Oral part of EGE 2018

If a student in grade 11 decides to take a foreign language as an exam, then it is necessary to begin to prepare for it now, as a feature of this exam is the oral part of the EGE 2018. In the Unified State Exam four foreign languages ​​traditionally studied in Russian schools. Therefore, there are 4 options for the exam in a foreign language: in English, German, French and Spanish. One of the above languages, graduates can take as an exam of choice, having passed, however, and the oral part.


Required documents

The following materials are available on the FIPI website, which are necessary to prepare for the EGE on a foreign language:

  1. Specification- This is a document that regulates the structure of the USE of the current year. Here are given the criteria for evaluating the work as a whole and individual tasks, it is indicated which types of texts are encountered in the exam, the topics that can be met are presented, a plan of the KIM version is given.
  2. Codifier- A numbered list of skills and topics that are checked for exams in a foreign language.Also in the codifier there is a list of language elements that a graduate had to master during the years of studying a foreign language at school, for example, a list of suffixes and prefixes that can occur in word formation tasks.
  3. Demo version- This is an example of the examination work that the graduate will receive in the exam. It will present all types of tasks that will be on the exam.

Oral part of EGE 2018

The structure of the exam in foreign languages

Only 44 tasks
1st part - written 2nd part - oral (speaking)
Maximum 80 points Maximum 20 points

KIM for a foreign language includes 4 sections in the written part:

  • assignments for listening;
  • reading assignments;
  • tasks in grammar and vocabulary;
  • tasks verifying written language.

The time to complete the written part of the examination paper is 3 hours (180 minutes).

Oral part: work procedure

Since 2015, the oral section of the Unified State Exam on Foreign Languages ​​has been introduced, which is held on a separate day.

In the oral part, the total response time of one examiner, including preparation time, is 15 minutes.

In the oral part, the skills of unprepared, spontaneous speech are checked, because in real life, when practicing communication, it is unlikely that a person will hold a piece of paper in front of him with ready-written phrases.

How to prepare for the exam in speaking?

Tip # 1: perform a training test from the Open Task Bank, where those examples of oral tasks that were in the early exam in the current year are placed. After completing these tasks, you need to think what was possible and what did not, what you still need to work on while there is time.

Council number 2: It is useful to familiarize yourself with the procedure of the oral part of the exam with the help of the simulator and to perform the tasks proposed on this simulator. You can complete the training test on the official website of the Unified State Exam.

Tip number 3: open your own photo album and try to describe several plot photos, at the same time record your speech and listen to it later.

The oral procedure

  1. The exam begins with the participant enters their data for registration.
  2. Then the examiner checks the number of the registration form given above with that indicated on his registration form.
  3. Then there is the activation of the exam with the help of the organizer in the audience.
  4. Then you should press the red button and call the number of the CMM in Russian in the microphone.
  5. After reading the number, press the button.
  6. After that, the exam participant listens to the entry made by the CMM number. If the record is made qualitatively, the number of the CMM is heard perfectly, you can click the "Next" button.
  7. Next, the exam participant chooses a background melody that will sound in the process of passing the entire exam. There is an option "Without a melody," if it is easier to concentrate.
  8. Then comes the instruction manual.
  9. The exam begins after clicking the "Start test" button.
  10. It is necessary to press the button and prepare for the first task.

Oral part of EGE 2018

Task 1 of the oral partsuggests simply reading the popular science or information text out loud. One and a half minutes is devoted to preparation and another one and a half minutes to read this text. In the lower right corner there is a button that will allow you to go to the next task if the first one is completed. The task is simple, and it is estimated at 1 point.

Task 2requires to ask 5 questions on the strong points. It is necessary to carefully read the instructions. No need for greetings and goodbyes. One minute and a half is given for preparation and then 20 seconds for each question.

Task 3also a basic level, but it already requires other skills and other phonetic skills, because it is spontaneous speech.There are 3 subject photos with action (optional). It is necessary to describe this photo (by clicking on the green button under the photo), based on the five points of the plan. Your answer should begin with the words: "I chose a photo number ...".

Recommendation:strictly follow the plan, as this will ensure the coherence and logic of the story and ensure that the graduate does not miss any point due to excitement.

Examiners want to see from the applicant that he sees this image and owns a sufficient set of words and grammatical structures to describe it. This should not be a learned topic! We need some phrases, the so-called lexical repertoire, which is rebuilt depending on the photograph, image.

Task 4more complicated. It is aimed at differentiating those who seek to get a higher score. This task is a high level of difficulty. Here it is necessary not just to describe, but to compare two photos on the basis of the proposed plan. At the same time, it is necessary to find something in common, to find some differences, and also to draw a general conclusion about your preferences. The ability to express one's opinion is a very important speech ability of speaking - to formulate, to express one's point of view. The preparation is given one and a half minutes, and the answer - 2 minutes.

After you finish your work, you can listen to your answers by clicking the corresponding button in front of a task. If the recording is made qualitatively and the answers are clearly audible, you must click the "Finish" button. If there are complaints about the quality of the recording, you should contact the organizer in the audience.

Visual tips on the procedure of the oral part of the exam on a foreign language can be found here:

We wish you the maximum points and success in performing the oral part of the foreign language exam!

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