New Russian passport in 2019

About what the new Russian passport will be like in 2019 and when its universal introduction will begin - at present, a group of departments is developing a mechanism for switching to a single identifier, which will replace the current paper document.


Single ID - latest news

Next year, Russians will begin to issue an alternative to the usual passport - a single identifier. It is expected that it will contain combined information from different sources:

  • passport details;
  • social insurance;
  • Pension Fund.

The identifier is developed by two ministries at once - finance and digital development and mass communications, as well as the Central Bank. According to the idea, this innovation will facilitate the interaction of Russians with state-owned companies and credit institutions.

New Russian passport in 2019

How will this work? A single identification number allows you to quickly find information about the owner in a single database. It is also expected that in the future it will allow to refuse from other documents.For example, by going to the Pension Fund website and entering a passport number, a citizen will be able to get a SNILS number.

“In the“ novation framework ”, the service speed will increase, the risks of incorrect data entry will be reduced when contacting financial institutions,” says Oleg Zaitsevsky, director of the IT development department at Otkritie Bank.

Meanwhile, there are opponents of this innovation, who believe that this will increase the risk of data leakage, because it will be much easier for fraudsters to get all the data about a person, knowing only his identification number. However, supporters of a single identifier declare that the level of information protection is regularly increased, and it will be much higher and safer than the data protection of each agency separately. It cites as an example other countries in which this practice has been used for a long time - in India, a biometric card stores information about a bank account, a tax payer, a phone number, a food card, and a voting card; in European countries - a personal number contains information about health insurance, driver's license, passport details, and so on.

While Russians have six months ahead of the transition, the Ministry of Communications has published another document defining the procedure for providing personal data of citizens of the country at the request of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to the latest news, the list of requested data also includes an image of a person and a sample of his voice.

New Russian passport in 2019

How to get a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation

One more changes will facilitate the procedure for obtaining a Russian passport to stateless persons. The corresponding bill was developed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and it is expected that it will work in two years. About how to get the coveted passport, reported in the department. Separate categories of persons applying for Russian citizenship will be accepted without taking into account the following requirements:

  • the requirement to stay on a residence permit for 5 years continuously;
  • legal source of income;
  • Russian language proficiency.

This simplified procedure will work from January 1, 2020.

Statistics on the migration situation in the country, data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

Events Period
January-April 2018 January-April 2017
Acquired Russian citizenship 82 027 77 908
Registration of stateless persons and foreigners 4 558 898 4 052 442
Registration of residence permit for foreigners and stateless persons 58 747 61 572

In the meantime, under current legislation, holders of USSR passports who arrived in the country before November 2002, as well as their children, in the absence of foreign citizenship, can obtain a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation under simplified conditions. According to human rights activists, nearly half a million stateless people currently live in the country.

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