New Mercedes-Benz GLE 2019

The era of restyling is over: the new 2018-2019 Mercedes GLE is built on its own MRA platform, only recognizable proportions and body contours remain from its predecessor. Encouraging information for fans of the brand: finishing the "trolley" at closed sites is over, the SUV is undergoing sea trials in real conditions. The photo of the camouflaged GLE 2019 was made in several cities in Germany, where the driver of the testing laboratory tests the car’s systems at traffic lights, in traffic jams and parking lots.

Body changes

The new GLE 2019 is as close in style to the passenger E-klasse. At least, the front part is made on these patterns. The rounded grille, head optics with characteristic twin "boomerangs" of running lights leave no doubt that this is a business class.

The profile has practically not changed: the same roof sloping in the trunk area and sloping window pillars. Nobody attempts to "holy". Is that the visor over the trunk window has become wider - in profile it is especially noticeable. There was a pronounced “shoulder” line under the windows in the form of an arc of a large radius. It visually connects the wings and touches the front and rear optics.The wheel arches have become more spacious: a hint at the increased diameter of the wheels. On the spy photos there are no steps, although this may be a feature of the configuration under test.

Designers managed to virtually reduce the rear overhang due to the raised lower part of the bumper. Although, judging by the technical information, the amount of luggage is slightly increased. Changed the shape of the rear optics - lights have become longer and longer.

mercedes gle 2019

New Salon Mercedes GLE 2019

The front panel is more and more like the W-213 E-Class sedan, but only for design solutions. The architecture is built around huge displays. Information from the central media console can be completely duplicated to the dashboard. No mechanical shooter: tidy is completely virtual.

The driver can choose the size, the relative position of devices, and even the color scheme, depending on the mood. Many functions are automated and remember the preferences of the owner.

The latest news from the manufacturer suggests that 2019 Mercedes GLA will remain five-seater. Apparently three-row salon - the lot of the flagship GLS. But the new salon received double noise insulation - new materials absorbing vibration and a sound intellectual systemroad noise suppression.

While maintaining the external dimensions (an increase of a few millimeters), the base is increased. All additional space will be counted in second-row passengers.

Mercedes gle 2019 from behind


New power units for the crossover is not provided. The MRA platform involves the use of the motor line (6 and 8 cylinders) from the same W-213, with a different transmission setting. For the offroad version, a new transfer box with intelligent control is provided.

Hybrid installation expected. The first version of the GLE will cost traditional internal combustion engines, and after restyling, the manufacturer promises economical motors using electric traction.

Clearance has become much more: for both spring and air suspension (they took into account the complaints of the owners of the previous generation). A fundamentally different approach is only for the AMG63 version - for the “sport” the suspension will, on the contrary, be underestimated and without off-road modes.

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