New Year in Crimea 2018

Do you think how and where it is best to meet the New Year? One of the best ideas will be the Crimean peninsula, which, despite its seasonality, is happy to receive guests for these winter holidays. At this time, the flow of tourists choosing Crimea is somewhat reduced, but just a few days before the New Year, there is some revival on the streets of the cities of the peninsula, people are in a hurry to spend here the adventurous New Year holidays. The hotel administration prepares every year a new program, develops entertainment, a variety of excursions to memorable places in the region. By choosing the right hotels with the program, every vacationer will be able to enjoy the real holiday extravaganza, leaving in memory the unforgettable impressions of visiting the Crimea.


Christmas tradition in Crimea

How is the celebration of the New Year in the Crimea? National traditions in large cities are virtually absent, people, as elsewhere, celebrate the triumph of numerous concerts, champagne, fireworks. Gradually, the main squares are starting to be transformed, simply gorgeous embankments of the cities of the peninsula, decorating and cottages, setting elegant Christmas trees near them, hanging illuminations.Recently, in addition to the traditional entertainment program offered by hotels for the New Year's tour, there is also the possibility of celebrating in the mountains, a cave, where appropriate conditions are also created with a slight touch of romance.

New Year in Crimea 2018

In order to have time to take tours, it is necessary to take advantage of the offer of operators and book early booking, which will eliminate the unpleasant situation with a shortage of seats. The choice of a city can be any: Simferopol, Gelendzhik, Yalta, Novy Svet, everywhere optimal conditions for a good time are created. When the holiday is over, weekdays come, they need to be filled with something. Swimming in the sea is no longer relevant (maximum, you can try to visit the heated pools, which are literally in all hotel complexes). In this case, there are a variety of excursions that include many operators in the vouchers, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and various other types of entertainment.

There are a lot of places in the region that you can visit to relax and unwind. It is worth noting places such as:

  • Mount Ai-Petri, which is the main attraction of the Crimea itself, with its many natural "highlights" in the form of deep caves, landslides and much more.In addition to the landscape, one can enjoy various winter entertainments on the mountain, for example, a ski slope, for which specially equipped grounds are prepared at the specified time of the year;
  • In Yalta, you can easily proceed to the Livadia Palace, visit the Swallow's Nest, the botanical garden, see a huge variety of very different plants and flowers;
  • If you choose Sevastopol, you can visit the Inkerman monastery, go to the city of Chersonese, on the Cape Fiolent;
  • Sudak is famous for its majestic Genoese fortress, you can also try to climb Cape Meganom;
  • Special attention should be paid to the Golitsyn Trail, famous on the whole peninsula, on which you can also try to walk, to visit the Juniper Grove.

New Year in Crimea 2018

Do not forget about the fact that in the winter time most of the cafes will burrow, the rest continue to work as before, attracting the attention of potential travelers. There is nothing better in the winter than sitting down for a cup of something, a pleasant glass of wine (collected from local vineyards) after a tiring walk. Moreover, such a vacation will cost quite inexpensively, prices in many hotels of the Crimea are notable for their affordability and democracy.

Data can be tabulated:

Cities for recreation: Yalta, Simferopol, Sudak, New World
Sights: Inkerman monastery, Genoese fortress, Livadia Palace
Ski slopes: Mount Ai-Petri
Average winter temperatures on the coast: +5 degrees
Climate analogy: Elite resorts of Monaco and Nice

A bit about the weather

If we talk about the climatic features of the peninsula, it can often be compared with Nice and Monaco, so warm here is the temperature. It is worth noting that the weather at a specified time can change significantly, for example, from solar to cloudy and vice versa, it rains periodically. At the same time, frosts and snow are quite rare, the air temperature in rare cases can reach the figure of +15 degrees and stay at this value for a long period of time.

During January, the snow can fall even on the coast, palm trees are decorated with real snow caps, but for a long time they do not stay there. In the mountains, the temperature is always below zero and snow lays, the roads become dangerous for traffic and slippery.

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