Original recipes: how to cook lasagna

If you want to treat and please your family,then be sure to prepare for them a delicious and juicy Italian layered casserole - lasagna. Layers of dough, filling and sauce - that's the ingredients of this yummy. For sure, not all the housewives know how to make lasagna. The filling for lasagna can be very different - and meat, and mushroom, from seafood or sausage. All that is at hand, you can add to this tasty dish. The main thing is that you have enough cheese in the house.

In this lasagna there are nine layers, but in this case it turns out to be quite high, that's why four-layered lasagna is most often prepared, alternating the dough with the filling and sauce.

Before you cook lasagna, you shoulddecide: whether you will independently make a dough or buy in a store - the dough for lasagna is produced in plates, the length of which is about thirty centimeters, and the width - about ten. In addition, you can prepare it from sheet pita bread, which can also be bought at the store.

In the event that you buy a lasagna pastein the store, carefully read the instructions, as sometimes you need to boil the dough, and sometimes enough to soak it in the water immediately before cooking. To make lasagna, use mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese.

So, let's find out how to make lasagna fromlavash. First you need to decide which stuff we will use. In our case, it will be fried mushrooms, boiled chicken and cold boiled pork. Yes, and instead of mozzarella and parmesan, we will use the usual hard cheese and cheese.

Mine, we clean and cut into cubes champignons,fry them with onion in sunflower oil. Separately boil the chicken, cut the chicken into small pieces and mix with mushrooms. Add the boiled diced meat to the mixture. There are two options for making lasagna - with a mixed filling, or alternating fillings - chicken, mushrooms and boiled pork. Prepare the sauce. To do this, mix mayonnaise with ketchup and add extruded garlic cloves.

Before you cook lasagna, you needcut the sheets of lavash so that they fit in a baking sheet. Separately sliced ​​sweet peppers and tomatoes. Now put the first sheet of pita bread on the baking sheet, on top of it lay the fourth part of the mixture of mushrooms, boiled pork and chicken. If you want to lay out the filling with separate layers, then the first layer is laid mushrooms with onions. On top lay out a fourth of the sweet pepper and tomatoes, rub it with plain cheese and grease the sauce. On the next sheet of lavash we put again the mixed filling or chicken, if you want to make the filling unmixed. Tomatoes, pepper and sauce are laid out in the same way as on the first sheet, and the cheese is now rubbed not the usual hard, but cheese. On the third layer, again put the mixed filling or separately boiled pork, all the rest - just as in the previous two layers, just alternating the cheese, that is now rubbing the usual hard cheese. And the last layer is laid out exactly the same as the previous ones, we rub cheese on top and grease the sauce. We send the lasagna to the oven for forty minutes. It turns out very tasty.

And now let's find out how to make lasagnawith chicken. First you need to gut the chicken from about a kilogram and a half, then put it in a saucepan and fill it with water. We pour a half cup of dry white wine, salt and pepper to taste. We add one stalk of celery and a bay leaf. Then add the head of onions and cook chicken until ready. Then take the chicken and chop it finely. Broth boil until the moment, until it remains one liter. We put the three hundred grams of lasagna beds in hot water and then shift the drying.

Now you need to cut a half kiloleek, fry it in a pan until ready with 150 grams of butter. Add the finely chopped garlic clove, continue to fry for ten minutes. Then fry 90 grams of flour until light brown. Add the broth with the wine and bring to a boil.

After that, cover with a lid and stew forfour minutes on a small fire. Now remove our sauce, add to it fifty grams of grated cheese Cheddar, one hundred twenty-five grams of cheese Gruyer. We pour a glass of low-fat cream, again bring it to a boil and put the sauce in a mold, cover it with lasagna sheets, on which chicken and spring onion, and grated Parmesan cheese will be laid. Each layer after the cheese is greased with a sauce. Four-leaved lasagna is put in the oven for forty minutes. It turns out delicious, appetizing, and what flavor - just lick your fingers.

Now that you've learned how to make lasagna, it's time to try this dish yourself.

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