New hybrid crossover KIA Niro Hybrid 2017

New, exclusively hybrid crossoverKIA Niro 2017, presented as a world premiere at the Chicago Motorshow in February 2016. The new hybrid is a great result of the joint efforts of members of the Kia Californian design school and the developers of the research unit in Naymang.

The start of sales of this hybrid novelty is scheduled for the end of 2016, but only so far in the North American market. Get a car in the domestic market, as well as in the markets of Europe will succeed only in 2017. As for the model's price list, nothing is clear yet; it is known that it will be announced before the start of sales.

Features of the appearance of the car

The design of the novelty from the Korean manufacturer is original, unusual and modern. The car looks very sporty, aggressive, dynamic, and the low coefficient of aerodynamic drag in 0.29 CX, speaks for itself. The athletic body of the car, with inflated wheel arches, perfectly combines with small rear and front bumpers, a sloping roof line with a massive rear rack and a small stern.

Solid almond-shaped headlamps with miniature corners of LED driving lights, a traditional Kia grille, as well as attractive foglights in the lower part of the front bumper bring a solid look to this model.

The back of the car stands out for its chic graphics of LEDs that are built into the unusual ceiling lights of the rear lights. The tailgate is topped with a stylish spoiler, and the neat rear bumper features original inserts. In general, we can say that the exterior of the new hybrid from Kia fully complies with all modern fashion standards.

Moreover, in addition to its modernity, it reflects a sharp, wild, purposeful character, forcing any passer-by to draw attention to themselves. With this appearance, this model is clearly doomed to incredible success.

Overall dimensions of the model

KIA Niro Hybrid 2017 cost

The car has the following dimensions:

  • In length, the novelty is 4355 mm;
  • The height fully corresponds to 1535 mm;
  • The width is 1800 mm;
  • Base wheels - 2700 mm.

Specifications cars

The hybrid power complex of the new Korean crossover includes a four-cylinder gasoline engine Kappa series,calculated for 1.6 liter and issuing 103 hp This power unit works with a 46-hp electric motor. The total capacity of the installation is 146 hp

Traction on the front wheelset is transmitted through a six-band robotic gearbox with double clutch. The hybrid battery is designed for 1.55 kWh, and is located under the back row of the chair. The manufacturer stated that the average fuel consumption of this car is 4.7 liters.

KIA Niro Hybrid 2017 fuel consumption

The company noted that about 55% of strong steel (the main components of the bottom, middle and front racks, thresholds, seat frame, as well as the base of the roof) lie in the design of the power frame of the body and the platform. The manufacturer installs the hood and some parts of the suspension of aluminum. The parking brake lever is made of plastic, which is significantly reinforced with fiberglass.

This compact crossover was developed on a new hybrid platform, on which Hyundai Lonig was also built.

Clearance Salon Kia Niro Hybrid 2017

KIA Niro Hybrid 2017 interior

The interior of the crossover is designed for five passengers who will feel comfortable, as the model's interior is characterized by a large amount of free space.

The manufacturer considers the level of noise and sound insulation of cars to an incredible, inaccessible level, due to the use of new materials and technologies. The interior has very high quality finishing materials. Salon, similar to the exterior, is made according to the latest fashion in the automotive industry.

Crossover grade from Kia

KIA Niro Hybrid 2017 photo

Vehicle equipment will be very rich. So, there is the latest generation climate control, automatic air blowing system with warm air, a modern infotainment complex with a seven-inch touch screen, cruise control, which works in tandem with the navigation system.

In the cabin there are nine airbags. Also, the manufacturer has equipped the new product with a rich set of security systems and various electronic helpers.

Fresh, hybrid Kia Niro 2017 is proudly called the firstborn of the class of off-road hybrid-type cars. But in fact it is a pseudo-crossover equipped with a front-wheel drive system. So it is not recommended to leave the asphalt road on this vehicle.

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