Powerful outdoor LED Golden Dragon Oval Plus with built-in silicone lenses that provide directional light with minimal diffusion.
  5. Outdoor Noxlite Led Spot lamps for outdoor lighting of buildings. The devices have built-in photo sensors, a rotatable lamp unit and a four-point lighting system.
  6. LEDs for external lighting Duris S5, which when heated to 120 ° C reduce the luminous flux by only 17%.

The examples provided by Osram's advanced LED technology confirm its leadership in the lighting industry.

When choosing LED-lamps to illuminate an apartment or house, it is recommended to give preference to technical innovations. The efficiency and resource of LEDs increase every year, so the latest models released are the most reliable.

Advantages and disadvantages of Osram

LED devices have many advantages, due to which they are gradually pushing out products based on old technologies from the market. Therefore, Osram has already abandoned the production of incandescent lamps and is gradually reducing the production of fluorescent lamps.

Osram LED lamp type E27
The service life of Osram lamps indicated on the packaging implies their irregular use within the stated number of working hours.

The main advantages of this company's products are as follows:

  1. Efficiency. Osram LED luminaires consume 10-11 times less electricity than similar incandescent bulbs.
  2. Durability. The period of continuous operation of Osram LEDs is calculated for years, and by the end of the working period, their efficiency decreases by only 10-15%.
  3. High efficiencyin comparison with analogs, which leads to a lower release of thermal energy and a decrease in heating of the electronic unit of the lamp during operation.
  4. Security. If Osram LED lamps are damaged, no dangerous sharp fragments are formed and no mercury or other dangerous substances are released into the air.
  5. Osram company produces for their lampscompatible dimmers, allowing to adjust the level of luminosity in an arbitrary mode.
  6. Light spectrum containsminimum ultraviolet and infrared radiation.
  7. Ability to operate inwide temperature range.
  8. Luminous panels opennew opportunities for designers and engineersinterior.
  9. Compact sizeby reducing the heating of the lamps.
  10. Choice of color temperaturewith other similar characteristics.
  11. Hardware tweakingwork LED-lamps under different voltage ranges.

Osram LED products, having a host of advantages, have minor drawbacks.

Backlight wiring diagram in the switch
Despite the greater resistance in the neon lighting circuit, users still notice the flashing of the LED-lamp when the switch is open

Regardless of the efforts of engineers, LED-lamps are not as versatile as we would like. Their main disadvantages, which have not yet been overcome, are:

  1. The relative high cost of production. Light-emitting diodes are more expensive than incandescent bulbs 4-5 times, while Osram products have a surcharge of 20-50% due to high quality performance.
  2. Frosted bulb disperses the light flux, reducing the brilliance of crystal chandeliers. However, filament lamps with a transparent body began to appear.
  3. Falling luminosity and reduced lifetime with regular overheating.
  4. Lamps may flicker unnoticed. This effect is not determined by the eye, but has a negative effect on the body.
  5. The single direction of single LEDs, which complicates the design, if necessary, to illuminate all the surrounding space.
  6. Flashing when connected to switches with indicator light.

Despite the disadvantages of LED-lamps, consumers continue to buy them instead of burnt light sources. A major role in the popularity of Osram LED lighting was played by the compatibility of their products with standard plinths and the size of old devices.

Reduced when using LEDs and user problems associated with frequent replacement of lamps.

Consumer reviews about lamps

Among Osram products are very popular automotive lamps, reviews of which are mostly positive. Users note good visibility during rain and a pleasant shade of light for the eyes. Although the life of the Osram lamps, according to motorists, differs little from xenon headlights.

Reviews Osram lamps
A distinctive feature of many reviews of Osram LED lamps is the lack of flaws that appear immediately after purchasing the product.

With regard to the operation of LED devices for domestic lighting, buyers note good luminosity, the absence of flicker and a large angle of distribution of the luminous flux. The disadvantages often include the price of products that are slightly higher than those of competitors from China.

Osram LED-lamps are not deprived of the main drawback of LED lighting - incompatibility with indicator switches. A lot of users mention this inconvenience in the comments.

Widely used switches with a diode are now confronting people with the choice between cutting off the backlight and comfortable use of LED-lamps.The only acceptable solution to the problem is buying devices with an LED, rather than a resistor indication.

Reviews motorists about lamps Osram
Incandescent bulbs on a newly purchased car should be immediately replaced with LED lights - this will protect the ride at night and reduce the driver's tension

Another problem buyers Osram LED lamps is the unfairness of sellers in terms of service. The manufacturer guarantees the operation of lamps for 3-5 years, and direct distributors of the goods often reduce this period to 1-2 years. This situation is unacceptable, so it is recommended to purchase Osram products in large networks that provide a full guarantee.

Thus, user preferences are on the side of the German company, and negative evaluations of products are mainly due to the general disadvantages of LEDs.

Comparing Osram with other manufacturers

The results of real testing and comparison of LED-lamps of various manufacturers are interesting. For motorists, the favorite topic is the competition between the two leaders - Osram and Philips. In most cases, users prefer the Dutch company, whose products are more durable and efficient.

Below is the test of automobile lamps Osram Night Breaker Plus (below) and Philips Blue Vision Ultra (above) with the same declared parameters.

LED car headlight test
It is necessary to test various car LED lamps on one car, because the luminosity assessment depends on the reflective properties of the internal elements of the headlights

A real comparison shows that the German manufacturer is inferior to its competitor in brightness and luminous intensity.

Comparison of the luminous flux of LED-lamps
The luminosity of LED-lamps is highly dependent on the parameters of the power grid, therefore at often low voltage it is recommended to use devices for its stabilization

When testing LED lamps of the same power, Philips is in the first place in terms of luminous flux, although Osram ranks second among the five largest manufacturers.

In another comparison, the German manufacturer demonstrates constancy in accordance with the stated characteristics of the actual.

Test the veracity of the stated characteristics
Test the veracity of the stated characteristics
When comparing LED-lamps, their cost also plays an important role, especially if the replacement of lighting is due to economic reasons.

Test results showOsram shares with Philips global leadership in the production of high-quality LED products. Each technological breakthrough takes one or another company to the first place.

Tough competition makes Osram improve its products, providing buyers with reliable LED lamps.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Survey videos on Osram LED lamps will make it possible to distinguish original products from fake ones and ensure the breadth of the company's range of LED lights.

LED ripple test:

How to distinguish fake Osram lamps:

Variety of Osram LED lamps:

The choice of LED lamps for domestic needs must be made only after a careful analysis of their reliability, because sometimes even expensive models do not meet the stated characteristics. Osram is committed to being honest. Its LED lamps are among the best in the world and fully justify the cost of their purchase.

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