New Subaru 2018-2019 years

Japanese carmaker Subaru has been counting since 1954. That same year, a passenger car under the designation R-1 was created based on the drawings and patents acquired from Renault. Further development of the company is associated with the specialization in the production of passenger cars with improved traffic.

Currently, the key features of the cars produced by the company is the use of boxer powertrain and symmetrical all-wheel drive. Also the popularity of cars contributes to the regular update of the model range. For 2019, Subaru has planned to present new modifications of the cars presented below.


One of the most popular models of the company is the all-wheel drive crossover Forester, which has been manufactured since 1997. In 2019, the Japanese manufacturer will introduce the next fifth generation car.

Forester 2018-2019 years

Updated Forester will be different from your predecessor by the following features in the external image:

  • wide headlamps with integrated lines of running lights;
  • compact grille;
  • extended front protection panel;
  • two-stage side air intakes;
  • the increased size of the wheel arches with protective inserts;
  • massive top spoiler with integrated brake light;
  • small rear bumper;
  • S-shaped rear lights;
  • angled lines forging the tailgate.
Exterior Subaru Forester 2018-2019New Subaru Forester 2018-2019

Salon Forester will be more spacious and comfortable. The interior looks interesting;

  • multifunctional steering wheel;
  • digital instrument panel;
  • comfortable seats;
  • quality materials in the finish.

For the equipment of the crossover gasoline engines with a capacity of 150 and 170 liters are provided. with., turbo diesel 140 forces. Sales of new items will start on the North American market in the winter of this year. For domestic buyers, the modified Forester will fall into I-sq. 2019 with an initial price of 1.75 million rubles.


Among the new 2018-2019 Subaru year allocated 8-seater crossover under the name Ascent. The car was originally designed for the North American market and is designed to compete with the following models:

  • Mazda CX-9;
  • Volkswagen Atlas;
  • Ford Explorer;
  • Toyota Highlander.

Subaru Ascent 2018-2019

The appearance of the model corresponds to the classic image of a massive SUV and is formed using the following solutions:

  • long bonnet;
  • straight roofline;
  • large front bumper with lower air intake;
  • hinged protective parts;
  • large wheel arches;
  • plastic body kit.
Presentation of the new Subaru Ascent 2018-2019Exterior Subaru Ascent 2018-2019

When finishing the interior used high-quality materials and special sound-absorbing insert. For the convenience of passengers, the rear seats can not only move around the floor of the cabin, but also have the ability to tilt the backs of the seats. In order to form high parameters in ergonomics and safety, a significant number of modern systems have been applied.

To equip the all-wheel drive crossover designed engine capacity of 265 liters. from. Car sales will begin in America at the end of the year at a price of $ 35.0 thousand. Ascent will arrive to domestic dealers of the Subaru company in mid-2019.

The existing fourth generation of the passenger car WRX Subaru company produces since 2014. Previously, the manufacturer announced a futuristic concept model, which never went into mass production.

Exterior subaru WRX 2019New style subaru WRX 2019

A new generation of serial sports car Subaru WRX will go on sale in 2019, but the car will differ significantly from the prototype.

The fact that this will be a new generation of the model is indicated by the changed dimensions of the WRX. Now they make up:

  • length - 4.63 m (+ 5 mm);
  • width - 1.95 m (+ 175 mm);
  • height - 1.43 m (-25 mm).

subaru wrx 2019

The changed sizes together with the updated body design will form high dynamic qualities for the all-wheel drive sports car.

Changes in the interior of the car associated with the use of high-quality finishing materials:

  • aluminum;
  • skin;
  • fabrics;
  • carbon fiber.
Exterior subaru WRX 2019A new generation of subaru WRX 2019

Also, cars will be equipped with a large number of modern options to create comfort and safety. For example, the multimedia complex can be controlled not only by tapping the touch screen, but also with the help of gestures.

The engines with a capacity of 269 and 335 forces are intended for completing with engines. To aggregate the specified power units in the transmission will be with a 6-speed manual transmission or automatic variator. Subaru WRX will receive two equipment, with the lowest price being 2.4 million rubles. On sale the car will appear in the middle of 2019.

For 2019, the company Subaru has planned to make the next update for the compact sports car BRZ. The sports car in a two-door coupe and with rear wheel drive has been produced since 2011. Changes in appearance will be point-like and will affect only the adjustment of the hood lines,an increase in the size of the side air intakes and the installation of new exterior aerodynamic mirrors.

The main updates in the interior are associated with an increase in comfort for the driver and passengers. First of all, for this, the front seats are installed with a new design with more powerful lateral support. Also used luxury finishing materials: leather, velor, carbon fiber. In the acquisition of the sports car added a modern system of driver assistance and security.

Exterior subaru BRZ 2018-2019Sportcar subaru BRZ 2018-2019

The key changes in the technical equipment of the updated model are the new settings of the power unit. Now, a two-liter turbocharged engine will be able to reach a power of 215 forces, which, together with the changed gear ratios of the six-speed manual transmission, will improve the dynamic properties of the car. It is possible to install and six-speed automatic transmission. Sales of the sports car will begin in North America, the price starts from 35.0 thousand dollars.

The company has been producing a compact crossover XV since 2011. The car has all-wheel drive, stands out for its interesting design and high safety.Updates for the 2019 model year car can be called a facelift.

subaru XV 2019

Among the changes made should be highlighted:

  • large pattern of the grille;
  • reworked front bumper design;
  • increased number of protective elements made of plastic;
  • modified body glazing line;
  • A new form of wheel arches.
Exterior subaru XV 2019Presentation Exterior subaru XV 2019

The interior of the updated Subaru has more comfortable seats, the architecture of the center console has been changed, the number of compartments and pockets have been added to accommodate things. The trim is still made of high quality materials. To reduce the noise installed additional absorbing insert in the engine compartment and in the arches of the wheels.

"Subaru" XV 2019 to keep the existing petrol power units with a capacity of 115 and 157 forces. In the domestic car market crossover save four existing configuration. The initial price of the car will be 1.65 million rubles, and sales will begin early next year.

Scheduled for 2019 by Subaru, the restyling is designed to support the existing customer interest in the model range of the Japanese manufacturer.

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