OGE exposition in 2018

Although the prospect of increasing the number of mandatory tests of the OGE is more than real and is being actively discussed, in the 2017-2018 academic year their number will remain unchanged. Graduates of the 9th grade will have to pass 5 exams, 2 of which will be mandatory (mathematics and Russian), and 3 can be chosen from a wide range of subjects.

The first and main exam of the OGE 2018 is Russian, in which students will have to: answer the questions of the test part of the ticket, write a summary, as well as an essay on a moral and ethical topic. This year, the oral part, which graduates will take separately in early February, will also become mandatory.

Written part of the OGE in the Russian language

This year, the Russian language exams for the 9th grade will follow the following schedule:

OGE Schedule in the Russian language for 2018

The structure of the written part of the OGE in the Russian language in the upcoming 2018 will not receive significant changes and will include: presentation, tests and writing essays.

  • Presentation- This is a concise retelling of the text heard.The teacher will read the text twice, the volume of which does not exceed 200 words, and the examinee will need to retell the text in written form, having thus kept in 70-100 words.
  • Test itemswill be with a short answer and will require ninth-graders to be confident in the rules in the field of vocabulary, grammar, morphology and other topics studied in language lessons.
  • The final essayon the moral and ethical topic in 2017-2018 will be the most difficult test for schoolchildren, because if 1 task (statement) allows you to convey someone else's thought, then in the essay it is necessary to correctly form your own views on the difficult questions for a teenager.

Statement of the OGE 2018

How to write a concise presentation?

The presentation will be the first task for all ninth-graders who pass the OGE in the Russian language in 2018. For the first task you can score a maximum of 7 points.

The presentation is assessed by special criteria that were developed by the FIPI for the OGE 2018:



Criterion №1

Content of the presentation

The content is transmitted accurately.

All microcircuits are reflected.

2 points

The content is transmitted accurately.

Skipped or added 1 microtheme.

1 point

Criterion №2

Source Compression

Compression techniques applied (1 or more).

Compression is present in all microtopes.

3 points

Compression techniques applied (1 or more).

Compression is present only in 2 micro-themes.

2 points

Compression techniques applied (1 or more).

Compression is present only in 1 microtheme.

1 point

Criterion number 3

Semantic integrity, verbal connectivity and consistency

The text is holistic, coherent, laid out consistently. Correctly divided into paragraphs. Logical errors in the text are missing.

2 points

The text is holistic, coherent, laid out consistently.

There is 1 error in the division by paragraphs or 1 logical error.

1 point

As you can see, and unlike the presentations that the children had to write in high school lessons, the exam has a number of features that you should pay attention to. In the process of writing a statement, you must:

  • Highlight important and secondary information.
  • Divide the text into three logical blocks.
  • Apply various compression techniques.
  • Competently write a new text.

As a result of the compression, the text will turn out to be somewhat dry, because it will have to remove most of the complex structures that give emotional coloring.

Important! Compression should be uniform across all blocks of text. It is necessary to cope with it, so that in the process of conversion in the text there will be no new information that the author did not have.

During the writing of the presentation, these compression techniques are used:


The essence of the reception

An exception

The method involves the removal from the text of components and structures, without which the semantic load will not suffer. You can remove:
  • repetitions;
  • homogeneous sentence members;
  • introductory words;
  • reasoning and explanation;
  • quotes.


You can summarize:
  • various facts, highlighting their common;
  • parts of one sentence;
  • several sentences in one.


You can replace:
  • complex sentence short simple;
  • direct speech in an indirect text;
  • homogeneous sentence members (generalizing word);
  • part of the text in one sentence.

Experienced teachers recommend to actively use the draft. In 2018, at the OGE, the teacher will read the text according to which the students will write a succinct presentation.

  • Listening to the text for the first time.It is important to identify the main blocks (microtopes), and also to write out key words and phrases, after which it will be easy to build a new text.
  • Listening to the text againIt is necessary to designate the areas of compression by writing generalizing words or sentences in the draft that can replace text fragments.

At the preparatory stage for the OGE 2018, teachers recommend practicing writing the presentation of the entire grade 9 using texts or audio recordings of their reading. We offer to get acquainted with the texts recommended by the FIPI for preparation this year.

How to write a final essay?

The third task of the OGE in the Russian language will be writing a short essay on moral and ethical topics.

In the 2017-2018 school year, the following topics will be introduced at the OGE:

  • Human language is his worldview.
  • Kindness.
  • For the good of the people.
  • The future on our planet depends on each of us.
  • Man's appearance as a state of his soul.
  • Vital goal.
  • Mankind can not be fixed.
  • Ode to the language. There are many wonderful languages.
  • Preferred art form.
  • What books will be appreciated in the future.
  • Book culture.
  • What books do not age.
  • If you were an artist.
  • World of hobbies.
  • We and the music.
  • Memory.
  • Amazing corner of nature.

The essay requirements are well known to every student - literacy, the disclosure of the topic, as well as a coherent and logical statement of thoughts.

The writing of the Russian language OGE 2018

The algorithm for writing the essay-reasoning for the OGE 2018:

  • Carefully read and understand the proposed topic.
  • Highlight a keyword and determine its lexical meaning.
  • Formulate theses.
  • Recall works that can serve as a basis for further discussion.
  • Create an intro using typical cliches.
  • Give the 1st argument, supporting it with examples from history and literature.
  • Give the 2nd argument, picking up examples to it.
  • Formulate a conclusion.
  • Subtract text and correct errors are possible.
  • Gently rewrite a clean copy.

Format of the oral part

From 2018, speaking will become an obligatory component of the OGE and some kind of admission to final exams for graduates of 9th grade. It will pass this first and rather important test on the second Wednesday of February.

In 2017, the oral part was successfully tested in Tatarstan, the Chechen Republic and Moscow. Two exam formats were tested:

  • Completely corresponding to the oral part of the foreign language exam (using technical means).
  • Exam in the format of "question - answer" and live communication with the expert.

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