New Year 2017 in Saratov

One of the main features of the New Year is that it can be fun and brightly noted absolutely in any settlement of the country. With the approach of winter, all the cities dress in festive clothes, they shine with colorful garlands, boast richly decorated Christmas trees and offer their guests and residents many different kinds of entertainment. So if you are going to meetNew Year 2017 in Saratov, you can be sure that you will not be bored.

Of course, Saratov can hardly be called popular among tourists, and travelers don't often come here especially to spend the New Year's Eve. However, this city is undoubtedly worthy of attention, and it certainly will not disappoint its guests.

Clean streets, well-kept parks, an elegantly decorated central square with a beautiful Christmas tree, sparkling decorations and garlands, and very hospitable people - all this will make your stay in Saratov for the New Year more than pleasant.

How to celebrate the New Year in Saratov

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In Saratov, celebrating the New Year traditionally takes place in a fun and grand manner.And although the guests of the city are unlikely to find here something radically new for themselves, they have provided many pleasant impressions. Thus, various festive events are organized on the main square, including performances by local artists and guest pop stars, and fairs, festivals and exhibitions are also organized.

Adults can buy interesting trinkets and New Year's souvenirs here, and children will be happy to take pictures with Santa Claus and other fabulous characters. Well, the various goodies that are sold simply on the street, will appeal to everyone without exception.

A big screen is also being installed on the square, which broadcasts the President’s speech and the battle of the main chimes of the country that has already become a legend. With the onset of midnight, residents and guests of the city can enjoy the grandiose fireworks.

Christmas interesting

New Year's entertainment in Saratov is not limited to the speech of the president and salute. One of the most interesting traditions is the winter quest called “Mysteries and Secrets of the City”, which is held annually. Participants in the quest, armed with tips and their own knowledge of the history of Saratov, walk around the city in search of clues to its secrets.

Saratov New Year holidays

For those who cope with all tasks as quickly as possible, valuable prizes are foreseen, and absolutely everyone will get pleasure from an interesting journey through the city. It is worth noting that everyone can participate in the quest.

In addition, in Saratov organized a festive procession of Santa Clauses and other New Year characters. Having dressed in their best clothes, Santa Clauses, Snow Maidens, snowmen, gnomes, lesh and other heroes of well-known fairy tales solemnly parade from cheerful circus to Theater Square. Children from the contemplation of such a parade come to a real delight, and adults also do not remain indifferent.

At the height of a degree of fun and supports the traditional disco, which is held at the Theater Square. On a specially established stage, the best local dance and music groups of Saratov perform. And after the onset of midnight, professional DJs take over and set up their sets to make everyone dance.

How else to celebrate a holiday in the city

Variants of celebrating the New Year in Saratov can be called standard, from which they do not become less interesting.As in other cities of the country, you can meet the chiming clock on the main square in the company of friends and other people close to you.

Children's New Year 2017 in Saratov

You can also reserve a table in one of the Saratov restaurants and celebrate the main winter holiday in a cozy atmosphere, enjoying exquisite dishes. In addition to the wonderful treats, almost all places in the city offer an interesting New Year program with dances, music, competitions and great mood.

Do you prefer more incendiary entertainment? Then you will enjoy meeting the New Year in a nightclub, where you will be offered cocktails, cool DJ sets and a sea of ​​positive. Some clubs also organize theme parties that include New Year's costumes and great fun. This celebration option is perfect for anyone who loves dancing until the morning and bright emotions.

What you need to know when planning a meeting of the New Year in Saratov

New Year's Eve 2017 in Saratov

If you are planning a trip to Saratov for the New Year, we advise you not to be too lazy to take warm clothes with you. The climate is temperate continental and promises a fairly cold winter. Without a doubt, you will want to walk around the city, look at the main Christmas tree,and maybe to take part in the quest, so a warm scarf, mittens and other warming things will definitely come in handy for you.

Generally speaking, Saratov is a completely ordinary Russian city, with its own traditions, customs and fairly standard landmarks in the form of temples, beautiful parks and architectural monuments. At the same time, he pleasantly surprises his guests with cordiality, hospitality, and almost homely commemoration of the winter holidays. Here you will have a great time, you will be able to discover unknown secrets of the city unknown to you and have fun from the heart. Meeting the New Year 2017 in Saratov will bring you a sea of ​​positive emotions, the impressions of which will remain with you for the whole next year.

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