Nut Spas (Third Spas) in 2017

In August, three feasts dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ are celebrated at once: The First Savior is the Origin of the Honorable and Life-giving Cross of the Lord (popularly Honey Savior), the Second Savior is the Transfiguration of God (Apple Savior) and the Third Savior is the memory of the Unmilitary Image of the Lord Jesus Christ (Walnut Savior ).

This month is rich for holidays that are associated with the harvest, because the popular name of these holidays is exalted by three main products: honey, apples and nuts, without which the Russian people cannot imagine their being.

Nut Spas in 2017 celebrate August 29, as every year. The people call it also Grain, and Hall, and Small, and Savior on the canvas. The Third Savior will commemorate the transfer of the Unlicensed Image of the Lord Jesus Christ to Constantinople, but it just so happened that these days the gathering of nuts begins, after harvesting they sow winter rye, and the city dwellers traditionally start trading in canvases and canvases.

The story of the celebration of the Third Savior

Nut Spas, like all Christian celebrations, has a deep history. If we look at the church calendar, we can see that this day marks the transfer from Edessa to Constantinople of the Holy Face of the Lord. Prince Avgar, seriously ill with leprosy, was looking for ways to get rid of the disease. Once he heard about a miracle worker from Palestine who treats people. That was Jesus Christ.

When the messenger rushed up to him, Christ listened to the messenger, slowly washed his face, wiped his face with a towel and gave it to the envoy. The wonderworker had a great healing power, so the prince just wiped off with this towel, which touched the face of the Almighty, as he was immediately healed.

In a sign of what happened to him, Prince Avgar ordered to hang a towel on the tower, so that all people could believe in a miracle, and the city could thus be protected from external enemies.

Nut Spas

The image of the miraculous, which arose on a towel, healed other sick people for a long time, until it was abducted by Muslims and lost. Thus was born the tradition of hanging the image of Christ on the gates of the towers in order to protect against the hordes of enemies. The hanging canvases (canvases) with the image of Jesus Christ gave another name to the holiday - “The Savior on the Canvas”.

There is another origin of the holiday - pagan and associated with the harvest.In August, the people laid gifts on the altar of the gods in order to appease them. Since at this time the harvest of nuts is rich, they brought nuts. They celebrated, in addition to honey, apple, nut salmon, mushroom, berry, etc.

Signs of Nut Spas

If the first two Spas are honored by the people as great, then the last one, Orekhovy, is considered a half-holiday, but it comes after the Assumption Fast, because it can be celebrated tasty and fun. On this day, the hostesses bake cakes and bread from the new crop, necessarily from ears that have been consecrated in the church. There is even a wise proverb: The Third Savior of bread in store, we will have bread in abundance.

The end of August marks the transition from summer to autumn, from summer works to works associated with harvesting. Nuts should be a mandatory dish on the table, housewives try to add a special taste to each dish and prepare them for the winter. And, if in the villages there was a short rest between fieldwork, then in the cities the trade in canvases and canvases was in full swing, the fair was in full swing.

What year 2017 Nut Spas

Special attention, even judging by the name of the holiday, was given to nuts; it was believed that both the fruits and the branches had miraculous power.Therefore, from the walnut branches they made charms that were kept in the house and presented to the nearest and dearest. A broom made of hazel was also held in high esteem by the bathhouse attendants, since it saved many diseases and even the evil eye.

The end of August, and the birds: the swallows and the cranes fly away to the Nut Spas. There is a belief that if it is on the Third Savior that storks fly away, then the Pokrov holiday will be frosty and cold.

If the stork's farewell shouting was heard after the Nut Spas, it means that autumn will be warm, late, and spring will be cold. Hence the sayings: Savior - prepare the mittens to the reserve, that is, prepare for winter, Savior - and the summer leaves us, the last birds fly away to the Third Savior.

Traditional and forgotten recipes for Nut Spas

recipes for Nut SpasOn Nut Spas prepare a variety of dishes, primarily with nuts. You can bake nut flavored charlotte, grandmother, pies, cakes with nut cream, muffins, various cookies, bake apples with nuts, kozinaki.

The hostesses on that day were preparing delicious salads with nuts, and nut sauces were served to the main dishes. Especially popular was jam and jelly from nuts.

In addition to dishes, walnut was widely used for medicinal purposes.Ointment of young nuts helped with arthritis, nut milk, pounded in a mortar and steamed with boiling water, healed the ulcer. Honey in combination with nuts was a miracle cure for impotence.

Peanuts, as a kind of nuts, are indispensable in the treatment of hemophilia. Almond is an aid for dry cough, asthenia, skin diseases, treats anemia and pneumonia, even strengthens the brain and eyesight. And tea with nuts is not only tasty, but also useful, its aroma will forever conquer your love!

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