New Years nail design in 2017

In the matter of choosing a New Year's manicure, we always get lost: I want something interesting, but only Christmas trees and a red-green range, which rarely goes well with a wardrobe, come to mind. And since it will take more than one day to carry a manicure, not limited to just New Year's Eve, the issue of compatibility with things and accessories arises quite sharply.

To make it easier for you to get out of the situation, we are submitting an article that will help you to be inspired and find your perfectnew year nail design 2017of the year. So let's get started!

Classic red

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First of all, it should be said that the hit of this New Year will be red. It is better to meet the year of the Red Fiery Rooster in a happy color after all. And it is a manicure - the best way to apply this color to your image.

Not everyone can easily find their shade of red in clothes. Sometimes girls over the years do not meet things suitable tone. But to find a good red lacquer (as well as a suitable red lipstick) everyone can! At the same time, the price range is quite wide,Yes, and there is varnish of various shades of red in any store. Be sure to get your own!


New Year's manicure designs

Another happy color of this year is gold. You can completely paint the nails in a golden hue or use gold only as a decor. The background can be the already mentioned red, as well as black, white, solid or even “bare” nail plate.

At the same time, the use of gold decor is possible in any design: it can be a thin minimalist strip, geometric patterns, playful snowflakes, elegant flowers - which you prefer.

Metallic and Glitter

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But the metal palette of this season is not rich in gold. Any shades with glitter metal is now at the peak of popularity. You can also choose for yourself the colors of white, red and pink gold, silver, copper, steel, platinum or bronze. For the most realistic "metal" surface, we recommend using not special varnish, but special stickers on the nails. They can be found both in the form of ready-made kits, and in large format, for self-cutting.

Also, décor was very popular with glitter and glitter.You can apply a lacquer with glitter in the form of a gradient, moving from a light placer to a thick coating. You can also use dry glitter in a can, which is applied to a dry varnish base (colored or transparent).

Another option is to apply lacquer with glitters or glitter to the base in tone (silver glitter on silver lacquer, etc.). Tip: if you use glitter varnish, you may need several layers of the product at once, so arm yourself with coating-drying. With it, your manicure will not last for long hours.

White on red

new year nail design 2017

The traditional New Year's combination - red and white - this season is especially important for manicure. You can use this combination in any way. Use a contrasting color for only one nail, perform a red and white jacket or a moon manicure.

You can also use a red background and white snowflakes on it. Another option - lines, circles and various geometric shapes. And the flowers will take root in the New Year's image, why not?

Glossy gradient

New Year's manicure 2017

Gradient nail cover is an absolute hit of 2017, and the New Year's manicure is no exception.You can focus on the colors that are fashionable and popular for the New Year, as well as use other creative elements (the same glitter).

Especially beautiful gradient manicure looks in the transition to a transparent base. Another nuance - the most glossy finish. To do this, you can use a transparent varnish on top or a thick drying fixer (not liquid, spreading on the nail plate or even a spray, and a thick, resembling a normal varnish).

The main thing in the details

nails for the new year 2017

In order for the New Year's manicure not to become a problem on all other days, we recommend not to chase after the holiday maximum. Joy can be transmitted through small details.

Neat golden tips of the French, not too long red nails, discreet glitter glitter on only one nail is a good option for those who want to wear a festive manicure longer, and everyday style requires restraint and extreme elegance.

Color saturation

Christmas nails 2017 design

New Year, and indeed winter images, is a good reason to allow yourself a little more. This is especially true color manicure. Unfortunately, many women are still convinced that dark lacquer is allowed only by rebellious youth. However, today lacquers of rich color are found in the lines of all world brands!

You may well wear a burgundy, dark brown or black manicure. And also - deep blue, purple, blueberry, emerald green. It all depends on your own taste and clothing preferences. If you didn’t dare to make such shades before - now is a good time to try!

Comfort and versatility

New Year nail designs

In any case, the New Year's manicure does not necessarily have to shout about the holiday in your heart. If you have enough magical atmosphere in the air, you may not at all display the expectation of the New Year on your nails.

And you can have a very bright and accent dress. Or a hairstyle. Or makeup. And then a creative manicure will only overload the image. So do not be afraid to choose an absolutely versatile, convenient manicure for the New Year's Eve: French, nude or even without any coating on the nails.

The same applies to the length: choose the one that is comfortable for you. The most popular now use short nails oval or rounded rectangular shape. You should have fun and enjoy your own manicure, and not feel any discomfort from it.However, for each of us there is a comfortable length. It is on her that we recommend performing all the above-described techniques.

Be yourself this happy night and always! Happy New Year!

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