New Year 2017 in the Moscow region

What is the most awaited and magical holiday? Of course, the New Year. Every child knows that real miracles are happening on New Year's Eve, and if you are well prepared, you can take part in this extraordinary action yourself. Festive fireworks, gifts, bright outfits, tangerines, a fragrant Christmas tree, Santa Claus with a huge bag and staff are the constant attributes of this day.

Only on the New Year, we clearly feel the presence of something extraordinary and fabulous. When the clock begins to count 12 beats, each of us makes a wish and believes that this wish will come true. We look at the new year with the hope that it will be a little bit better than the one that is leaving.
It is extremely pleasant to celebrate the holiday in some unusual setting, although this holiday is considered a family one. If you have not yet figured out where you will celebrate, we advise you to consider the option of a trip out of town. For residents of Moscow, an excellent option would beNew Year 2017 in the Moscow region.

Here you can find a lot of comfortable hotels that offer a wonderful New Year program to all travelers.Therefore, you will be able to combine all the delights of the New Year holiday and at the same time be very close to the noisy metropolis.

Each holiday home takes care of leisure for its guests, especially on New Year's holidays. The entertainment program includes a festive banquet, lush fireworks, gifts, performances and much more.

To holidaymakers had a good time in the residential complexes are constantly working bowling clubs, karaoke, billiards, spa, horse riding and other entertainment. In addition to meeting the New Year, you can somewhat improve your health in local beauty salons and massage rooms.

Below are some of the most popular hotels in the Moscow region, which will be happy to welcome guests for the New Year 2017 and help them to spend the New Year holidays in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Park Hotel "Yahonty"

This place is most suitable for a family holiday in the winter, and those who will celebrate the New Year here will remember it for life. The whole territory of the hotel is a solid piece of paradise, which is painted in snow-white tones in winter.

Ideal place for New Year and Christmas holidays.After all, every vacationer with great pleasure will walk along the snow-covered streets, feel the real smell of spruce, and also be able to meet the heroes of the coming year in the local zoo "Compound" - with wonderful cockerels. These are not all wonderful moments that can expect you in the park-hotel "Yahonty".

New Year 2017 in the Moscow regionPark Hotel Yahonty NG 2017New Year 2017 in Park Hotel Yahontawinter holiday in Park Hotel Yahonty

Each year, the hotel administration prepares a festive show program for guests, in which artists of various genres, a festive banquet, street rampering, outdoor dining (barbecue and mulled wine), a disco, and a fireworks party.

Children will also have a lesson - after all, on the eve of the holiday, they will have a cheerful performance. The complex also has a staff of animators who hold all sorts of interactive, sports and intellectual competitions. In general, in this place, you will definitely not get bored!

Atlas Park Hotel

Crystal-clear air, virgin snow-covered forests, a huge territory, cozy rooms and a wonderful view from the window - all this is waiting for you if you decide to come to the New Year holidays in the Atlas Park Hotel. For 2017, the leadership, as always, plans to throw a grand banquet,create an interesting entertainment program and install a tall festive Christmas tree.

Here you can spend an unforgettable New Year and Christmas night. Theme parties are held here every year. If you have not previously participated in such events, then you will love the first experience. The hotel also offers a lot of winter entertainment to its guests: skiing, sledding from the mountain, an ice rink equipped with everything you need.

New Year 2017 in the Moscow regionNew Year 2017 at the Park Hotel Atlaswinter vacation at the Park Hotel AtlasPark Hotel Atlas NG 2017

This place clearly feels magic, which is still in the air for a long time, even at the end of the holidays.

Fiesta Park Hotel

In this place you can plunge into the New Year extravaganza. Bright, festive images of hotel workers could not be better suited for the symbol of 2017 - the Rooster. This is a bright bird, adoring holiday and colorful colors.

Park Hotel Fiesta NG 2017winter holiday in Park Hotel FiestaNew Year 2017 at the Park Hotel FiestaNew Year 2017 in the Moscow region

Moreover, the program for the holidays is expected to be incendiary: New Year's feast, fireworks, a master class in dance, a show program, a party for children. And how many competitions are foreseen ... This New Year will certainly be remembered by all guests of this complex. Everyone will be able to ride on the snow-covered slopes on skis, sleighs, ice-boats and even in dog sleds.

Park Hotel "Vozdvizhenskoe"

The Vozdvizhenskoe Park Hotel offers to spend the New Year in the spirit of the nobility. For many years here on the New Year's Eve a magnificent “Vozdvizhensky Ball” has been held, where you can feel like a court lady who will be accompanied by a wonderful companion. Realistic scenery, noisy feast, thematic program - all this can be seen in this park-hotel.

winter vacation at the Park Hotel VozdvizhenskoyePark Hotel Vozdvizhenskoye NG 2017New Year 2017 in the Park Hotel VozdvizhenskoyeNew Year 2017 in the Moscow region

The guests are offered an entertainment show program, an incendiary disco, musicians, a laser 3D show, a barman show and much more. Each year, the hotel administration is trying to come up with something new, so now it's hard to say what exactly the visitors of the hotel will see.

We hope that this information will help you plan the perfect New Year and get a lot of unforgettable emotions!

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