New Year in Crimea in 2018

Crimea is a unique place, which is beautiful in its own way every season. If in summer vacationers enjoy swimming in the sea, sunny fruits and rich exotic nature, in winter tourists can enjoy the most interesting excursions, educational tourism, recovery. A new 2018 in the Crimea will be for you an unforgettable vacation, guaranteeing a lot of pleasant impressions.

How to meet the New 2018 in the Crimea

In the winter months, the number of people wishing to soak up the southern sunshine in Crimea is noticeably decreasing, but there is a rush again before the New Year and Christmas. And how could it be otherwise, because all the hotels are preparing for the guests of this wonderful land a rich festive program, entertainment and banquets. Those who do not like the traditional holiday, but an extreme program, the organizers are preparing surprises, offering to spend New Year's Eve under water, in caves or in the mountains.

In all major cities of Crimea, it is customary to celebrate New Year's holidays in a fun and grand manner. The streets are decorated with colorful garlands, illumination, Christmas trees.Here are entertainment events, accompanied by fireworks.

The weather here is favorable to holidaymakers - the air temperature rarely drops below five degrees, numerous interesting excursions do not disappear with the onset of the winter season, besides the rest is budget and much more profitable than a trip to Europe.

You can have a good vacation in the Crimea in the first days of 2018 in sanatoriums and hotels - they all prepare exciting programs with a standard set of entertainment: shows, festive concerts, performances of performers, discos, fireworks, fun mornings for children.

New Year in Crimea

Well, if you want a real adventure in the New Year's Eve, then there is no reason to deny yourself this pleasure! Such options for celebrating the New Year as:

  1. Under the ground - in the famous Crimean caves - Marble or Emine-Bair-Khosar. Fabulous characters and, of course, an elegant Christmas tree sparkling with colorful lights await in specially equipped caves for adults and children. The entrance to the cave is from 350 to 500 rubles.
  2. Under the water.On the night of December 31, a Christmas tree is set in the area of ​​Cape Aya, and extreme tourists, dressed in diving suits, under the guidance of an experienced instructor can even drink champagne under water and enjoy tangerines. Immersion cost - 3700 rubles (together with a wetsuit).
  3. On the air balloon. At midnight, the ball will be tied, and you will not be able to fully fly, but the emotions from the feeling of flying will still be unforgettable. But with the onset of dawn, it will be possible to fly over Theodosius and the Belogorsk region. The price for such an exotic vacation in the Crimea on the first day of 2018 is 30,000 rubles.

You can have fun and just in the squares and embankments of resort towns - on New Year's Eve they become centers of mass festivities with traditional Christmas trees, concerts and fireworks.

Emine-Bair-Khosar Cave

New Year's and Christmas holidays in Crimea

How to spend a vacation in the Crimea in the coming 2018? Tourists can use the pools, as the sea is cold at this time of the year, visit tennis courts, gyms, fitness centers and spa services.

There are many architectural and natural monuments on the peninsula: Nikitsky Botanical Garden, Swallow Nest, Vorontsov Palace, Bakhchisarai, Balaklava, Genoese Fortress, Golitsyn Trail.Crimea has a developed infrastructure and an excellent system of roads that will allow you to travel with comfort and have time to see all the sights.

Fans of outdoor activities can go to Mount Ai-Petri to go skiing.Ai-Petri

The cost of guided tours, equipment rental - from 300 to 750 rubles (per person).

Accommodation in the Crimea for the New Year

You can count on comfortable and cheap hotel rooms until November, but in December you can not count on the fact that you can find cheap accommodation in hotels, prices will rise by at least 40 percent and become the same as in summer. They hold out until January 8, then sharply decline. So, in Yalta or Alushta, double rooms in a hotel from 4 stars will cost you from 9000 to 13500 rubles, a room in a three-star hotel - from 3500 to 6000 rubles. On the west coast of the peninsula (Balaklava, Inkerman, Evpatoria) housing is 40 percent cheaper.

No problem, you can rent a house in the private sector, prices depend on the area, conditions, infrastructure and other factors. The average cost of daily rent in Crimea is about 1.5-4000 rubles. For the money you can rent decent housing with all the amenities in a large resort town and a small village.

If finances allow, you can stay in a comfortable cottage with a house territory - this option is preferred by most tourists with children. New cottages with terraces overlooking the sea, equipped with all necessary equipment, sauna and other amenities, cost from 12,000 to 30,000 rubles. Houses are more modest - from 300 to 1000 rubles. Private housing is much cheaper for tourists, especially if they are traveling in the Crimea for the New 2018 by a large company.

Hotel in Crimea

Prices in the Crimea for the New Year

If you prefer to plan your vacation in Crimea in 2018 independently, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the prices of housing in the private sector per day (in rubles):

  • Yalta - on average from 1000 to 4000;
  • Sudak - 700 to 2500;
  • Sevastopol - 1000 to 3000.

In hotels and inns, the cost of living is somewhat higher, and reservations should be made in advance, since prices are doubled at the end of December.

New Year in Sevastopol

It offers you for comparison the three most popular hotels:

  1. Villa "Elena" (5 stars). The rest in this villa, located on the Yalta embankment, is truly royal. It offers guests rooms with Italian furniture, spacious balconies, original cuisine restaurants, a dance floor and a tennis court. Double "luxury" for two in the New Year's Eve will cost you around 20 thousand rubles.
  2. Best Western Hotel (3 stars). Mega modern hotel is located on Nakhimov Avenue in Sevastopol, according to local residents - the most top place. Tourists can use the restaurant, sauna, jacuzzi, gym, coffee bar. Double room December 31 costs from 5 000 rubles
  3. Hotel "Yalta-Intourist" (3 stars). This Yalta hotel is equipped with a beach and a luxurious park. This is a favorite place for tourists with children, as the hotel offers a lot of entertainment for children: a mini-zoo, a swimming pool, a children's club. The cost of living in a double room (full board) - 8000 rubles.

Prices for New Year's banquets in restaurants are paid separately, on average it is 3-10 thousand rubles per person, children are given a discount.

With regard to food on the peninsula, it can not be called cheap. If you plan to eat in the dining room, then lunch in the dining room will cost you from 300 rubles per person, dinner at the restaurant - from 1500. Prices for food, alcohol in stores are about the same as in Moscow.

Hotel "Yalta-Intourist"

New Year's rounds to the Crimea for New 2018

The cost of six-day holiday tours to Yalta starts from 60 thousand rubles for two - a three-star hotel with breakfast.A stay with accommodation in a five-star hotel on the program "All Inclusive" will cost more - from 90 thousand (for two persons). Tours to Sevastopol cheaper - from 40 thousand for two (three-star hotel).

New Year's Super Tour

Includes accommodation in comfortable double rooms, breakfast, excursion service, guide services. Vacationers will be able to visit Bakhchisaray, the cave city of Chufut-Kale, the modern park “Aivazovskoye”, Massandrovsky winery and other attractions.

The cost of the tour is 20,500 per person. Lunches and dinners, New Year's banquet, entrance tickets to the objects are not included in the price.

New Year and Christmas holiday tours last an average of 3 to 5 days and include excursions to the sights of the peninsula. Tourists are invited to see the Museum of Crimean Tatars, the Khan Palace, Holy Assumption Monastery in Bakhchisarai, the fortress city Chufut-Kale, White Rock in Belogorsk, Kalinovsky Park-Reserve in Dzhankoy, Alexander III Palace, Nikitsky Botanical Garden, Vorontsov Palace, Swallow Nest and many other places worth visiting to create an impression about the unique ethnic and religious environment of the peninsula.

Festive Crimea - New Year in Yalta

New Year's tour, designed for 6 days, involves a visit to Bakhchisarai, Yalta, Sevastopol and Alushta.

The cost of the tour includes: accommodation in comfortable rooms, meals (half board), guided tours.

Optional paid optional excursions, New Year's banquet (from 4 thousand rubles per person). Children (accepted on reaching 5 years of age due to a busy program) up to 12 years receive a 10% discount.

The cost of the tour is 24,500 (2-person accommodation), 30,900 rubles (single occupancy).

New Year in Yalta

"Crimean Around the World for the New Year"

The price includes accommodation in comfortable rooms, half board, excursions with guide services. New Year's banquet is paid separately - from 4 thousand per person.

Vacationers will be able to visit Bakhchisarai, Massandra, Vorontsov Palace and other attractions.

The cost of the tour with accommodation in a single room is 32,400 rubles, in a double room - 26,500.

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