Oil change caps replacement

Replacement of oil-removal caps VAZ is carried outin a certain order. First, the wire from the negative battery terminal is disconnected. Then remove the toothed pulley from the camshaft. The head cover of the unit is then removed.

After that, unscrew the fixing nuts of the wires"Mass" and remove the pins from the tips. After that, it is necessary to remove the nuts and the bolt in the fastening of the back cover on the head of the unit. Pay attention to the O-ring installed under the head of the bolt. Further, it is necessary to unscrew the nuts on the front and rear bearing housings and the camshaft evenly. After that, both cases are removed. If the key is located in the groove of the camshaft loosely, then it should be removed (not to lose).

Following actions will be the following: removal of a camshaft from a head of the block and an epiploon from a cam-shaft.

Then the crankshaft must be turned toposition the piston, which corresponds to the oil-removable caps of the VAZ, is located at the dead point (upper). After the candle is turned out, it is recommended to insert a tin rod through the hole between the valve and the piston. So the valve does not fall down.

Using a special device,it is necessary to squeeze the valve springs, then use the tweezers to remove the biscuits. Then remove the upper spring plate, the outer and inner valve springs.

The replacement of the oil removable caps starts withpressed from the valve plug guide. To do this, install the collet of the special tool. After installing it on the cap, you should hit the hub sharply against the hub, and then along the jaw of the handle of the device used. In the absence of the device, pliers can be used. It should be said that in this case, replacing the oil-removable caps will be a relatively time-consuming task. When the work is done with pliers, the applied force must be applied exclusively upwards. The main task is to prevent cranking, so as not to damage the guide bushings.

Replacement of oil-removal caps is carried out after removing the spring from them. So you can avoid damage when they pass through the grooves on the valves under the crackers.

Oil change caps are replaced using engine oil. Before installation, the elements are recommended to be dipped in it. Then it should be installed in the mandrel.

After installation, you should carefully press the cap into the bottom plate until it stops. Then it is necessary to install the spring (if it was removed).

All actions should be repeated for each cap.

In the reverse order removal it is necessary to establisha valve plate and springs. Using a special device, you need to put biscuits. They must take place in the grooves of the valve stem. In order to compact the biscuits (so that they sit in their place), you should gently hammer the ends of the valves through the metal rod.

Cams and cams of a camshaftit is necessary to grease with oil (motor). The support surfaces intended for the camshaft neck in the cylinder head and bearing housings should also be treated.

Installation of a camshaft in supports of a head of the block carry out so that jaws in the first cylinder had a direction aside from valve pushers.

The sealant must be applied to the head of the unit. Sealed should be the area of ​​the extreme camshaft supports.

Then you need to install the casea camshaft and bearings, to put on washers on hairpins, to turn nuts. To tighten the fastener is necessary in two stages. It is necessary to first tighten the nuts before touching the bearing housings to the surface of the head. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the guide bushings enter completely into the holes of the bearing housings. After this, the nuts are tightened permanently. Then all the details are set in the reverse order of removal.

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