Opel Frontera - the car of the world

Despite its name, say that OpelFrontera is a German car, it will be wrong. To understand why, we must return to the nineties of the last century, when the first Opel appeared under such a brand. At this time there was quite an interesting situation. In Europe, there were expensive SUVs, presented by such stars as the Mercedes G class, Discovery and Range Rover. But there was no cheap and affordable SUV.

Opel FronteraThis situation interested the Japanese,trying to penetrate the markets of Europe. In the US at that time, SUVs were very popular, and the Japanese expected the same surge in Europe. Therefore, they tried to act through their ally - the corporation GM. Together, the Japanese and Americans chose the Isuzu Rodeo jeep and offered it to produce Opel.

Not even so. The car began to be produced under the brand name of Opel Frontera, but only the engine was German, the transmission was used in Japan, and Opel was going to a specially built factory in England. Despite the number of "parents", the car was quite successful. In the European market of Opel Frontera reviews collected only positive. Initially, this SUV was produced in three- and five-door performance, and in accordance with the habits of Europeans was equipped with several engines, including diesel.

It should be noted that the SUV turned outpretty serious. It was a frame car with a plug-in front-wheel drive, with an independent front and dependent rear spring suspension. Despite the lack of locks in the box and bridges, a sufficiently high ground clearance and equipping the car with "mud" rubber allowed it to overcome quite serious impassability. On the road and in the city of Opel Frontera felt also confident.

The first samples were intended to use2 petrol engines - a power of one hundred and fifteen hp. one and one hundred and thirty-six hp another, in volume of 2,0 and 2,2 liters accordingly. There was also a 2.5-liter turbodiesel with a power output of one hundred and fifteen hp. The brakes in front were disc, the rear were drum. In the wake of its popularity in 1998, the car was upgraded, a second generation car appeared. He has improved handling and aerodynamics.

Opel Frontera owner reviewsThe undoubted advantage of the car was a largeThe trunk, which turned into a very large one when the rear seats are unfolded. The salon is simple enough, no frills, but comfortable, all the pens and switches in their places. The best way to characterize the Opel Frontera owners' reviews, and they voted the ruble, buying more and more cars. Then it was one of the most popular cars in Europe.

However, everything ever ends. So in 2003, due to the decline in sales, the production of the car was stopped. Not for long, but Opel was one of the best. One has only to realize that this car is not designed for heroic struggle against impassability and conquest of unexplored land. At its core - a normal, good, workhorse, able to reach inaccessible places and the need to transport potatoes or refrigerators.

Opel Frontera reviewsHere is an interesting and bizarre fate developed in the car of Opel Frontera. He was born in Japan, the motor is German, his godparents are Americans, and he was made in England.

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